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Iraj Pezeshkzad, the creator of Napoleon's novel Daeijan, has died

BingMag.com <b>Iraj</b> <b>Pezeshkzad,</b> the <b>creator</b> of <b>Napoleon's</b> <b>novel</b> <b>Daeijan,</b> has died

Iraj Pezeshkzad, a famous contemporary Iranian writer and satirist, died yesterday, January 13, 2014, at the age of ninety-four. He is mostly written in the minds of Iranian audiences for writing the satirical novel "Uncle Napoleon", but in addition to writing, he also wrote historical works and translated literary works.

He was born in 1306 in Tehran. And law education. He started writing in the 1930s, writing short stories for magazines and translating literary writings. Pezeshkzad's works were mostly humorous and critical, and perhaps his fascination with Saadi and his experience in journalism and writing humorous articles for literary magazines led him to this position. The novel "Uncle Napoleon", which is considered to be his most important work, is a serial adaptation of the same name, directed by Nasser Taghvaei, made in 1976, which contributed to his greater fame and the permanence of this work and his other writings. This book also has one of the best openings of Iranian stories, the following section is the first paragraph of this "Napoleon's uncle":

I became. The bitterness and poison of Hijri that I tasted made me think many times that if it was the twelfth or fourteenth of August, it might not have happened. Along with the novel "Uncle John Napoleon", "Mashallah Khan in the Court of Harun Al-Rasheed" is another of his landmark works that have not been published for a long time. Four decades later, with the help of Farhang-e Moaser Publications, his two well-known works will once again be on the shelves of bookstores. Fictional humor, he also has a translation of books like "Desiree" written by Anne Marie Selinco in his repertoire, which is his most famous translation. "The King Near the Demons", "Prisoner in Casablanca", "Sea Charmers", "Justice Has Been Executed", "Schweik the Pure Soldier" and "I Will Cry Tomorrow" are some of his translations. His other comic works include "The Good Family", "Man's Literature was Written by His Government", "Asmoun Rismon" and "Haj Mamojafar in Paris", and "Hafez the Unheard", "Saadi's glorious satire". And "A Review of the History of the Russian Revolution" are among his historical works. He chose the nickname "Ashna" for himself, in addition to the humorous look in his works, he also had a progressive look at social issues, and the characterization and typification in his works had a certain stability, and the conversations and dialogues between the characters in his stories were natural. It was created far from artificial.
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