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The novel "Breakfast at Tiffany's"; Unofficial Biography of Marilyn Monroe

BingMag.com The <b>novel</b> 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'; <b>Unofficial</b> <b>Biography</b> of <b>Marilyn</b> Monroe

Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's is more about studying personality than anything else. The purpose of this novel is to portray a woman who is supposed to arouse our curiosity. All the other characters, including the anonymous narrator, revolve around him. This character is called Holly Golightly.

Holly Golightly is said to have been inspired by Marilyn Monroe, especially since Capote preferred Monroe in the role of the book's cinematic adaptation. Hiring Golightly. She is a beautiful, exciting and free woman who seems to be in love with everyone, she loves luxuries and she can not be kept in any cage and she can not count on any of her commitments, but behind this free and desirable appearance, she is depressed and alone. It is as if he feels a void in his heart that all the attention and luxuries of the world can not fill. There is a quote from Marlon Brando about Monroe that somehow represents the spirit of Holly Golightly and thus the spirit of the novel: "I met Marilyn Monroe at a party. "As the others drank and danced, he sat in a corner, playing the piano without anyone noticing." It has the potential to be further explored in the film adapted from the novel, but Capote has a more realistic view of such a character in the novel. According to him, Holly is not "a prostitute, but an American geisha." In other words, his job is to be a talkative and attractive companion for rich men so that they can buy him expensive gifts and take him to stylish restaurants and clubs. This is how she makes a living.

Tiffany's Breakfast movie believes that a girl who has chosen such a lifestyle can be guided to the right path with the power of love, but Capote knows that Someone like Holly Golightly loves short-term adventure and acting in the theater, not a lifelong commitment, and as soon as this love expires, he will continue his adventure, and if the man in question is not the same, he will be heartbroken. He will leave alone and will not look back.

BingMag.com The <b>novel</b> 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'; <b>Unofficial</b> <b>Biography</b> of <b>Marilyn</b> Monroe

Capote has no judgmental view of Holly. In his opinion, the fact that Holly is so in the air is not necessarily a bad thing; It is merely a state of life, but in the film it is seen as a problem that Paul Varjack, the character who replaces the narrator, finally solves with his love.

Holly is constantly violating her commitments and playing on the feelings of others (especially her first husband, who was a simple man and felt quite empty when Holly left him; however, the fact that he He married a fourteen-year-old girl), but he never pretends to be what he is not. In the words of one of the characters in the story: "Phony is artificial, but a real artificial." It is true that you can never count on Holly, but at least you can count on not counting on her! Holly is one of those social people who are made for instant entertainment. Every moment with Holly can be special and unrepeatable; Every sentence you hear from him can be memorable, but the problem is that he does not have much to offer a person. He needs to constantly change his place of residence, the people he is with, the things he does with them, because he can not have a particular personality for a long time and has to constantly redefine himself. Maybe because if he is on his own for a long time, he has to think about what he does and the situation in his life, and certainly such thoughts are not pleasant at all for such a person.

In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany, because of his role. Innocent and lovable actress Audrey Hepburn as Holly, as well as the romantic relationship between her and Paul (which in the novel is not very sexual and is more like a kind of deep friendship or Platonic love), Holly is far more pleasing than her version in the book. . Holly has a more complex character in the book. He has a bit of a racist tendency that is eliminated in the film and he seems a little colder in dealing with the men in his thread.

* Warning At the end of the book, after much deliberation, Holly decides to go to Brazil and marry a rich man there. But suddenly it is revealed that Holly inadvertently belonged to a mafia organization and was transmitting coded messages to mafia members by repeating sentences that described the weather. In a letter that is both romantic and cold, the Brazilian celebrity tells him that because of this disgrace and because of preserving his name, he can no longer He marries, but still wishes her all the best.

BingMag.com The <b>novel</b> 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'; <b>Unofficial</b> <b>Biography</b> of <b>Marilyn</b> Monroe

, Tells the narrator that he still likes to go to Brazil, because he does not want to ban tickets so well. At the end of the story, the narrator quotes a letter from Holly in which Holly says she did not like Brazil, but in Buenos Aires they meet a rich man (who has a wife and seven children) and are looking for a place to live. In the end, the narrator regrets that Holly did not write his address to him, because he had something to say to him in the whole letter.

This ending is perfect for the book and for a character like Holly, but the film has an ending The clichs of romantic comedy films in which the last girl and boy meet, spoil the story in some way, especially considering that from what we saw of Holly and Paul in the film, we can be sure that their relationship will not work out. Breakfast is not an ambitious novel for Tiffany, and it's nothing more memorable than Holly's character. Also, although the novel has good prose, Capote's attempt to write "literary" and "luxurious" is evident within it, and this may make it expressive and the reading experience sometimes frustrating. You have to keep in mind that most of "Tiffany's Breakfast"'s reputation is for portraying New York's mid-20th century lifestyle and fashion, not necessarily its story and characters. Honestly, the film has done a great job in this regard and is one of the best films for New York lovers, so remember that watching a movie is an important complement to reading the story. It's true that it spoils the ending of the story, but visually it gives the novel a lively vibe.

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