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2 new psychological novels in the field of personal development from Backpack Book Publishing

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

Backpack Publishing is a Book Publishing institute in Iran that started its activities in 1390 and its main activity is in the field of domestic and foreign literature. This publication is famous because for the first time in Iran, the published books have an official guarantee.

This publication also publishes novels and long stories by Publishing works in this field. Nominated for Jalal Al-Ahmad Literary Award in 1397. The Backpack book, in addition to translating selected and outstanding books by reputable foreign authors, has also purchased the right to publish books from the official publisher, the most important of which is the "Trouble" collection of stories.


In a separate interview with Tasnim News Agency about the hot market for duplicate translations, Rezania, the director of Backpack Publishing, believes that this issue is very common in the Publishing space and among Publishing colleagues. A comprehensive law should be drafted on this issue, which is the responsibility of cultural officials, some may say it takes time, in which case at least copyright law can be applied to translated books.

These publications Also, for the first time in Iran, a number of its published works had an official guarantee. In the first step, twelve titles of books were included in this plan. "And if he is not satisfied, he can return the Book and use the other books in the Publishing house for the amount of it."

from the publication of a book, it is examined to achieve better content and print quality.

In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we review two new psychological novels in the field of personal development from the Backpack Book Publishing house. Join us.

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Unfinished book; The life story of Pirianka Chopra Jonas

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

Indian actress Pirianka Chopra Jonas talks about her life in two different Asian and American cultures and how her learning and talents flourish.

Pirianka Chopra Jonas talks about her progress in a society mixed with traditional and modern elements. India talks about the difficulties and failures along the way in order to reach its current status. In her book, she talks about the sufferings that are more common for women, she tells them that they can achieve their goals with the power of self-confidence and having a goal and raising their awareness.

The Book "Unfinished" by Pirianka Chopra Jonas , In 248 pages, at a price of 65,000 Tomans, in paperback, paperback, illustrated and colored cover, translated by Zahra Arnavaz and published by Kolehpashti Book Publishing.

It has its roots in two different worlds. Unfinished Book on the childhood of Pirianka Chopra Jonas in India; She spent her teenage years in the United States returning to India, where, unexpectedly, a newcomer to the arts and entertainment world won the national and international competition for the most beautiful girl in the world to be the beginning of her acting career worldwide.

With all honesty and sincerity, Pyrianka shares with the reader the challenges of achieving her goal and the well-being of her childhood; As a result, the reader is confronted with a philosophical, inspiring, bold, and rebellious book. Just like the author herself.

The story of Pirianka Chopra Jonas, from describing twenty years of acting on two continents to producing her own work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, the tragedy of losing her beloved father to cancer, and her marriage to Nick Jonas , Inspires a generation around the world to be determined, to know their aspirations, and to make their dreams come true with determination and hard work.

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We read in part:

I was not going to be educated by combining these two cultures; Traditional and modern, East and West, but now I am a person who considers both Mumbai and Los Angeles as my home, and I work comfortably in India, America and other countries, and my lifestyle is influenced by world thought. My soul is made up of a mix of different cultures. My personal belief is that we humans from different cultures should learn life lessons from each other. Let me mention my wife, Nick. When we started a new chapter in life together, I first needed to go back in time and see how I got here. Undoubtedly, the growth of my personality took place in the shadow of this self-esteem, and I must admit that I owe part of it to Nick. twenty Last year, my life changed and made me a famous figure.

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

The unfinished Book is a narrative of twenty years of acting on two continents; from producing his own work as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to the tragedy of losing his beloved father to cancer and his marriage to Nick Jonas, who has inspired a generation around the world to be determined, to know their dreams, and to pursue their dreams with determination and hard work. Put it into action.

A unique biography that has its roots in two different worlds. Unfinished Book on the childhood of Pirianka Chopra Jonas in India; She spent her teenage years in the United States returning to India, where, unexpectedly, a newcomer to the arts and entertainment world won the national and international pageant for the most beautiful girl in the world, marking the beginning of her acting career worldwide. With all honesty and sincerity, Pyrianka shares with the reader the challenges of achieving her goal and the well-being of her childhood; As a result, the reader is confronted with a philosophical, inspiring, bold, and rebellious book.

