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Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

BingMag.com Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

Germany is the land of thinkers and writers who have created some of the world's best works. Although the country did not continue to be present in the literary scene until the 18th century with weighty figures such as Goethe and Schiller, German literature now transcends borders and every book reader depends on at least one German author.

German literary heritage from philosophy to fiction and poetry, as it has shown in the field of fine arts and film. Is a vast and valuable heritage.

Some German books are not only a great introduction to German literature, but also to German culture and history. German books have a lot to offer Germans and foreigners.

Here are six of the best-selling German books.

1. Tin Drum BingMag.com Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

The book "Tin Drum" is a work of art by Gunter Gross that First published October 6, 1959. With this novel, Gross achieved a very high place in the history of German literature.

The main character of the story "Oscar Matzerat" in this book, tells the story of his life in a mental hospital in the early 1950s.


Who is Oscar? Or rather, what is an Oscar? Oscar is the most unreliable narrator in the world. He is a reflection of war and society, of time, of the people around him, and of the vices that people hide. In fact, he is a man who has absorbed all the evils of the world around him.

He claims that at the age of three, he stopped growing physically in protest of adulthood. Although intellectually quite natural, it is small in stature. From the very beginning of the story, he says that he can remember the first days of his life by playing his tin drum.

Oscar will move to West Germany after the death of his parents and will experience a series of strange adventures; He becomes the leader of a terrorist gang, carves tombstones, works as a model in an art school, and eventually becomes a jazz drummer, where he uses his drum for hypnosis to take people back to his childhood. He is convicted of the murder of a nurse, and when he is arrested, he claims to be Jesus Christ to escape from prison. In 1980, the Palme d'Or and the Academy Awards won Best Foreign Language Film. He played the sticks lightly in the sky lightly in his hands, and with subtle movements of the joints of his hands he played the waltz beats artistically. "At first, two drummers liked my waltz rhythm, then the wide drums, the bigger buds, followed me more or less." Buy a tin drum book from BingMag

2. Death in Venice BingMag.com Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

The book "Death in Venice" with the original title "Der Tod in Venedig" by a famous author German and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature is Thomas Mann, first published in 1912. This novel is one of the most famous literary works of the twentieth century and deals with topics such as the duality of art and life, the existence of death, fear of aging, the relationship between love and suffering; The Love and Suffering portrayed by Thomas Mann in most of his works. He is an old, educated and isolated writer. One day, while working on his new work, he finds the strange feeling that he has to leave his home and travel, but he does not know where he wants to go and wanders aimlessly on an island in Slovenia; But this is not the place he wants to be, and he eventually decides to go to Venice by sea. Instead of living in Venice itself, he stays in a hotel close to the sea. At his hotel, a Polish family, especially a handsome young man named Tadzio, catches his eye.

As he contracted cholera in Venice, major problems arose. The people of Venice try to deny and pretend that bad winds cause death and disease. Gustav is worried that the Polish family will find out about this serious situation and leave the hotel. He knows he is aware of his illness and dangers, but he cannot leave. He is completely fascinated by Tadizo's beauty, and even the danger of death can not take him away from Tadzio.

In an excerpt from Death in Venice, we read: In Lido, he noticed some changes in the situation around him, all of which were terrifying. One is that the season was approaching its peak. "The number of hotel guests was declining instead of increasing, and in particular it seemed as if you were saying that German time was becoming more and more silent, so much so that you could hear only foreign words around you on the beach." Buy the book Death in Venice from BingMag Buy the book Death in Venice from Book stories

3. Reader BingMag.com Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

The book "Reader" by Bernhard Schlink was first published in 1995. It was the first German book to make the New York Times bestseller list in 1997 and has been translated into 45 living languages so far. Shows the Holocaust in the story. The narrator of "Michael Berg" in the late 1950s, at the age of 15, falls in love with a passionate but secret love affair with a woman named "Hannah" who is more than 20 years older than him and falls in love with him and at the same time fascinates him. In this wonderful work, Bernhard Schlink reveals the deepest and darkest secrets of his characters. A very realistic and surprising subject in this novel is that our perceptions of what we should hide from others are challenged. What society thinks is the scariest secret is something that other characters may not have the slightest concern about hiding. And she won the Golden Globe, and Kate Winslet won Best Actress for her role as Hannah.

