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Introducing 2 new books in the field of personal development from Milkan Publications

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

Milkan Publishing was founded by Majid Parhizgari in 2014. The first book to reach the bookstore under the name of Milkan to reach the reader was "The Mysterious Library", by Haruki Murakami and translated by Araz Barsaghian. It is individual and to some extent it is political science. In fact, Majid Parhizgari likes most of the books in the field of business, management and fiction for Milkan Publishing, and why, despite all his fierce rivals, did Majid Parhizgari go into a field such as business and success that overlaps with psychology books? p>

Piety believed that books that reach the customer on the shelves of management and businesses do not cure pain. Most are compliments and false excitement; Yes, you can overcome problems and get motivated to start a business that catches everyone's eye, but this is not the case when it works in twenty minutes and a half.

The founder of Milkan Publishing believed that people should be honest. He said not that he pushed them with false excitement and energy to fall into the well with their heads. If someone is going to motivate his business and use special techniques and methods, he must go the right way, the right way, for example, his big flower is the way that big domestic and Western businesses have gone. This is a big note in the middle, success is hard.

A great example of this is the book Open Shoes by Philip H. Knight. Diary is the founder of Nike. The book was published by Milkan Publishing in nearly twenty thousand volumes in 18 editions in a period of nearly a year. We develop personalities and review their published works together. Join us.

1- Incomplete starting power book; Essays on getting things done better

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

The book "The Power of Incomplete Start" by James Claire, translated by Sidayub Kokbi and Farzaneh Hajokhalili have recently been published by Milkan Publications. This book contains essays on how to do things better. In his book, James Claire asks the reader if you only live once; How do you want to make the most of it? Productivity professors often suggest focusing on effectiveness rather than efficiency. That is, do the right thing, not do more.

James Claire is a blogger who has been writing about personal success and development since 2012 on his personal blog. He gained worldwide fame by writing the book "Atomic Habits". The book has long been on the new York Times bestseller list, with more than 3 million copies of it legally available worldwide. p> BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

An incomplete start can always be corrected, but an obsessive approach to preparing a great, flawless program will give you It gets nowhere.

The idea that you have to "learn more" to start an activity can often be a big obstacle to moving on to things that are really important.

Obsession with editing The ultimate strategy in the field of work or dieting or even choosing a golf club can be a clever way for your subconscious to avoid doing hard work.

In fact, you should not allow idealistic perceptions about starting activities. Prevent you from doing those activities.

When you have a goal, whether starting a business or having a healthy diet or traveling the world, finding someone who has already achieved that goal and engineering Reversing his strategy is a simple and, of course, very useful task.

Using the experiences of successful people is a great way to speed up your learning process; But it is equally important to know that the systems, habits, and strategies of today's successful people are probably not the same as the ones they used in the beginning.

What may be the best way for them now Not necessarily the right choice to start your journey. In fact, there is a difference between the two concepts:

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what is ideal versus what is needed

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

Learning from others is great, but comparing your current situation with someone who is already successful often makes you feel like you do not have the resources to get started. If you look at their optimal layout, you can easily convince yourself that you have to buy new things or learn new skills before you can take the first step towards your goals.

And this is usually the right mindset. is not. Here is an example.

Travel Around the World : You've probably seen a lot of tourists shopping for They have spent a lot of money on their belongings: waterproof bags, moisture-proof clothes, special shoes, and, of course, good items are not useless. Great equipment can make your trip easier, but you do not have to have them all. You do not need new shoes to start running. You do not need new bowls to start a healthy diet. And you do not need a new waterproof backpack to start the trip. These things may be ideal, but they are not needed at first.

Avoiding Idealization

Here are some examples of the process of avoiding idealization:/p>

  • You might think that you do not enjoy playing golf because your golf club is not attractive enough and you have to move to a new club, but the truth is that you will probably only have two more years of practice. You need to.
  • You might argue that walking without a proper backpack is difficult, but the truth is that you can do it with the backpack you already have.

In fact, obsessing over the ultimate strategy of your business or dieting or changing the ultimate golf club can be a smart way to avoid hard work.

So always remember Be aware that a flawed startup can always be corrected, but an obsessive approach to creating a flawless program will get you nowhere.

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Strengths of the Law of Twenty-eight

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

Law of the Twenty-eight helps in personal and work life "vital vital And separate the "unnecessary many".

