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Introducing Jonathan the Seagull; An anecdote about the meaning of life

"Jonathan the Seagull" by Richard Bach is one of the most famous novels in which the main character is an animal. Jonathan is the name of a seagull trying to learn new things about life and flight. Russell Manson has drawn the designs for this book, which you can see in this version of the book that we have introduced in the video and published by Behjat Publications. See the product in BingMag

They have marketed, but the version of Behjat Publications translated by Mahsa Yazdani also has a new section.

Jonathan Livingston is no ordinary seagull. He is tired of everyday life and just looking for food and is looking for deeper meanings. Together with Jonathan, we come to some interesting points in life in this book. Richard Bach originally published the short novel as a series of short stories in a flight magazine. Jonathan the Seagull was first published as a book in 1970, and by the end of 1972 had sold more than one million copies. The first part of the book, in fact, deals with positive thinking and self-help in the form of a story. This book is one of the 50 classic works that are not affected by the passage of time. A book whose original idea has influenced many literary critics.

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