I have always felt that life is a solitary journey, a journey we travel through hours, days, and years on a train. We just get on the train and get off alone. We are responsible for all the decisions we make during the trip. In her unfinished book, Priyanka Chopra, an actress and filmmaker, tells us about the ups and downs of her life from childhood to adulthood and growing up in both Eastern and Western cultures. This Book is the new York Times bestseller and has been nominated for a Goodreads Award in 2021 in the Biography and Memoirs section. I am a joint product of traditional India with ancient teachings and modern India with urban bustle. My mother was a fan of Elvis and the Dors band; My father listened to the songs of Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. My mother loved London, theater, art and nightlife, and my father loved road trips in quiet rural areas and trying street food. My childhood was spent in small towns in northern India, and my three years as a teenager in the United States.
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About the Unfinished Book

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

Childhood Years He spent three years of his adolescence in the United States. At the age of seventeen, she becomes the most beautiful girl in India and suddenly achieves world fame. After that, he turned to acting and production and became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. ? The Unfinished Book answers this question in the negative, because life experiences have so many details and nuances that only one who has lived them can recount them.

Growing up in India in a family that How do both parents feel about being an army doctor? What about spending your teenage years in America and experiencing racism? How does the path of a girl who comes from such a family end up participating in the competition for the most beautiful girl in the world? What are the advantages and disadvantages of fame at a young age? What are the differences between acting and producing in Bollywood and Hollywood? And thousands of other questions that no one but Priyanka Chopra Jonas can answer, because these events are so rare that few in the world have experienced them.

The life of 17-year-old Piryanka. It changes when he returns home from studying in the United States. The family takes the room they gave to his brother and gives it to Piranka.

At the same time, his brother thinks of an interesting plot. She suggests that they fill out the magazine form and send Piranka photos to the magazine so that she can compete in the Girl Scout of India contest. Prior to the beauty pageant, she wanted to become an aviation engineer.

In fact, all family members were expected to graduate in a disciplined manner. His parents both served in the Indian Army. His maternal grandfather was also a physician and his mother a nursing student. But things change.

As a child, he never dreamed of becoming an actress, a beauty queen, or a model. He never imagined standing on stage. No one told her, "You are going to be famous."

But she became the beauty queen of India and then the world, and her life changed. Priyanka Chopra was born in 1982. This Book is the autobiography of the famous Indian model and actress Piranka Chopra, who has been one of the most successful Hollywood figures in recent years.

The unfinished book, like its author, is a bold, inspiring and rebellious work. This biography can be a model for people all over the world, especially young girls, to learn how they can not give up on their dreams and pursue their goals. Priyanka Chopra, by expressing her life, shows us that the key to achieving dreams is tireless effort and commitment to goals.

In a part of the Book we read

Piriam and Pooja gathered our belongings without any inconvenience to go back to Join Aunt Mathor Masi. Indiana, like Iowa, is in the western United States and is a politically and socially conservative state; In other words, earth to sky is different from a multinational, free new York. Of course, I did not have much freedom and politics.

It was there that I first met a boy; His name was Bob. (I do not use his real name to respect his privacy.) We both attended North Central High School; Of course, he was in his tenth year. I fell in love with her very quickly. He was a member of the school football team, and his grades were very good, and in fact he had everything we dreamed of in high school together. He would stop and wave to me or make funny faces. He waits for me there and accompanies me to the next class after I finish; But I was a little slow. Eventually we reached a point where we could no longer hide our love. One day he untied the gold chain around his neck and tied it around my neck. I thought to myself: O God! we are getting married!

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Who is the unfinished Book suitable for?

If you are interested in reading a biography that inspires you in life, do not miss this book. We also recommend this Book to anyone interested in cinema and filmmakers' biographies.

Incomplete Book Awards

- new York Times Bestseller And Memories in 2021

Learn more about Pirianka Chopra Jonas

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

The present Book is originally from India. Pirianka Chopra Jonas is an actress, producer and one of the most famous people in the world. He has appeared in more than 60 films made in the United States or India. In another section of the unfinished book, we read:

My mother, who was older than her other four siblings, was the only child who spent her adolescence at home with my grandparents. , While other children had left home to live with uncles, aunts, cousins or aunts. In the 1970s, Bahar province experienced political instability; So, for my grandparents, who were both involved in provincial politics, leaving home was the right decision for their children.

Of course, in our family, and in India in general, living with close and distant relatives to make ends meet. Work, education and a better life are very common. Many of the children in the family have lived with me and my family for a long time; Just as I lived with my grandparents as a child, and lived with my uncles and aunts in high school in the United States.

I know this may be hard for many to understand, but it is part of our culture. Raising and supporting the children of others like oneself is an integral part of the character of the Indian people. We look at this as a responsibility or a duty. Of course, I would like to add that India is not the only country that has such an intellectual framework. There are many countries in the world where it is very important for its people to maintain a family.

