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Kurt and Negat theory; A lie that is common to all stories

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

stories surround almost every aspect of our lives; From our individual identities, beliefs and friendships to our families and communities. stories not only entertain us, but also teach us important life lessons. stories are powerful and beautiful tools that shape our understanding of the world. However, according to Kurt Vonnegut, a twentieth-century American writer, stories seldom tell us the truth.

Under different magnifying glasses, it was concluded that stories and myths in different cultures have a similar shape that can be divided into several main categories.

This shape can be plotted by drawing the hero's journey on a function chart achieved. One axis of the chart measures "happiness and misery" and the other axis measures "beginning and end".

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

all stories, a person or thing starts to exist from somewhere. His condition may be good, bad or neutral. Then things happen to the person that can be interpreted as "good" or "bad" and as the story progresses, his situation changes along the "happiness-misery" axis. The story then ends and its final form appears on the function diagram. The six main shapes are as follows:

1. From the carpet to the throne (net ascent)

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

2. Reaching from the Throne to the Carpet (net descent)

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

3. A man in a pit (fall - ascent)

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

4. The story of Icarus (ascent - fall)

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

5. Cinderella Story (Ascent - Fall - Ascent)

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

6. The Story of Oedipus (Fall - Ascent - Fall)

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

And the constant on the diagram follows the shape of the story, and in most stories the position of the main character on the diagram at the end of the story is higher than at the beginning.

And as a result, most stories lie. According to Venhagat, in an honest and realistic story, the line on the chart is a smooth line.

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

In a story like this, things continue to happen and the characters change, but whether what happened is absolutely good or bad is unclear. One of the stories that Venhgat cites as an example of a straightforward story is Hamlet Shakespeare. To this day, Hamlet is known as one of the best and most famous literary works in history. In this play, events also take place and the story goes through its normal process, but none of these events are absolutely good or bad, so at the end of the play, the audience can not conclude in this regard. For Venhgat, such a story is the most representative of reality. It is quoted from Venhgat:

we are seldom told the truth. In Hamlet, Shakespeare tells us that our knowledge of life is not high enough to distinguish between good news and bad news. One of the storytelling media that inadvertently fits this theory is the television series Is. The goal of a series is to keep its audience watching as much as possible. Each episode should be engaging enough for the viewer to watch to the end, but at the same time it should remain unresolved to motivate the viewer to watch the next episode. For these serials, seasons or years go by, and the viewer is so interested in them that they watch all their episodes.

BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

If the series has enough loyal viewers, it will be extended for subsequent seasons, and this cycle will continue for many seasons.

In order for the series to continue, none of the stories must end. Reach the final, and therefore the main characters should never find ultimate peace and freedom in the struggle between happiness and misery.

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Of course, most of the series do not follow the straight line mentioned by Venhogat in his analysis, because most of the series include absolute happiness and misery in the context of their stories. However, given the medium's narrative form, the series have to incorporate the universal truth that Vonhgat is talking about: that neither the viewer nor the characters in the story can be sure that what happened in an episode is absolutely "good." "Or" bad ", because it is not clear what the outcome of these events will be in the next episodes.

In some ways, any change that occurs in any episode is fruitless, because all of these events are part of the endless cycle of change, a change that the formula "create conflict" and "resolve conflict" change. Constantly repeats so that the series continues as long as possible. In this way, the creators of the series do not intend to reach the final result or disclosure, which is a definite determinant of good or bad.

However, when the viewership of the series decreases significantly or the story ends naturally, The series is finally over. But as long as the series goes on the air, it is constantly struggling to escape this point.

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  • Philosophy of Socrates (and Plato); If most people believe in something, it's probably wrong. Is incapable. The series, as a form of storytelling, shows us that in the endless cycle of change lies meaning, engaging elements, and entertainment, regardless of whether this cycle may be futile on a large scale. The series shows that the ultimate goal of the changes in life is not necessarily to achieve the final result or peace, but to continue just to continue. This style of storytelling is an adaptation of the natural flow of life: life is constantly changing to keep itself alive and interesting. It is happiness. Quote from Joseph Campbell, a twentieth-century mythologist, writer, and professor of literature:

    I think the good life is A Heros Journey behind another heroic journey. You are constantly called to the realm of adventure and new horizons. Every time you are faced with the same question: Do I have the courage? If you have the courage, there are dangers lurking, but there are people by your side to help you; The chances of defeat and victory also remain strong.

    BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

    stories help us Very small moments and aspects See and understand life. They help us better connect ideas, lessons and meanings and share them with others. stories are a beautiful and essential tool for the life of intelligent beings. stories do not always have to be realistic or accurate representations of real life to be helpful and important.

    But the problem is that our view of life is very similar to that of our favorite life stories. It is no coincidence that good stories have the same basic structure, raw materials, and forms. stories are a reflection of the way we think and the ideal we have of the world.

    However, when we assume that our whole life should have a trajectory similar to our favorite stories, or more than just Hollywood movies. To take it seriously and base our life patterns on them, when we expect or pretend that we always know what happiness or misery means and set a high level of expectation for every decision, work and event in our lives, this level of expectation puts so much pressure on It brings into our lives that we lose the courage to make any decision or action.

    Soren Kierkegaard, an influential nineteenth-century philosopher, makes a memorable quote:

    Life can only be understood by looking back, but it must be lived by looking forward.

    BingMag.com <b>Kurt</b> and <b>Negat</b> <b>theory;</b> A <b>lie</b> <b>that</b> is <b>common</b> to <b>all</b> stories

    that in every situation there is a perfect decision that leads to an honorable and right result.

    Instead of having With such a premise, it is better to develop the ability to make decisions, to try to move forward with life, with dignity, effort and honesty, to accept and understand whatever consequences our decisions have and whatever happens to us until we are alive. We are, our story will continue, and it will have the characteristics of all other stories: an opportunity for more experience, adapting to circumstances, and achieving victory.

    We may not be able to tell the difference between good and bad on a large scale But Venhgat believed that it was enough to look around and see what makes us feel good in the middle of everything that happens in the world. Our chance for happiness is to recognize the happy moments of life, big or small, and to say to ourselves, "This is what life is all about."

Source: Pursuit of Wonder YouTube Channel

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