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Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

A potential listener who accidentally hears part of your podcast will only become a regular audience member of your program if that effect affects him or her. Take a trip, a long and imaginative journey. As a producer, you are responsible for designing the route and destination of the journey that is to be taken by the audience in each part of your podcast.

The most effective way to achieve this goal and ensure the success of the podcast is to Design is a complete blueprint for running each episode of the podcast. A plan that, while structuring the work, contains all the details of the performance, including conversations, music, sound effects, the message of the program sponsor, and other items, and specifies the execution time of each along with the execution text for the executives.

The best podcasts you've ever heard are probably something like friendly conversations and improvisations. They seem to have no pre-set, but in fact this sense of convenience in understanding the content of the podcast has been due to the hours spent trying to prepare the podcast text and scheduling it to run before hitting the recording button.

Structuring a podcast Like any other creative process, it follows common principles: to do this, separate elements must be put together in a regular and perfectly coordinated way to make the impact you want on the audience.

Podcast structuring actually refers to the theatrical framework of the work; That is, to determine its narrative trajectory and to determine the sequence and homogeneity of the different sections and their constituent elements together. Make your unique creativity and style appealing and audible to your audience? Is there a rule that allows different episodes of a podcast to be smooth and structured from start to finish without losing audience, but at the same time not detract from the fun? In fact, the most important principle we are going to focus on in this article is that creativity needs a framework and structure to flourish. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for podcasts, as well as the best way to communicate your audience with your audience. Join us.

Podcast text structuring

BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

When structuring You specify the content of a podcast, giving you an overview of all the performance elements of the work along with their sequence. This outline keeps you in the logical and correct direction you have set in the production and recording of your work, thereby ensuring that all the elements you have set in advance are captured.

The outline also helps you prepare in advance the necessary sound effects to be placed between the various executive elements and make sure that the components and elements that make up your podcast fit within their own time frame.

Here is an example of a content structuring template for a podcast. Note that this sample template includes all the important sections that are usually included in a standard podcast. In the case of interview podcasts, replace each (topic) in the design with a question for your guest.

  • Program Sponsor
  • Introduction
  • Promotional Song/Audio effects
  • Additional explanation of podcast content
  • Topic one
    • Main point
    • Verification point
    • Verification data
    • >
    • Quotes and Confirmations
  • Connect to the next part of the podcast using sound or music effects
  • Topic 2
    • Highlights
    • Confirmation Note
    • Confirmation Data
    • Confirmation Quotes and Speeches
  • Program Support Message
  • Topic Three
    • Highlight
    • Confirmation
    • Confirmation Data
    • Confirmations and Quotes
  • Connect to the next section of the podcast using Sound or music effect
  • Final speech
  • Invite to action (follow podcast, subscribe to channel or newsletter, etc.)
  • Sponsor message
  • Final Promo Song/Sound Effects
  • Obviously there is no requirement for your podcast content structure from Follow the pattern. You can change this pattern to suit your artistic tastes and the needs of your podcast.

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    Important points for designing the content framework and writing the podcast text

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    The first and most important advice to anyone who wants to make a podcast for the first time is to set up the content and text of the podcast before recording. Performing intelligently, fluently and transparently without practice is extremely challenging. During recording, you can focus on phonological mechanisms such as how words are pronounced, tone control and volume. Over time, you can reduce the content structure of your podcast to a simple outline with a few notes. Set the style possible.

    1. Podcast language structures throughout the work should be conversational

    The biggest challenge in writing a podcast text is keeping it conversational. If you are not careful and do not pay attention to this issue, running the podcast text by the host can become a monotonous and boring reading.

    Many podcast producers usually write their text once before recording the program in language They read conversations (like a recording exercise) and type their speech at the same time using a speech-to-text conversion software. It is placed in front of you in the form of a page so that you can read it while recording the program without any stress or extra effort. You just need to make sure that the text of the performance is edited before the final performance so that the language bumps and inconsistent structures are smooth and that all the required information is included in the text.

    2. Use behavioral instructions in the podcast text

    Another trick found in the text of any standard podcast is to use behavioral instructions for program executors. These instructions are actually notes in the text of the podcast performance that indicate pause time, emphasis, laughter, sighing, and other dramatic effects. These elements enliven the text of your podcast and make it look natural to perform the language of the performer during the performance. https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2109/25/12630-4.jpg ">

    Writing a podcast before recording it does not necessarily mean that all executives must be fully committed to it and not move a word. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. In fact, if at any stage of a podcast production, even when recording, you notice that you have a problem with part of the program text, there is nothing wrong with editing it.

    But you should be careful not to improvise Do not step in the direction of parallelism, repetition and repetition of concepts in the program. In fact, if you add unnecessary and irrelevant information to your podcast, you are simply wasting your time both in front of the microphone and behind the computer while editing.

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    4. The language of the podcast should be fully descriptive

    The podcast is an audio medium, meaning that your audience has no direct visual cues (photos, videos) , Object, etc.) will not be received by you while listening to the program. So when writing a podcast text, if you are referring to something like a particular house, person, or even a movie, be sure to describe it well so that your audience can visualize it. Your description should be precise and lively.

    This may seem easy, but it is actually a difficult skill that requires a lot of practice and mastery. It may seem strange to you to talk to people who are not in the room you are in and do not see what you see.

    In fact, the process of writing a podcast text is like talking. With someone on the phone, you need to fully describe everything you mention in the conversation with the other person so that he or she understands your situation.

    This does not mean that you are Be sure to provide detailed descriptions of everything you say. You just have to keep in mind that some concepts, images or topics need more explanation for your listeners (who are supposed to be blind). h3>

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    The best podcasts are those that maintain a constant time interval between their expressive elements in the execution of the text, causing The better the audience understands the content of the podcast and the more they interact with the effect. Good speed to run is neither too fast nor too slow. In the middle of the performance, there should never be a long pause for no reason, and nowhere should the podcast speak too quickly for any reason.