My teenage mother took advantage of the absence of her siblings and the resulting peace of mind and focused on studying. Her parents treated her like an adult, not a teenager - the way my mother later raised us - so she had an independent personality. In an open jeep, free and restricted, he drove to high school listening to his favorite song.

My mother has always been my inspiration and role model: out of a small town where she was expected to practice medicine. He came to pursue his own path, eventually pursuing higher degrees in medicine, and rose to the rank of captain in the army, mastering the nine living languages of the world. He is the one who taught me that I can get whatever I want. He is the one who proved that success and achievement are achievable. I have always been inspired by him and wanted to be like him.

My mother also joined the army after her marriage, so there were two military doctors in our family. When my mother was pregnant, my parents were sent to Braille 14, but my mother went to her parents' house to give birth, and I was born in Jamshidpour, Jarkhand. The first years of my life were spent mostly with my parents; Because my mom and dad spent their design or graduation period in Pune.

My mother's younger sister, Kiran Masi, also played an important role in raising me. Every morning, my grandmother would show me pictures of my parents, and then I would sit on my grandfather's feet. He drank tea and I was learning the alphabet.

Every day, my grandfather would point to the Ashoka tree in the yard and the beehive inside, saying that if I looked outside, I would see my parents always by my side. . My father's name was Ashoka and my mother's name meant honey. I saw my parents almost every weekend during the school and summer holidays. I was always in the company of my family and overwhelmed with love and affection.

Table of Contents Unfinished

1: Monaco Biscuits and Ladaki Tea
2: Water Well
3: Nomadic
4: Teen to Queen
5: Conquering the Peak of Success
6: Indian Girl
7: Tinselton
8: Sadness
9: When the time comes, you will realize!
10: Happiness
11: Home

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The Midnight Library Book

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

Midnight Library is a 2020 fantasy novel by Matt Hague. The Midnight Library novel takes on the atmosphere of a psychological exercise in coping with depression. Ask yourself first, what is the best thing that could happen in my life? What about the worst? What things can you change in your life and what else is too late to change? These are big questions that require a careful and in-depth look at answering them. Questions that Matt Hague has answered with mastery.

This work has been translated by Mohammad Saleh Nouranizadeh and published by Kitab-e Kolepshti Publications in Iran. The story was quickly noticed after its publication and was praised by many people. The Book also won the Goodreads Prize in 2020 in the eyes of the audience and has been translated into many languages.

Nora Seyed is the main character of this Book who suddenly enters a strange library and her whole life changes. He is looking for the right and deep answer to the question, what is the best way to live? And takes the reader with him into the maze of stories.

Matt Hague, born July 3, 1975, is an English novelist and journalist. "Never underestimate the importance of the little things," he wrote of this lovable work, which quickly made it to the new York Times bestseller list. In part of this book, we read: "Hours have passed. Nora wanted a purpose; Something that was a reason to be, but nothing. "It didn't even have a small purpose, such as picking up Mr. Benarji's medicine from the pharmacy, because he did it two days ago."

/p> There is a library between life and death, and in that library, the bookshelves continue forever. Each Book gives you a chance to try one of the lives you could experience. To see what would happen if you had other choices If you had the chance to get rid of your cravings, do something different, what would happen.
Somewhere on the other side of the world there are libraries with countless books, each of which They tell the story of a life. One is the story of your life as it is today, and the other is the story of your life, assuming you once made a different choice somewhere.

We all always think that maybe our lives could have been different, but if you had the chance What about going to this library and seeing all your other lives for yourself? Could each of these lives be better than the present? In Matt Hague's fascinating new novel, The Midnight Library, this is exactly the question for Nora Seyed. Nora has the choice to change her life with a new one, take on a new career path, repair her former broken relationships, and become a refrigerator according to her childhood dream. But he must also look inside himself while traveling in the heart of the Midnight Library and find what really gives meaning and value to life.

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Review of Matt Hague's Midnight Library Book

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

Matt Hague's novel Midnight Library, translated by Mohammad Saleh Nouranizadeh, talks about the infinite possibilities of life. Nora Seyed is a young woman who is bored with her normal and monotonous life and feels that no one needs her anymore and that she is useless to those around her.

The night Nora's despair reaches its peak, she commits suicide And this action is the beginning of a new experience. Nora takes the opportunity to go to the library at midnight. Where he realizes what lives he could have experienced if his life choices were slightly different.

