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How to build a library in today's small house?

The digitalization of today's life and the birth of electronic and computer memory have shrunk movie and music archives, but e-book technology has failed to capture the popularity of published books. It is less attractive in printing houses and buying paper books is still attractive. Despite the hassle of occupying space, the beauty and charm of a paper book collection cannot be replaced by a tablet and a digital file. Books are enjoyable and accessible pastimes, but at the same time they can create important and valuable moments in life.

One of the problems that many book lovers face is collecting book archives and incorporating them into space. It is a modern house. Undoubtedly, the extraordinary collection of books that has been collected over the years should not be wasted due to the lack of space in the house storage. Today, houses are designed and built in a minimal way and the number of these mobile homes is increasing daily. So it would be a little difficult to keep a lot of books in such small houses. But over the years of study, we all like to have at least one small library in our house to store our valuable and popular books. In this article from DJ Kala Mag, we will tell you how to have a valuable and attractive library in your small house.

1. Bring Dead Space to Life

The first thing you need to do when building a library at home is find the areas that are most unused. These can include triangular spaces, sofa walls, and other unused walls. Imagine how beautiful the white and empty walls of a house can be by adding color and creative ideas used to build a library.

2. Calculate how many books you have

Assess how many books you currently have and how much space you need to store them at home. With this evaluation, your work in the middle of the library construction project will not be left unfinished due to lack of space. It is also a good idea to think about the space you need for your future purchases. So look ahead and make sure you have a shelf for storing new books.

If you have a special room

BingMag.com How to build a library in today's small house?

If you are lucky enough to have a room in the house completely in At your discretion, you can turn it into a space for study and work. Consider factors such as external and annoying noises, light and heating, and create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself as much as possible. In this case, the books should occupy a vertical space and be dedicated from floor to ceiling to store the books. If the size of the room allows, it is better to add some soft, comfortable and at the same time ergonomic chairs to the room to create a cozy space for reading. When adding any type of furniture, be sure to make a plan with accurate measurements to make sure everything fits exactly.

4. Corridors that can be turned into a library

Do you have a corridor in your house that has no use other than connecting the rooms? Covering the walls of the hallways with bookshelves is an attractive idea and can be a beautiful solution for storing books. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Easily install bookshelves along the walls of the hallway. This space is not very useful for arranging other household items. Also, if you have a staircase in your house, you can make shelves for stacking books on the walls above the stairs.

5. Creating a library in the living room

BingMag.com How to build a library in today's small house?

The space behind the sofa and sofa in the living room is one of the interesting parts in It is the house that has the potential to become a library. In most living rooms, a bookshelf can be easily placed behind the sofa. While we are used to moving furniture close to the wall!

So in the living room you can find enough space to place items other than the TV. Also, by choosing comfortable chairs and despite the appropriate light emission, this room can become a pleasant place to store and read books. Putting books next to the wall does not take up much space and at the same time makes the living room more attractive. In addition, comfortable chairs will be readily available for study time. So go to the living room, put books from floor to ceiling and give a more beautiful look to the walls of the house. If the color of the library shelves is the same color as the furniture, it will make your library more in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

6. Creating a cozy bookcase by the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your living room, it is a good idea to consider placing bookshelves on either side of it to create a cozy corner in the house for study time. Put a comfortable chair near the fireplace to sit by the fire on cold days of the year, enjoy the environment and read books in peace. Do you think anyone can dislike reading in this cozy corner?

7. Creating library shelves around the TV

BingMag.com How to build a library in today's small house?

If you have a TV wall in your living room, you can You can turn this wall into a good place to build a library. Creating bookshelves around the TV allows you to make the most of the unused wall around the TV. So the focal point of your home will no longer be just TV.

Bookcases in the kitchen

Most bookshelves in the kitchen are dedicated to placing pots, pans, plates, canned food, and so on. But if you have a wall or space with three corners, you can add bookshelves to it. This way you will also have easy access to recipe books.

