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Iran Droudy, the great painter, died; From a painting to a book at a distance of two points

BingMag.com Iran Droudy, the great painter, died; From a painting to a book at a distance of two points

Iran Droudy, the great Iranian painter whose works were in the style of surrealism-symbolism, died on Friday, the 7th of Aban. Droudy was born in Shahrivar 1315 in a noble and wealthy family, who is descended from the Turks as a mother and a Russian as a father. As a child, he lived in Germany with his mother and sister for some time. But World War II culminates and they return to Iran and Mashhad. From an early age, he was sensitive to colors. It was then that his father presented him with a book containing collected images of important paintings from the Louvre. A book that perhaps sparked Droudy's first interest in painting.

Iran Droudy did not have an easy childhood. He writes in his memoirs that he was not beautiful and had difficulty learning, which was why he could not communicate with the other children. It was there that masters realized his abilities in painting techniques. Droudy gradually becomes acquainted with the style of surrealism and sees it closer to his own spirits.

BingMag.com Iran Droudy, the great painter, died; From a painting to a book at a distance of two points

Iran Droudy He organized 64 solo painting exhibitions around the world and participated in dozens of other exhibitions. But in addition to his paintings, he has another great legacy. In the early 70's he wrote a book called "At a distance of two points" which was his biography.

Iran Droudy wrote his autobiography in the early 70's which described his life from childhood to adulthood and in this book his own taste and ability Writes in literature. Pictures and photographs of this lady have been published in the pages of the book in accordance with the subject. "But destiny, ignoring the questions, called me to look in search of light, the milky way, or the atomic particle, and to share the secret of what I saw with the colors," he says in the labyrinth of his childhood. Ahmad Shamlou dedicated his poem focusing on freedom and love to Iran Droudy. In a part of this poem, we read:

Before you,
many sculptors

made deer from a mixture of leaves
; br /> A flock
whose shepherd is hidden in the crookedness of the clouds and the ridge of the mountain;
Or simply and
in the foggy forest
Draw lines of similarity:
Oh, iron and quicklime
Smoke, lies and pain -
Silence is not our piety. <//> p>

Iran Droudy says in a part of the book "At a distance of two points": "Let us respect the gift of being alive. Our work of art that we have to create from our lives is half-finished. We have a lot of work ahead of us. "We have a mission, a mission to sow seeds." He himself sowed the seeds of light and mirror in the world and with the creation of art, it will remain in our memories forever. Their souls are happy and their memory is dear.

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