This well-thought-out novel depicts Nora's deep feelings. Haig's storytelling fascinates the reader. A simple, uncomplicated story that recounts various emotional experiences in life.

What is the hallmark of a talented writer? Is it anything but to be able to create a universal character with whom almost every reader can identify and be able to engage in their own decisions and feelings and imagine their own future indefinitely? Is it possible for him to create a depressed and sad character, but at the same time keep his life story so fascinating that readers from all over the world want his story to be told? To read?

Although this novel has a beautiful and unrepeatable depth and tone, it occasionally loses the element of surprise and explains the idea that was already clear to the reader over and over again in a repetitive tone. Takes over. Especially when Ms. Elm teaches life lessons. In addition, the author's attempt to relate Nora's different leaps to the concepts of quantum physics seems to be more of an unnecessary attempt to justify the scientific part of the Book than a realistic research based on scientific results.

Of course, the theory of existence Numerous and parallel worlds in which different choices give rise to different talents and different events are well described in the book, but Matt Haig never describes this directly, but is more concerned with the effects of different life experiences on Nora's mind. p>

This Book is a simple novel. A Book without the complexities of crime or detective novels, without the full personality of classic and Russian stories, and without the many complexities of fantasy stories. The only simple Book for the absolute pleasure of a pure and pristine concept that flies the mind above its imagination.

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

Copies that are sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Successful versions and versions that have fallen from the throne to the carpet and are rotting in a corner of the world. But what Nora's lives have in common is her depression. This Book may seem like a cure for depression, but in fact Matt Hague, who suffered from depression at the age of 24, is well aware that depression is not a simple, trivial matter, and treating it with a Book is a storybook. It's impossible.

But she cleverly tries to show that breaking the cycle of depression, in addition to outside help, means Ms. Elm's presence in the midnight library, seeing the results of different choices and positive and negative experiences, as well as seeing those who He missed them deeply, but he could not see them in his own life. Problems. An effort that eventually saves Nora from the Midnight Library.


What if you had the chance to go to the Midnight Library and see for yourself all your other lives? Will it fall? Could any of these lives be better than your present life?

Nora goes to a mysterious library with such a question that she would know what her life story would be like if she chose another place in life. He has lived a life full of misery and regret, but this library provides an opportunity for him to improve his situation. He has the choice to change his current life with a new one. Have a new career path, rebuild his broken relationships and pursue his childhood dreams. On this journey, he must look inside himself at the heart of the Midnight Library and find what really gives meaning and value to his life. A library with lots of books, each telling the story of a life.

You will be enchanted by reading this novel to escape to another world. With his story, the author emphasizes the important point that we should not ignore the effects that others have on our lives. Everything in life is important, even if it is very small and insignificant. We must always think and analyze every moment of our lives and consider all our feelings so as not to hinder our happiness.

This work has a collection of life messages in the form of an interesting story plan for the reader. .

The protagonist of this Book is a young woman named Nora Seyed. He is dissatisfied with the choices and decisions of his life, and one night when his grief reaches its peak, he tries to kill himself but gets stuck somewhere in the world of life and death.

He reaches a library in this purgatory. Which is run by the librarian of his school, Ms. Elm. The library is built somewhere between life and death, and its construction seems to go on forever, filled with millions of books. These books are all stories of Nora's life, stories that differ in the big and small decisions that made different changes in her life.

In this library, Nora tries to find a life that has the most meaning for her. . For example, in one of the lives he is experimenting with, a parallel being investigates him as an ice-maker in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, and he has a very different life from his current life. A different life that has not necessarily been a better or worse decision than his current life.

Who do we recommend reading the Midnight Library book?

Midnight Library for adults and teens We recommend. Read this Book It is a short and valuable experience that makes you think and makes you nailed to a chair and you can not leave the book. This Book is also a great choice to start studying the genre of speculative literature.

About the author of the Book Midnight Library

BingMag.com 2 <b>new</b> <b>psychological</b> <b>novels</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Backpack</b> <b>Book</b> Publishing

About the Midnight Library Translator h2>

Mohammad Saleh Nouranizadeh was born on September 2, 1993 in Shiraz. He received a bachelor's degree in electronics from Shiraz University and worked in a pharmacy for some time before entering the world of translation. But then, with a strong interest in fantasy stories, he turned to the world of literature and left the pharmacy.