9. Installing bookshelves on either side of the bed

Another idea for creating small home libraries is to add bookshelves around the bed in the bedroom. Installing a lamp in the upper corners of the bed with a rotating lever will provide you with enough light while reading, and you can use this light to find your book from inside the shelf and start reading while you are lying on the bed.

10. Last idea: Do you have an empty closet?

If you are looking for a bolder idea, we suggest a home closet. If you are lucky enough to have a significant number of closets in your small home, you can turn the walls of one of the empty closets into a library and add a large pillow to the floor to create a cozy study room for yourself. .

Tips for building a small home library

  • Determine the number of spaces that can be used as a library in your home and discuss the installation of shelves in these areas with other family members to Have some good ideas.
  • Pay attention to the environmental conditions of the sections you want at home to install the library to make sure they fit properly. Areas such as the basement that are damp can damage the texture of the sheets of paper in books. Moisture also causes insects to accumulate and mold to grow on the leather or cardboard cover of a book.
  • Lighting in the library is very important. Especially in the spaces where the bookshelves are located. In these cases, artificial light is more recommended than natural light. Because natural light is said to damage books. If you want to use a table and chairs in your study space, table lamps or dimmable wall lights are the best option for them.
  • Make sure that your shelving is strong and of good quality. The most important thing to watch out for is that the shelves do not bulge in the middle due to the placement of heavy books.

BingMag.com How to build a library in today's small house?

  • Shelves should have strong and suitable anchors and supports with the help of nails and leaning on the wall. So attach the shelves to the wall with proper nails and clamps.
  • Make sure your shelves are large enough to hold all your books. Keep in mind that you will need a large shelf for encyclopedias and art books. You can put novels and books on paper or paperback on smaller shelves.
  • Review space measurements and book size, and never fail to do so. Because it's important to have a good quality library.
  • Plan for books you buy in the future that can split your library shelves into two rows, and just think. Do not create space to hold books now.
  • Make sure the flooring is strong. Remember that a significant collection of books can weigh as much as an elephant! So make sure you have quality flooring that can support the weight of your bookcase. Fill the book.
  • Add a bookcase or drawer to the bottom of the bookshelf in the library. This way you can have a place out of sight to place any items you don't want to see in the library view in these areas.
  • Place your home library in a hard-to-reach place. Do not create! Although unused spaces can be ideal for creating a library, they should also be easy to access. This place should be accessible to the elderly in the family as well as children. Of course, if the children under your supervision have access to the books!

Make your library attractive with simple decorations

Don't forget that this is your personal library It is not a public library. So do not doubt in personalizing it according to your taste. But remember not to overdo the use of decorations and do not put any decorative items on the shelves of the library. Because decorative accessories can be distracting when studying in small spaces.

How to put books on library shelves?

BingMag.com How to build a library in today's small house?

There are several ways to arrange and arrange books on your library shelves. Therefore, depending on your goal, choosing the best method, both in terms of beauty and in terms of application or combination of both, is entirely up to you. In any case, you should try to balance the appearance of beauty and the use of layout in making books easy to find. Here are some ways to arrange books in the library.

  • Arrange in alphabetical order: This is the best way if you can memorize book titles. Sorting books alphabetically by title or author's name makes the process of finding a book quick and easy until you know exactly what you are looking for.
  • Sort by topic and genre: Maybe this method Be more popular than other methods. Sort by topic and genre is a smart way to sort books, and even for people who are using your library for the first time.
  • Sort by: If you want to use this method We recommend that you place heavy, thick bookshelves on the bottom or middle shelves to make them easier to access. Is. In this method, the head of the book is facing the shelves and only the volume of papers can be seen in the exterior. Fans of this method claim to enjoy the sense of mystery they create in books. But this method is a very messy layout and is not useful for finding the book you are looking for. Therefore, we do not recommend this type of layout.


Do not neglect the corner of the house and carefully examine the empty spaces to create a library. Fill your small library with your best and most popular books and keep your shelves clean. Dirt in the library causes insects to accumulate and damage the pages of the book.

Create a cozy and clean space in a corner of the house with light suitable for solitude with books so that you can experience more beautiful moments in life.


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