    Use your podcast to help listeners better understand where they are right now on your podcast. For example, you might split your podcast into chapters with specific titles, or turn your training material into numbered steps or tips. In other words, write the conversation with we are going) in the text of your podcast so that the movement between the sections is clear. For example, the presenter might say, "Well, now that you understand the importance of user data, let's talk about the tools needed to collect that data."


    You are a unique person with your own personality. In any situation of life, it is much easier and more natural to be yourself than to try to be someone else, even if that person is a successful podcast producer. Although it is helpful to learn from experts, never try to imitate them. Write a text for your podcast that reflects your own real concerns and shows your personality to the audience.

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    The main parts of the podcast text along with the writing pattern

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    Although the text of each podcast varies depending on the subject and the type of podcast, some fixed and standard sections are present in almost all podcasts and are usually written in the same format. When performing and recording each episode, all you have to do is read your pre-arranged episodes, then focus on the unique part and the main topic of your podcast.

    1- Program Introduction

    Introduction A podcast has three key features: it is short, it welcomes the audience, and it contains a brief description of the podcast content. In general, most podcasts use the same text to greet the audience in all its parts. The simplest template for writing an introduction to a podcast text is often as follows: Dear listeners, welcome to [podcast name], a podcast that [podcast slogan or goal in summary]. I am [hostname] and today we are talking about [subject matter] with [guest name]. We also have a very special guest for you at the end of the show who is going to surprise you with this part of [Podcast Name], so be sure to stay with us until the end of the show.

    2- Introducing the guest of the program

    If you are going to interview guests or guests in your podcast, it is natural to introduce them to your audience at the beginning of the program to create a mentality of the program trajectory for them. Writing an introductory guest text is usually a regular part of the beginning of any podcast program. It also provides a great opportunity for your listeners to learn about your guest's expertise. Guest introduction can be as simple as:

    Now is the time to welcome [the guest name] to the [podcast name]. [Guest names] are here today to [Guest purpose: providing expertise, answering questions, telling their story, etc.]. Hi, [guest name], thank you for joining us.

    3- Sponsor of the program and promotional messages

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    The text of the sponsor of your program depends on It has to do with how much control he wants over his advertising style in your program. One sponsor may provide you with a word-for-word text that you should follow face to face, while another sponsor may only provide you with key points in which you can add language elements specific to your program. In either case, you need to figure out exactly what you want to say so that both your ads look natural and your audience buys the product or service that sponsors the program. Continue to support you.

    This episode of [Podcast Name] is sponsored by [Sponsor Name]. [Sponsor Name] [Introducing the benefits of the sponsor product or service and why the listener should buy it].

    Some sponsors provide you with pre-written text and expect you to read it exactly in your schedule. This will save you time from writing the ad text, but it may seem cold and insensitive compared to the rest of the podcast content. In this case, you can work with your sponsor to find the message that is right for your audience.

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    4- Final speech (good end of the program)

    At the good end of the program you have the opportunity to thank your guests for attending the program, what in You have talked about it, you will review it briefly and make a final conclusion, and also thank your audience for accompanying them and announcing the subject of the upcoming episodes or events.

    Dear listeners, if you are still on our Telegram/Spotify channel , You are not subscribed to [channel address], you can do this now to be one of the first people to receive the next episodes [podcast name]. You can also purchase your tickets to watch our live show at [Location Address] from our website [Site Address].

    5- Invitation to take action (call)

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    Invitation to take action To get more listener support, from subscribing to your app on the Apple Podcasts app to writing reviews for the app. These are very important to increase the number of podcast downloads by potential audiences.

    The best calls are those that seem both valid and selfish and financially independent. In addition, it is very easy to do what the audience asks. Keep in mind that your calling priorities change over time as the number of contacts or the number of non-free subscriptions increases, so you will need to write several different texts to suit each need. For example, this is a good text to start with. This is a good place to start:

    Dear listeners, thank you very much for listening to [the name of the podcast]. Before we get started, we're here to let you know that you can leave a comment or a rating on your app in the Apple Podcasts app to make the team [podcast name] more encouraging than ever and get rid of the fatigue of producing this app. do. Next week we are at your service with the twelfth episode [podcast name] with the theme [next episode theme].
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    Content structure of podcasts with template

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    The type of program you produce is an important factor in making important decisions about writing text and developing a podcast content framework. There are generally three general types of podcasts for different podcasts that include the text and content framework of the work. It is best to prepare at least one outline of your work before you start recording. If you do not plan ahead for your performance, you will usually find it difficult to articulate one-handed content for 30 or 45 minutes. But many individual podcasts also write a full word-for-word text for each episode. This way, once you have finished writing and structuring the text, recording and editing is quick and painless.

    If you decide to just write notes for your podcast text and structure, write them in a logical order. Organize the trajectory that guides your content. For each note sheet, use a section title, such as Introduction, Topic 1, and.. Do not go out on your own and do not forget the important points. Having this outline also helps you to speak in a dynamic and conversational tone, which is appealing to your listeners. When you do the recording process based on a structured outline, you will gradually realize that this creates some of your most natural and original performances.

    One of the biggest benefits of performing individual podcasts is that You can do a lot of work on the work after production, which is not possible in other podcast formats. For example, if you are not satisfied with the way something is said in your podcast, you can simply re-record it and then delete the wrong part and repeat this process until you are satisfied.

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    2- Interview-based podcasts

    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

    Text and Content Structure Interview-based podcasts generally require more preparation than other formats, both for the host and the interviewee. .

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    BingMag.com Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

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