Business owners, for example, may find that most of their revenue comes from a handful of important customers. Here, the Twenty-eighth rule suggests that the best course of action is to focus on serving the same small number of customers, finding similar ones, and stop serving other customers or phasing out the rest of the customers.

It shows you many problems. Most of your complaints may be from a small number of your strict customers. In such a situation, the proposal of the 28th law is to eliminate this group of customers and get rid of their endless desires.

The 28th law is a kind of judo for personal and work life. By finding the right spot to apply pressure, you can achieve more results with less effort.

This is a great strategy and I have used it many times. Of course, there are weaknesses that are often overlooked. To understand these weaknesses, let's go back to our story, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn is at the beginning of her career and wants to know how to use her time. If he follows the law of twenty-eight in his decision-making process, the answer is quite clear; He has to act in more romantic comedy.

Many of Hepburn's best films, such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany, and Riddle, have been in the romantic comedy genre. He starred in all four films between 1953 and 1963. By the beginning of 1967, he was expected to star in another film.

These films attracted large audiences, won Audrey awards, and provided a clear path to greater fame and fortune. In fact, romantic comedy was effective for Audrey.

Even considering her willingness to support children through UNICEF, (according to the analysis of the 28th law) her brilliance in more romantic comedy is the best option to maximize income and Consequently, there was an increase in charitable donations to UNICEF.

Audrey should have continued her acting career, but did not want to remain an actress. He wanted to dedicate himself to service, and no sensible analysis in 1967 told Audrey that volunteering at UNICEF was the most effective way to use his time. The disadvantage of the Twenty-eighth rule is that the new path is never like the most effective choice at the beginning.

To whom do we recommend the book The Power of Incomplete Start?

It is recommended to buy the book "Incomplete Starting Power" from BingMag

2. Boundless Book: Improve your brain, learn everything faster and find the best way of your life

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

The book Limitless by Jim Quick is about brain health. In this book, Quick teaches you how to improve your brain, learn everything faster, and find the best way to live your life.

Few of us know that there are several practical ways we can do this. Improve our brains and increase our learning ability. Most of us are aware that with proper exercise and diet we can improve our heart health, but many of us do not know that we can greatly improve our brains and thus improve our lives.
We are born into the world of technology and nothing is more important than health and It is not the efficiency of our brain, the brain that controls everything in our lives. Learning to separate data and develop new methods and skills to grow in a turbulent world in a turbulent sea of information is essential to surviving the 21st century.

The ability to learn faster and easier makes everything else possible in life, and this That's the best time to develop your brain as well as your body. Just as you need a healthy body, you need a resilient, strong, energetic brain. This is Jim's job; He is a Private Instructor for Improving Brain Function. The most valuable gift of us humans is our brains. Our brains enable us to learn, to love, to think, to create, and to taste pleasure. Our brain is a gateway to our emotions, to our capacity to experience life as deeply as possible, to our ability to achieve a lasting understanding of intimacy. Our brains enable us to innovate, grow, and do different things.

However, few of us know that there are several practical ways we can improve our brains and enhance our learning ability. Most of us are aware that exercise and proper diet can improve our heart health, but many of us do not know that we can greatly improve our brains and thus improve our lives.

Unfortunately, our world is not a healthy environment for our brains. Before Jim Quick gives us a road map of boundlessness, he identifies four traitors who threaten the ability to think, concentrate, learn, grow, and be human. The flood of digital information, digital distraction, digital forgetfulness, and digital inference.

Yes, all of these traitors are digital. The traitors of the modern world who are trying to destroy our brains and turn them into something unusable. They deprive us of mental clarity, which ultimately leads to mental fatigue, distraction, inability to learn easily, and dissatisfaction.

Advances in technology during this period can both help and harm us; Of course, our current use of technology in society will only result in the contagious disease of overburdening, forgetfulness, distraction, and dependence. These are just the beginning of the story.

Quick shows you the boundless ways to overcome these four traitors in the book Boundless. The secret to having an exceptional life, says Jim, is to limit your mind. Using his boundless model, he has revealed the secret of individual evolution.

If you are trying to reach a specific goal in any field, you must first ask: Where is the limit? You most likely have limitations in your mindset, motivation or methods. So the reason for any of the disabilities is not personal shortcomings or negligence, and contrary to what we usually believe, the obstacles in front of us are not strong. We have complete control and can overcome obstacles at any time.

