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Introducing 5 biographical books published by Cheshmeh Publishing

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 5 <b>biographical</b> <b>books</b> <b>published</b> by <b>Cheshmeh</b> Publishing

Cheshmeh Publishing House started its activity in 1985 and is currently one of the most prestigious and leading publications in Iran. Hassan Kayaian is the founder and director of Cheshmeh Publishing, which is now run by a family, and members of the Kayaian family have taken charge of various departments. This Publishing house has more than 100 employees and with more than 1500 volumes of books, an annual number of 130 new books and six bookstores, it is one of the most active private Publishing houses in the country and among all the books it has published, it has a long history in Publishing biographies. p>

Hassan Kayaian in response to a question from a friend who asked him if it is not published, if you can not print a book or if the story of Cheshmeh Publishing is over; What are you doing? "I have just found the main path of my life and I feel that I will not face such an obstacle, which means not being able to continue, but if for any reason I could not continue to be a publisher and publish a book, I will spread the bookstore in front of the current bookstore," he says. "Because I feel that the new path of my life is clearer and more promising with the book."

And Iranian translators work. In addition to translating and Publishing foreign titles in Iran, they also want to expand their work to introduce and then translate and publish Iranian authors in international markets.

He finds a way to be present in Zalali Dasht and in his path emphasizes cooperation with the young generation who are some of the best in Iranian literature at the moment. It has published books in various fields including literature, philosophy, politics, economics, social sciences, children and adolescents, music, cinema, theater, history and mythology. Iran also has Fereydoun Moshiri, Sadegh Hedayat, Houshang Ebtehaj, Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani, Ahmad Shamloo, Ali Ashraf Darvishian, Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, and others in their portfolio.

We have briefly introduced those published by Cheshmeh Publications.

1. The Allendes BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 5 <b>biographical</b> <b>books</b> <b>published</b> by <b>Cheshmeh</b> Publishing

The Allendes is the original book "Die Allendes" by German journalist and author Gunter Wessel, published in 2008 by Cheshmeh Publishing was translated by Maliheh Mohammadi. South American expert Gnter Wessel provides an excellent 200-page historical picture of the country, depicting not only the Allende family, but also Chile's recent history. The book, the work of Gunter Wessel and Isabel Allende, chronicles the rise and fall of an important dynasty. The Allende are a twentieth-century Chilean political family that can best be compared to the Kennedys. A family that experienced everything and never gave up on the dream of a better world. They fought for freedom and justice and experienced revolutions and displacement, exile, underground, dreams and tragedies. They fought not with weapons but with words.

In this work, Gunter Wessel narrates the life of the first Chilean communist president, Salvador Allende, and his family; He speaks of Salvador's grandfather, who fought against the big landowners in the mid-nineteenth century for civil rights and the separation of church and state, to Salvador Allende's adopted daughter, Isabel Allende. Isabel suffered greatly because of revolutions and expulsions, exile and underground, dreams and tragedies. Pinochet time to resist as much as possible. The Chilean army staged a coup on September 11, 1973, led by Pinochet Allende. He and his followers were stationed at the headquarters of the Chilean government and were ready to stand up to the coup plotters and fight to the death, but when Salvador Allende was finally found dead when they attacked the palace. According to Gunter Wessel, Chile that day lost not only its beacon of hope, but also its freedom for decades to come. The Allende family fled Chile to Venezuela and some to Cuba, never reuniting as they once did.

On the back cover of The Allende we read:

The Reds began to fight for democracy and against the big landowners. This dream came true when his grandson Salvador Allende Gonz .lez was elected President of Chile in 1970. But just three years later, Pinochet, along with the army, bombed all hopes. Chilean intellectuals were destroyed in prison, or escaped into exile. The Allende family was scattered all over the world. Salvador Allende's niece Isabel Allende continues to struggle with her writing today. "His first victory was the Ghost Library, which chronicles the life of a Chilean family and depicts the country's historic accidents." BingMag

2. Confession to Life BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 5 <b>biographical</b> <b>books</b> <b>published</b> by <b>Cheshmeh</b> Publishing

The book "Confession to Life" in English "Memoirs" by a diplomat, senator, poet and author Chilean is Pablo Neruda, which was published in 2009 by Cheshmeh Publishing and translated by Ahmad Pouri. Neruda is known as the greatest poet of the twentieth century and winner of the Nobel Prize.

As the name implies, this work is about the whole life of Pablo Neruda. In his unique prose, he describes his views on poetry and the circumstances that have inspired many of his poems. He also gives a vivid account of his life as a poet and a true patriot. Latin served as ambassador to France from 1970 to 1972.

Neruda's book "Confession of Life" from his childhood in popular Chile to his first poetic achievements and international adventures, his life Reviews. He was nominated for the Chilean Senate in 1945, where he won a seat, joined the Communist Party, was expelled from the Senate, and finally (1969) was nominated by the Communist Party for the presidency of Chile (although he was honored by Salvador Allende. He then actively campaigned for him, retreated. Che Guevara and Mao Zedong met; Memoirs are basically presented in the form of stories that are generally related to each other and are categorized into chapters that divide the main parts of his life. Rarely is there a page in this beautiful work that does not offer surprises, adventures, and unexpected or unlikely events. He talks about local politics, regional politics, world politics, the literary circles he has attended, and all the writers, poets, and editors he has met throughout his life. He also describes his 1971 Nobel Prize well and admits that he expected such an award and is certainly pleased with it, without taking it too seriously.


