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Manouchehr Arianpour Kashani, the only survivor of the first generation of the country's lexicographers, has died

BingMag.com <b>Manouchehr</b> <b>Arianpour</b> Kashani, the <b>only</b> <b>survivor</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>generation</b> of the <b>country's</b> lexicographers, <b>has</b> died

Manouchehr Arianpour Kashani, the founder of the High School of Translation and the only survivor of the first generation of lexicographers in the country, has died. This lexicographer and translator, who was also the author of the Arianpour Cultures Collection, passed away on Monday, January 27, at the age of 92 in San Diego, USA. "Persian to English" and "English to Persian" served an unforgettable and great service to the land of Iran. In addition, he was one of the greatest prominent contemporary translators who translated important works into Persian. To establish the High School of Translation in 1348. His father, Abbas Arianpour, was also a prominent translator and lexicographer, who also headed the High School of Translation.

BingMag.com <b>Manouchehr</b> <b>Arianpour</b> Kashani, the <b>only</b> <b>survivor</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>generation</b> of the <b>country's</b> lexicographers, <b>has</b> died Manouchehr Arianpour completed his primary and secondary education due to his father's job in Isfahan, Abadan, Mashhad and Tehran. In 1329, he received his diploma in natural sciences from Alborz High School in Tehran, and then in English language and literature was accepted at the University of Tehran and he graduated from this university after three years.

He then emigrated to the United States to continue his studies and received his master's degree in English language and literature from Graduated from the University of Colorado. He also received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in 1958, writing a treatise on Walter Raleigh. It was in 1337 that Arianpour returned to Iran and became the head of the translation department of the Bank for Development of Industry and Mining, and at the same time taught at the University with a degree as an assistant professor. He returned to the United States and taught for a time at the Universities of Bonavista and Missouri. He returned to Iran in 1349 and remained the deputy and lecturer of the High School of Translation until the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Manouchehr Arianpour Arianpour, which today produces a variety of Persian to English and English to Persian dictionaries, but after the revolution, Manouchehr Arianpour went to the United States again and continued teaching English language and literature at the University of Bonavista, and finally in 1995. He retired from this university with the rank of full professor.

BingMag.com <b>Manouchehr</b> <b>Arianpour</b> Kashani, the <b>only</b> <b>survivor</b> of the <b>first</b> <b>generation</b> of the <b>country's</b> lexicographers, <b>has</b> died

He spent the last years of his life in He lived in the United States, then settled in San Diego and continued to work as a lexicographer. He was a member of the American University Professors Association (AAUP). Published by Manouchehr Arianpour.

Manouchehr Arianpour has collaborated with his father in bilingual lexicography for many years, and dictionaries have been published with the names of both of them. After the death of his father, he began to work bilingually (English and Persian) on a bilingual dictionary, compiling and publishing a dictionary based on Webster's new world English dictionary. In 1378, Manouchehr Arianpour donated all the inherited property of the Arianpour Kashani family to Kashan University. The value of this property, which includes several residential units, a garden, land and a higher education center, was estimated at more than 10 billion tomans at that time. He also transferred the copyright of his books to the university after his death. He also entrusted the authorship of his books to this university after his death. Among the works of the late Manouchehr Arianpour, the following can be mentioned:

  • Arianpour Pishro Farhang English-Persian 1-volume, 1998
  • Arianpour Pishro Farhang 60 volumes, in collaboration with Bahram Delgshaei, 1377
  • Pishro Arianpour Early Learning Culture 1378
  • Pishro Arianpour Extensive University Culture 2 volumes, 1379
  • Pishro Arianpour Pishro Gift Culture 1379
  • Culture Accompanied by Pishro Arianpour 1378
  • Culture of the Pioneer Arianpour 1378

The peak of patriotism and interest in Iran, he considered all his learning and savings to be cheap for the people of his homeland.

He held a public meeting and attended various forums to encourage different segments of the population, from students to academics and the general public. Nopour has been a part of the kind deeds of this distinguished and culturally loving professor at Kashan University.

May his soul be happy and his memory be cherished.

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