This interest led him to translated and untranslated books. Nouranizadeh's passion for books that were not read due to lack of translation was such that he turned to learning English and French in order to enter a new world of science and literature. He translated his first Book for entertainment, but after that, he continued to translate seriously from around 1394, and collaborated with publications such as Tandis, Baj, Hopa, Vida, and Backpack.

Among his translated books, the following can be mentioned:
1. Red Queen
2. Glass Swords
3. King Cage
4. The Queen's Song
5. Steel Wounds
6. Myth
7. Genius
8. Hero
9. Three crowns
11. I will be two kingdoms
12. Five sinister destinies
13. Caraval
14. Myths
15. End
16. Batman - Nightmare
17. The beginning of Batman
18. Icy as night
19. Adventure Time 1
20. Adventure Time 2
21. Adventure Time 3
22. Adventure Time 4
23. Unknown 1 - Inversion
24. Unknown 2 - Pursuit
25. Unknown 3 - Courses of Hope
26. Unknown 4 - Return
27. Midwest 1 - Wild Wind
28. Midwest 2 - Our Homeless Wizard
29. Midwest 3 - Travel
30. Midwest 4 - Strange Circus
31. Midwest 5 - Trust
32. Midwest 6 - Disturbing Memories
33. Midwest 7 - Monsters
34. Midwest 8 - Endless Forest
35. Blood Treaty
36. Red Battle
37. City of Ghosts
38. Bone tunnel
39. Smoke in the sun
40. Guest room
41. Aleppo beekeeper
42. Midnight Library

Readers' Score

Midnight Library scores 4.3 out of goodreads and 4.3 out of 5 from Amazon.

Awards Win

This Book is one of the new York Times bestsellers and also won the Goodreads Select Award in the 2020 fiction genre. It has since become a global and best-selling phenomenon

Book Sales

Midnight Library has sold more than two million copies worldwide and is still on the new York Times bestseller list.

In another section of the library Book we read Midnight

The Book classes began to move on both sides of Nora. Their angles did not change. They just slipped horizontally and moved. It was also possible that the classes did not move at all, and that it was the books that moved. It was not at all clear why or even how. No tools were found to do this. There was no sound, and the books did not fall from the bottom or the beginning of the floors. The books slid at different speeds depending on which floor they were on, but none of them moved very fast. He straightened up, put his chin in, took a step toward Nora, and clenched his fists. "It's time to start, baby."

"If that's okay, let me ask you this. What should I start with? "

" Every life involves millions of decisions. Some of these decisions are big and some are small. But every time a decision is made, the result changes. An irreversible change that in turn causes other changes. These books are the gateway to all the lives you could experience. "

" What? "

" The number of lives you can have is enormous. Probability that you have in your life. In some lives you make different choices and those choices produce different results. If you just did something different, your life story would be different. All those lives are in the midnight library. They are all exactly the size of real life. "

" I mean parallel lives? "

" Not always. Some of them are more intersecting. So, would you like to experience a life that you could have? Would you like to do something different? Is there anything you want to change? Did he do something wrong?

The answer was easy. "Yeah. "Everything."

His answer seemed to make the librarian's nose flutter. He immediately put it in front of his face and sneezed inside.

Nora said, "Goodbye." And he saw how, as soon as the librarian finished using the handkerchief, a strange magic disappeared from his hands.

"Do not worry. Napkins are like life. "There are always a lot of them." Ms. Elm returned to her words. "Doing just one thing in a different way is usually like doing everything differently. No matter how hard we try, we can not change the things we did in life but you are no longer in life. You came out. "You have the opportunity to see how everything could have gone." p>

But the truth, Nora Seyed. However, that is not the reality you understand. The best condition that can be described is the middle. Neither life nor death. It is not the real life you think it is, but it is not a dream. Neither this nor that. In short, the midnight library.

The floors that had been moving so slowly stopped. Nora noticed that one of the floors on her right had a large empty space at shoulder height. All the other sections of the class were full and shoulder-to-shoulder full of books, but here there was only one Book behind the thin white floor.

Unlike other books, it was not green but gray. Just as gray as when Nora first saw the building through the fog, the gray stone walls came to her mind.

Ms. Elm picked up the Book from the floor and handed it to Nora. There was a slight sense of anticipation in his eyes, as if he had given her Nora's Christmas present.

It looked lighter when it was in Ms. Elm's hand, but it was much heavier than Nora thought. Nora started to open the book.

Ms. Elm shook her head. The eighth online exhibition of BingMag with the title of lovely shelves will be held from May 6 to June 26, in which more than 100,000 books will be offered to Book lovers at up to 80% discount.

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