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Introducing the book of Icarus Deception; How ambitious are we?

Seth Godin's book "Icarus Deception" has been translated by several translators and published by several publishers. In this video, we have examined Saeed Yarahmadi's translation of the learned publication. What does the name of the book remind you of? The myth of Icarus in Greek mythology means ambition. Icarus made wings for himself so that he could fly over the sky, but he ignored the advice he was told not to get too close to the sun. As a result, the sun melted its waxy wings, and Icarus fell. Do not fall like Icarus. This is Seth Godin's most famous book, from which the book "Purple Cow" became very popular. In this book, Godin says that people learn wrong lessons from the myth of Icarus and think that they should limit their ambition if you have to set limits to succeed.

"I try to I help you understand what is around you that you may not have noticed, something that you may have deliberately ignored. "I try to get more people to taste what they did not want to taste, so that they can experience a different way of trying and thinking about what they are doing."

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