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4 novels to be read by Ukrainian authors; Endless tragedy

BingMag.com 4 <b>novels</b> to be <b>read</b> by <b>Ukrainian</b> <b>authors;</b> <b>Endless</b> tragedy

Ukraine's history is full of tragedy; Literature in Ukraine has survived decades despite censorship, especially in the Soviet Union. A generation of Ukrainian writers died in the Stalin regime in the 1920s and 1930s, known as the "Executed Renaissance." It is unique and many new books have been written in Ukrainian (not Russian). Now, as tensions between the two countries have led to a Russian invasion of Ukraine, many readers are looking for books by Ukrainian authors as a way to interact with cultural identity and its people. Ukrainian stories still for many Readers are unknown around the world. Many people think that Russian literature is just a part of Russian culture and of lower quality, but they are generally mistaken. Ukraine has a unique and outstanding literary tradition.

With the ongoing conflict and crisis in Ukraine, it is a good time to explore and study the works of Ukrainian writers; Studying the works of Ukrainian authors can help to establish connections and support for Ukrainian literature, and may be the voice of the Ukrainian people, who strive for freedom and recognition, and can also be a tool for empathy, understanding and learning.

Ukrainian authors that have been translated into Persian.

1. Death and the Penguin BingMag.com 4 <b>novels</b> to be <b>read</b> by <b>Ukrainian</b> <b>authors;</b> <b>Endless</b> tragedy

The book "Death and the Penguin" by English "Death and the Penguin" by Andrei Korkov for the first time Published in 1996. Born near Leningrad in 1961, Korkov was a journalist, prison guard, cinematographer and screenwriter before becoming known as a novelist. He was one of the pioneers of his publications and sold more than 75,000 copies of his books in one year. Language translated. In addition to writing stories for adults and children, Kurkoff is known to the international media as a commentator and journalist on Ukraine. Life (and death) in Kyiv dates back to the 1990s. In fact, the novel impresses the reader and draws him into the gray world of post-communist Russia, where corruption and mafia crimes take place and revenge, violence and greed come first.

The story of novel writing Desperate is Viktor Aleksievich Zolotaryov, who brings home a penguin named Misha; The zoo would feed the hungry animals to anyone who could feed them, and Victor, who had just been abandoned by his girlfriend, would choose Misha as his mistress.

In the pessimistic atmosphere of the post-communist bag, The penguin is the only creature that creates true love in Victor's heart. Things change when Victor achieves a lot, not with his short stories, but with writing condolence ads; He is hired by the Capital Times editor to write obituaries for those who are not yet dead. He gets paid very well but is not recognized because the editor insists that the posts be published under the pseudonym "a group of friends". The editor wants. After the sudden death of a senior politician after falling out of a sixth-floor window triggers a tribal war, Victor's death ads suddenly become very popular.

One day when Victor opens the newspaper for the first time. Seeing his work in print, his pride quickly turns to panic and he realizes that he and Misha have been caught in a trap from which there seems to be no escape. Eventually, Victor's condition becomes more dangerous, and when his penguin falls ill, he receives another blow.

Misha is the main focus of the story, as well as a mirror of Victor's melancholy spirit. Kurkoff says that the silent and sad penguin is the key to understanding the novel as a picture of post-Soviet chaos. The events of the book, which are accompanied by surreal elements and black humor, contain many elements of existentialist thought.

In a part of the book Death and the Penguin, we read:

"As soon as Vigor adjusted to his work, his life spontaneously took shape. He devoted himself to arithmetic, Fyodor was a reporter for an unparalleled event service, he provided him with all the information that was not less than all of Dostoevsky's writings - from the love of men and women of celebrities to moral slips and other events in such lives. Can be found. In short, Victor gave him exactly the same details He collected bits and pieces of records that, like high-quality Indian pepper, turned sad and well-established information into delicious food and delivered new oaths regularly to the boss.

From Book stories

2. Gray Bees BingMag.com 4 <b>novels</b> to be <b>read</b> by <b>Ukrainian</b> <b>authors;</b> <b>Endless</b> tragedy

The book "Gray Bees" by the English title "Gray Bees" is the work of the famous Ukrainian author Andrei Korkov, who It was first published in 2018 and was extremely well received in Ukraine, and some critics called it a patriotic work. With warm yet political humor, Kurkoff paints a balanced and vivid portrait of modern conflict through the adventures of a gentle beekeeper. His bees describe the deprivation of Ukraine's gray area, where he meets many popular personalities along the way. The village of Sergei, once prosperous, is now almost deserted, full of bombed-out buildings and the sound of gunfire in the surrounding landscape; Most people have fled, and only Sergei and his constant enemy, Pashka Khamlenko, are the only residents left in a village called Little Starodorodika. Little Starodorokaya is a village with three streets in the gray area of Ukraine, between loyal and separatist forces. His days pass with the sound of grenades and the firing of bullets. There is no electricity, post office or any other services in the village and Sergei can not even receive his pension because he cannot go to the offices that allow him to pay.

