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Introduction to MacDonald's biography; A manager who has been persistently successful since middle age

The book "The Story of MacDonald" written by Ray Crack, a prominent McDonald's director, has been translated by Mehdi Latifi Shirehjini and published by Manouchehri Publications. MacDonald is as good as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The American fast food company, founded in 1941 by brothers Richard and Maurice MacDonald, soon changed the entire sales system of these chain stores with Ray Crack joining them. Few entrepreneurs can claim to have really changed the business system, and Crack is one of them. His system revolutionized food automation and service. Crack established a system in the United States to train all McDonald's employees. . Crack, as if born a storyteller, fascinates you on every page of this book. He tells the story of MacDonald and his backstage with indescribable passion. Interestingly, Ray Crack was not young when he met the MacDonald brothers. He was a 52-year-old man who, with the ambitions and risks he took, turned the MacDonald brand into a great empire. He showed that more than talent and intelligence, perseverance and perseverance can get people somewhere.

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