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Introducing the book from zero to one; The difficulty of creating something new

The book "From zero to One" is for those who want to start a business and tells them whether their business is worth the time and energy or not. This book was written by two investors and an entrepreneur and is one of the most important books in the field of business and entrepreneurship, which Bahman Forouzandeh translated into Persian and was published by Amokhteh Publications.

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Seed of the book It was actually planted when, in the spring of 2012, Peter Teal was teaching students about creating new ideas at Stanford College in startup classes. The book actually says that normally there is a process for everything that starts from one, but when you are going to start a new job and come up with a new idea, you really have to go from zero to one. The author of Atlantic writes that this book is probably the best published work in the field of business ever written. Self-help book for entrepreneurs and those who want to start a new business. Of course, some also believed that the book was too abstract to bring the next Steve Jobs or Peter Teal to society, and that many of its formulas may not have been written in a way that would be practical.

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