Who do we recommend reading the book indefinitely

If you want to improve the function of your mind in the digital world And increase your productivity of your brain, this book is the best option for you and you can be sure that you will not regret reading it; Because Boundless Book has helped so many people around the world so far.

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Boundless Book Sea: Improve your brain, learn everything faster and find the best way of life >

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

Jim Quick is undoubtedly the best brain trainer in the world and in the book Boundless: Your Brain Improve, learn faster, and find the best way of life's best-selling book The new York Times and The Wall Street Journal provides ways to keep your brain healthy and teaches you how to make the most of it. Use it.

What if you could read more books? If you had enough will and perseverance, where would you be now? What problems hinder your focus and progress? Which restrictive thoughts do you think will keep you from pursuing your dreams?

If you have questions like this, but do not know how and where to start, do not worry, James Kwik has been helping for years Has targeted others in his life. This person is known as a mentor and mentor, and for some time he has also helped an important and great figure like Ilan Mask.

This experienced coach now shares his experiences in the book Boundless for All People. It sets the world up and helps others get on the right track.

First of all, you have to realize that believing in limitation keeps you from pursuing your greatest dreams, and that the book is boundless. This is the focus. This book will help you to overcome your mental limitations and You will learn how to improve your brain and memory and make progress by creating healthy habits and making the best use of your time.

Of course, Jim will introduce you to four traitors in a detailed explanation before you start Get to know the basics of your life and realize that there are likely to be four factors that have hindered your progress: too much digital information, too much digital confusion, too much digital forgetfulness, and too much digital perception and conclusion!

You learn boundaries to overcome the negative consequences of the digital world and to avoid harmful factors and to persevere in the path of your dreams.

- Jim Quick knows how to make the most of me as a human being. (Will Smith)
- This book is a revelation in the field of learning. (Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Alzheimer's disease researcher)
- I do not trust anyone more than Jim Quick and his plans to optimize brain function. (Dr. Daniel Amen, author)
- There are no genius pills, but Jim gives you the process of opening the best brain and the brightest future. (Dr. Mark Hayman, Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, author of 12 new York Times bestsellers)

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Learn more about Jim Quick :

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 2 <b>new</b> <b>books</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>personal</b> <b>development</b> <b>from</b> <b>Milkan</b> Publications

Jim Quick is a renowned expert in memory improvement, brain optimization and fast learning. After suffering a brain injury as a child, Quick developed many learning difficulties and developed strategies to dramatically improve his mental performance.

In fact, he has since dedicated his life to helping others. He has worked as a brain educator for students, seniors, entrepreneurs and educators. Quick is an advocate for brain health and global education, and has been a philanthropist on many projects, including building schools from Guatemala to Kenya. Provides health services, clean water and learning for children in need. Jim's mission is: no brains should be left behind! We do not need magic to transform our world.
- All the power to do this is within us.
- The only way to win is to learn faster than others.
- I am not alone I use all the brains I have, but also all the brains I can borrow.
- The only real purpose of education is to make the person constantly ask questions.
- The one who asks the question can not answer Avoid.
- Life has no limits, except the limits that you set.

In a part of the book, we read without limits : >

Now we have to consider our values. You can write down your best habits, but you will not succeed if your values do not align with your ultimate goal. For example, a person who likes to memorize people's letters should value their relationships and relationships with other people. Your behavior must support your values, otherwise you will have no motivation to do so.

Our values are hierarchical in nature. If I were to ask you what is the most important thing in your life, you might say family. Then I will ask what the family does for you.

For me, family means love, and for you it may be a sense of belonging. The important distinction is that the family is an instrumental value, a means to an end. Value and the ultimate goal are love and belonging.

When we look at our values, we can determine whether the value we have expressed is the ultimate goal or whether it itself brings out another value.

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Book Contents

Part One: Empty Your Mind
1. Unlimited
2. Why this is important
3. Your boundless brain
4. How to read and memorize this book (or any book)
5. The magic of belief
6. Seven Lies About Learning
Part 3: Unlimited Motivation
7. Purpose
8. Energy
9. Simple and small steps
10. Current or drowning
Part 4: Unlimited methods
11. Concentration
12. Study
13. Memory
14. Speed reading
15. Thinking
Conclusion: The Return of the Possible

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