Sergey Bees' only remaining pleasure Eating their honey as food survives. When the intensity of the conflict threatens the health of his bees, he loads his hives behind his old truck and travels to the Crimea in search of a sunnier, warmer and safer climate. This simple mission introduces him to combatants and civilians on both sides of the battlefield, including loyalists, separatists, the Russian occupiers, and the Crimean Tatars. The village tells the story of the devastation, but when Sergei travels to the Crimea in search of a warmer climate for his bees, the story accelerates.

Gray Bees' book is not about war, but about the people and how war and political repression work It's on them. Neither Sergei nor the author comment in detail on the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the military intervention in Donbass, but throughout the novel we will see how small communities and families fall apart.

In part of the book Bees We read in gray:

"Sergey was silent. But he was still staring at Pashaka, at the appearance of his subconscious, who looked like an old man who had been repeatedly trapped and beaten and therefore afraid of everything, to Pashaka, who in his forties looked ten years older than Sergei. Either because of the earthy color of his face or because of his ugly cheeks, whose skin seemed to have been ruined by a dirty razor for a lifetime. Start talking to him. "They each continued to live on their own streets and made no contact." The Kaidash family BingMag.com 4 <b>novels</b> to be <b>read</b> by <b>Ukrainian</b> <b>authors;</b> <b>Endless</b> tragedy

The Kaidash family's book "Kaidash's Family" is a work by Ukrainian author Eun Nechoi. It was first published in 1879, and the Iranian-Ukrainian translator, Etrin Criconic, a resident of Wales, translated this beautiful work into Persian. Eun began writing in 1865, and his bibliography includes popular social and historical novels, dramas, comedies, and fairy tales.

It is to remind the audience that words, fights, whims and lusts lead to mental poverty, division and destruction of human beings, families and the whole country. The bitterness of life narrates the difficult economic, social and political conditions of a family in the nineteenth century. The actions of the main characters, the fascinating plot and familiar situations make this memorable work one of the classic Ukrainian literature.

The main characters of the book are: Kaidash, his wife Marusia and their two sons named Karp and Lauren. The story begins with the return of Kaidash's youngest son, Lauren, from the army. He goes to a party where a girl with very harsh behavior catches his eye and immediately after meeting the girl, he decides to marry her. From now on, trouble begins for the Kaidash family, and small domestic disputes turn into a war between indigenous peoples.

This novel stands as the true pearl of Ukraine's dramatic heritage. Has occupied a significant place in the repertoires of Ukrainian theaters. A 12-episode Ukrainian television series was released in March 2020, based on an adaptation of the book by the Kaidash family.

The yellow lilies of the field shine side by side, and the greenery of the plots and fields dazzles the eye. Centennial willows have also surrounded the dams. In that deep valley, it is as if a green and velvety belt is twisted, on which the silver jewels placed shine. The two rows of white houses at the foot of the mountains seem to be pearl strings in this green background, surrounded by old and dense tree gardens. Around the high peaks of the mountains, an old forest resembles a green and turbulent sea. When you look at those forests from the top of the peak, it seems that green and velvet cloths have fallen on the mountains and taken the form of thousands of beautiful folds and crevices that are crumpled and crumpled in the narrow valleys. On hot, sunny summer days, the forest on the mountains glows and the cuts turn dark green. Purchasing the Kaidash family book from BingMag The Eye of the Abyss is the book "Eye of the Abyss" by Ukrainian author Valery Shevchuk. First published in 1995. Valerie Shuchuk is a Distinguished Professor at the Kyiv-Mohila National Academy and the Lviv National University, and has won numerous literary awards, including the Taras Shevchenko Prize, the Antonovich Foundation Prize, and her work has been translated into 22 living languages.

The View of the Abyss is a historical and mystical novel whose events take place in the sixteenth century and expresses many issues and problems in the field of human existence. The story of the book is the image of the mental crisis of the main character Mikhail Vasilovich, who embarks on a journey to find a way to himself and the truth. In this quest, he experiences a collection of wonderful adventures that will surely fascinate any reader. It is depicted in it. According to the author, "This work is an allusion to totalitarianism, which can be called the 'house of the black world.' Just like cleaning the chimneys, with the help of this novel, it is as if I was pulling out the smoke of this black world from myself. "

They had different motives, but what they had in common was the restlessness of their souls and they were in a state of crisis, and because of this they could not fit into daily life and sought happiness outside of themselves, in that false prophet. That's why I wrote the first part of the novel as a pilgrimage, during which my fellow travelers had a philosophical debate. But I did not repeat the ideas of The Conversation of the Five Hemispheres, and he modified this debate, which reflects my personal thoughts, like Kacho in Cameroon, with different narratives, with the difference that the subject matter of the author's stories is male-female communication. And in my novel, Miracles of the Saints.

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