Seeing the city, I sleep longer and remember it in more detail. I'm driving. I see the house on my right and continue on my way. First of all, I come here to see how such an irreversible urban building has turned green here in the middle of ten. "Then it seems to me that this is not the first time I have seen it and I have seen it before, and I am even more upset when I remember where I have seen it before, I turn around and go back." Buy a book reader from Book stories

4. Damian: The Story of Emile Sinclair's Youth First published in 1919. Hesse uses many symbolic words in this novel in order to further show Emile Sinclair and the contradiction between right and wrong. Symbolism has given direction and importance to various aspects of the novel.

Damian tells the story of a young boy named Emile Sinclair and his childhood before World War I. Emile tries to identify himself in the immoral world and is caught between good and evil, which are shown as light and dark realms in the book.

The story begins when Emile is ten years old in high school. He lives in a small town in Germany with his parents and two sisters. Emile tells another student, Franz Kromer, that he stole an apple from a farmer. Despite Emil's innocence, Cromer extorts money from him and threatens to report him to the farmer or the police. This process continues for weeks, and Cromer extorts money from Emile and his family.

Emil also meets a new student at school, Max Damian. Max is a few years older than him and becomes interested in Emile, introducing him to interpretations of religion that are very different from what they learned in school. Damian actually represents the chaos of the world in the world and in every way the opposite of Sinclair.

In a part of Damian we read:

"Only the thought worth living is worth living. You have learned that the world of legitimacy is only half of the world, and you have tried to reject this second half, as priests and teachers do. But you will not be able to! "Anyone else who has only started thinking once will not be able to." Buy Damian book from BingMag Buy Damian book from Book stories

5. Man in Search of Meaning BingMag.com Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

The book Man in Search of Meaning by the famous Viennese author and psychiatrist Victor Frankl It was first published in 1946. In this book, the author has impressed generations of readers by describing his life in Nazi concentration camps. There are four different camps, including Auschwitz; Where he experiences terrifying and unspeakable experiences. Initially, most of the prisoners were members of the German Communist Party, but over time, criminals and Jews were also imprisoned. Frankl describes the three stages of the prisoners' lives in the camp from the earliest stages to their deaths in this book. Where he conducted groundbreaking research in logotherapy and gained international fame for his teachings on finding meaning in life. We avoid suffering, but we can choose how to cope with it, find its meaning, and move forward with a new goal. Frankl, like Freud, believes that our main motivation in life is not pleasure, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally mean.

This is one of those books that has an amazing impact on your life.

In a part of the book "Man in Search of Meaning" we read:

"All the people who were suspected of this crime should have gone to a room near our hut. After a while, we heard the whipping and screaming pain of torture again. This time it took much longer. So the raw fantasy that some of us still had was shattered one after another, and then, quite unexpectedly, a sinister black satire overcame many of us. "We knew we had nothing to lose but our ridiculous and naked lives." Buy the book Man in Search of Meaning from BingMag Buy the book Man in Search of Meaning from Book stories

6. Perfume BingMag.com Introducing 6 best-selling German novels that will surprise you

The book "Perfume" is the work of German author and playwright Patrick Zuskind, first published in 1985. This novel examines the sense of smell and its relationship to the emotional meanings that scents may have. The genre of crime fiction has sold over 15 million copies so far. Born with an exceptional sense of smell, it is able to detect a wide range of scents in the world around it. His mother, who had intended to kill Grenouille at birth, was hanged; Because he killed his four previous babies after birth and tried to kill Grenoi as well. Grenoi is the only person in the world who has the best sense of smell, but this amazing gift is a great tragedy in life. He creates; Because her big obsession is to make the best perfume that is similar to the smell of beautiful and mature girls. He regrets that there are no words to describe all the smell he smells.

In a part of the book "Perfume" we read:

"Smells have more power than words, shapes, emotions and desires. The effect of a scent cannot be stopped, because it enters us like air inside our lungs and envelops us all. "There is no escape from it."

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