"I will never forget the wet socks hanging by the brazier and the many shoes from which steam locomotives were lifted. Then the flood came and swept away the houses along the river, where the poor lived. The ground was in turmoil and sometimes a terrifying glow glistened over the mountains. The volcanic peak of Laima was dying. Temoko is a border town, one that has not had a long history with many grocery stores. "Since the natives are illiterate, they draw Katie's attention-grabbing signs outside the shops: a giant saw, a huge cauldron, a giant lock, a large spoon in the shoe store, and a huge boot of life."

3. The Confessions of the Lone Wolf BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 5 <b>biographical</b> <b>books</b> <b>published</b> by <b>Cheshmeh</b> Publishing

The book "The Confessions of the Lone Wolf" is the work of the writer, translator and playwright, Nasser Irani, published in 1400 by Cheshmeh Publishing was published. This book is the autobiography of the author who, despite all the hardships and difficulties he has seen from his rulers, people, family and friends, still does not stop writing.

He always takes a critical look at all the characters in his book as well as at He had it himself and for this reason he chose the name of his book with the word "confessions". Irani says about this work: "The only promise I can give to the reader is that I knowingly and intentionally do not lie to him and do not deceive him. However, there is a safer way that I recommend the reader choose and clear his mind and mine. He considers this book to be as much an illustrator of truth as the "confessions" of other confessors, headed by Saint Augustine, an illustrator of the truth. Narrates the time of his birth (1316) until his adulthood; The first volume of the book covers his birth from the mid-fifties to the second volume from the mid-fifties to the early eighties.

The length of the book points to how the most important events in the history of Iran, from the history of the Tudeh Party to the coup d'tat of 28 August and the Islamic Revolution, affected his life and works.


"It's not bad to say that in my family there was almost no talk of the dead. I do not know why. Perhaps because of the fear of the angel of death; And probably because in our family not the images of the past had an important place but the plans of the future. There was a kind of natural life going on, like, like, the life of a sparrow that is not in the bondage of yesterday but in the grief of tomorrow; Bottom He thinks of the past, not the future. Because of this sparrow-like life, after someone in our family dies, his name is no longer mentioned and he remembers it in a short time. "None of the family members still know what happened."

4. The Lost Boy is the English-language book "The Lost Boy" by American author David James Plzer. Which was first published in 2009 by Cheshmeh Publishing and translated by Sarvar Ghasemi. Praised by Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, Plzer travels the world, delivering passionate and inspiring speeches to prevent child abuse, and doing valuable work along the way. The book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than two years and has profoundly affected the lives of more than one million readers. The physical, emotional, mental, and psychological abuse took place.

The story begins when David's teachers call the police to report the child abuse suspicion. A social worker manages to get David out of the care of his addicted and crazy mother and then looks for new families to take care of him. David moves from house to house in search of identity and family. The only world he knows of is a world of isolation and fear, and although others have rescued the boy from his alcoholic guardian mother, his real harm has just begun.

She tries to adapt to the new situations in her life and the ambiguities that arise in the life of an adopted child. However, over time, he finds a good sense of home and family in the orphanage; He never had the feeling he had when he lived with his foster mother.

In fact, The Wandering Boy is about Plasher struggling with his ability to adapt to the new environment in which he is being cared for. He also talks about the kindness of his foster parents and others around him, as well as his inability to push his mother.

In part of the book, the wandering boy reads: I close my eyes for a moment and wish to go. In my mind I see myself walking out the door. I smile inside, I really want to go. The more I imagine myself leaving the door, the more warmth spreads in my soul. Suddenly, I feel my body moving. My eyes are wide open. I look down at my old sneakers. My feet are stepping out of the door, I say to myself, my God, I can not believe I am doing this! Without fear, I do not dare to stop. "

Key 2 BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> 5 <b>biographical</b> <b>books</b> <b>published</b> by <b>Cheshmeh</b> Publishing

Book "Key 2: Life and Death in the World's Most Dangerous Mountain" with the English title "K2: Life and Death on the World's Most Dangerous Mountain is the work of Ed Wisters and David Roberts and was first published in 2017 by Cheshmeh Publishing and translated by Gulberg Darvishian. And it is the most unpredictable mountain in the world. Mount K2 is the second highest mountain on Earth, about 700 feet shorter and much more deadly than Everest; Mountaineering there is forbidden for everyone except the most talented mountaineers. At least 290 people climbed Mount Everest last year, while only 18 climbers reached Mount K2 and 11 died on the way. One of the most dramatic attempts by professional climbers to reach the top of the mountain provides good information about the rarest mountain. Presents what they have tried. At the same time, he explores the most memorable mountain epics to offer lessons on fundamental questions such as risk issues, ambition, teammate loyalty, mountaineering self-sacrifice.

Wisters and renowned climber Scott Fisher They climbed K2 in 1992 and were caught in an avalanche that led to their almost certain death.

Climbing K2 is not the only focus of this exciting book. He also takes a look at some of his most important historical mountain trips and tells a number of legendary mountain stories. Some of the other trips Ed shares with readers include the 1938 team led by Charlie Houston, which paved the way for the final success of the summit in 1954. The authors of this book have in fact written part of an exciting biography in this book.

In a part of K2 book we read:

I had climbed the first and third highest peaks in the world, but I knew that 2 in terms of difficulty and The danger is very different from them. Like the 2008 climbers, Omega and Charlie and I had to wait for endless weeks for a chance to finally try our luck at the summit. Except for the storm, various mistakes, group leadership, and problems between people delayed our final move to the summit, it had been fifty-seven days since we reached the main camp that we were finally able to reach the summit. In any case, all three of us were familiar with Battle Butt at the time, and tying the fixed ropes was not part of our plan.

It will be held in June, in which more than 100,000 book titles will be offered to book lovers at up to 80% discount.

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