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How to read a book? (4 books about reading photofan)

BingMag.com How to read a book? (4 books about reading photofan)

Many times you may choose the right book to read, but you can not finish it. You may read a book but not realize it, such things can frustrate you, sometimes you may even stop reading. Many people, even though they are determined to read a book but do not succeed in doing so, why does this happen?

The fact is that many of us do not know how to read a book, and reading a book is a It is a skill, if you acquire this skill, you will enjoy reading your books, you will learn a lot of knowledge from them, and this high efficiency will happen to you in less time. In this note, you will be introduced to books that tell us how to read a book, some of which teach you the necessary techniques and skills, but some of these books have a deeper discussion and help you become a critical reader.

Study technique

BingMag.com How to read a book? (4 books about reading photofan) If you are a student, you have to read a book, learn and then take an exam Although the book on reading is written mostly for local people, it teaches you techniques that will help you to have a more interesting and in-depth free study. Written by Linda Friel Anis, she worked as a university professor and schoolteacher for 19 years before writing the art of reading, and always said that a number of her pupils and students, despite being highly talented, failed in their studies. It felt amazing, the art of reading has a fluent and simple prose, this book is written in a concise way so that you can use its techniques faster.

By reading this book, you will also want a better solo study. And your learning in the classroom will be better. This book has 7 chapters. In the second chapter, you will get acquainted with the theories of three stages, which are the basis of the other chapters of this book. The last two chapters of the above book tell you what to do for the days before your exam./p> Once you have a framework for your study and control it with a stimulus, the third step is to set up a conditional contract. Depending on the type of study and the work you do, set a goal for yourself and make it dependent on doing something. For example, suppose you want to sit at your desk at 8 am all week, or you want to spend at least two hours reading.

No matter what your goal is, the task at hand should be something that can be done with some effort. For example, considering 12 hours of study a day at the beginning or end of a program is not the right thing to do. Never try to set big goals at the beginning. If you are a person who has a maximum of half an hour of reading per day and you may spend days without looking at a book, a realistic start-up plan for you is probably half an hour of focused study per day.

Familiarity with the art of reading accurately based on the concepts and principles of critical thinking

BingMag.com How to read a book? (4 books about reading photofan) Reading is an intellectual work, so how do we think? Affects the quality of our study, the previous sentence is the central idea of the above book. Critical thinking is a theory that considers humans to be nothing more than a way of thinking. In this theory, the limitations and weaknesses of the human mind are known, and then by teaching techniques and skills, it is possible to overcome these weaknesses. When we read a text, we must be able to understand it well and understand what it says. In addition, we need to know the basics of reasoning well to understand how credible the book's claim is. Being able to read a book properly requires a lot of effort and perseverance in repeating the right patterns so that our minds get used to those patterns. In this book you will learn that you must study purposefully, pay attention to the author, think about what it means while reading the text, see the books as a teacher, and set up a knowledge map.

The book Introduction to the Art of Accurate Reading, based on the concepts and principles of critical thinking, consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The practical part has many exercises to learn the necessary techniques and skills well. The prose of the book is super-fluent, written by Richard Paul and Linda Alder.

Anyone with an impressionistic mindset is subject to associations. It goes from paragraph to paragraph and makes no clear distinction between the author and the author. His thinking is incoherent, so he reads the text incoherently. He does not think critically, so he considers the author's attitude to be correct only when it is in line with his beliefs. He is self-deceived, so he does not recognize that his thinking is erratic, he is dry-minded, so he does not learn anything from what he reads. The perceptual mind uncritically combines any knowledge it acquires with prejudices, biases, myths, and stereotypes. It does not have the enlightenment to understand how the mind creates meanings, and unlike the thinking mind, it cannot examine and evaluate the text while reading. Buy a book Introduction to the art of reading accurately based on the concepts and principles of critical thinking from BingMag

How to read a book?

BingMag.com How to read a book? (4 books about reading photofan) People of Thought They say they know how to read a book, but this is a misconception. We need to know the reading problems first so that we can solve them. This book is written for people who are interested in reading, people who get a lot of their knowledge from reading can be called a reader. You need to know what your goal is in reading a book in order to determine how you want to study. The most important feature of this book is to determine the levels of reading and reading. Each of these levels meets some of the reader's expectations. The second important feature of "How to read a book?" It points out that different books need to be read in different ways. This book consists of 4 sections and 22 chapters. In the first part of the above book, you will get acquainted with the dimensions of reading, the second part of how to read a book is analytical reading. In the third part you will learn methods for different types of reading material, the fourth part is dedicated to the final goals of reading.

If the book has a title and preface. Take a quick look at them and read each one quickly. Pay particular attention to the titles at the top of the pages or other indications of the background or purpose of the book or how the author views the subject. Before completing this step, you should pay attention to the purpose of the book or how the author views the subject. You must have a good knowledge of the book before completing this step. If you wish, you can pause for a moment to place the book in the right place in your mind and see which part of the mind this book belongs to, which includes other books.

For general theories On the structure of the book, as you use the roadmap before you start your journey, read the table of contents of the book. Surprisingly, many people do not even take a look at the table of contents unless they want to find something there. In fact, many authors spend a lot of time compiling book catalogs, but unfortunately most of their time is wasted. img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2111/28/13787-5.jpg" alt="BingMag.com How to read a book? (4 books about reading photofan)" loading="lazy"> The book How not to read a book is written by Dan Wilber, this powerful author teaches you in a humorous and sincere tone how to find and read the right book for you. In this work, get acquainted with a large number of magnificent and valuable works in various fields. In this book, you will discover the challenges of books and the culture of reading, the above work can be a good start for you to become a reader. Because the above effect will arouse your curiosity. This book can help you find the right books for your favorite genre. In addition, in the above work, you will get acquainted with important characters.

Are you like me? Do you walk on the street late at night, eating nothing but sausages, grumbling to yourself and eating a lot of strong liqueurs, all of you betting with imaginary people in your imagination, and when you do, do you make them sensitive to the whole world ?! When you finally feel comfortable with a stranger and you share these things with him, he is so scared of you that he runs away?

Congratulations! You only have one handful of cards to become the characters of Russian novels. In these books, you come across people who check on others without gloves and provoke them into a duel. Or literate people who are not understood by society. That's why they share their feelings with bad women. Seeing the devil in a dream is another thing found in Russian novels. You and I understand this well, do we?

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