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Get to know the most important works of Fereydoun Moshiri; A beautiful poet and praiser of love

BingMag.com <b>Get</b> to <b>know</b> the <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>works</b> of <b>Fereydoun</b> <b>Moshiri;</b> A <b>beautiful</b> <b>poet</b> and <b>praiser</b> of love

In the 1940s, which was parallel to the 1960s, the wave of leftism entered Iran from Europe and was propagated by Jalal Al-Ahmad and his associates. According to them, committed literature and art were tools for fighting, open criticism and abuse. Many artists, writers, poets and intellectuals of Iran in general followed this type of literature and profession. But a few people of literature, culture and art, lovers and poets and poets continued their work far away from politics. Feridun Moshiri, poet and in charge of the poetry and art pages of intellectual and white and black magazines, is one of It was them. He, who opened a place in the hearts of young people and people of study with his poem "Koche", also discovered and introduced many young poets in the press, such as Forough Farrokhzad. In this article, we introduce five works of Fereydoun Moshiri:

Biography of Fereydoun Moshiri

Feydoun Moshiri in the fall, half of Shahrivar of 1305, in Ain al-Doleh Street, Tehran, in a family People of art, culture and industry opened their eyes to the world. His paternal grandfather, Mirza Mahmoud Khan Moshir, managed the telecommunications of western Iran during the Naseri period. Mirza Javad Motmanul-Molk, a representative of the first term of the National Assembly and a poet and writer, was his maternal grandfather, who was surnamed "Najm". Fazlollah Baygan, one of the pioneers of Iran's modern theater, was also his uncle. Boasting alongside them ignited the interest in art, culture and poetry in the bright-eyed child's life.

Ferydoun completed elementary school in Mashhad and secondary education in Dar al-Funun and Adib high schools in Tehran. His love for literature, which ignited his soul, led him to his poetry since he was fifteen years old. He was 28 years old when he published his first collection of poems under the title "Teshne Ya Tofan" with an introduction by Mohammad Ali Shahriar and Ali Dashti in 1334. Especially after August 28, he did not become political and was present in the press besides working in the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone. He was transferred to the radio and the music and poetry council, and together with Simin Behbahani, Emad Khorasani and Hoshang Ebtahaj, he played an essential role in connecting Persian music and literature. Decade before his death, he became bitter little by little and dealt with bitter themes. He was annoyed by the strange behavior of people and politicians. He believed that there is a wolf in every human being that needs to be restrained. In a poem he called "Wolf", he warned: "He said the knowledge that a wolf stares at the head/is hidden in every human being/there is inevitably a great fight/day and night between this man and the wolf/force of arms is not the solution for this wolf/owner of thoughts He knows what is the solution/Oh, perhaps a suffering and lost person/The throat of his wolf is tightly wrapped/Oh, perhaps a brave man/Remaining captive in the claws of his own wolf/He who throws his wolf to the ground/He becomes a pure person/He who tolerates his wolf He does/He finds the mood of a wolf/Whoever is eaten by a wolf is always broken/Although he looks like a man, he is a wolf/Take the life of a wolf when you are young/Alas, if this wolf becomes old with you/In the days of old age, be as young as a lion/Inability to face The old wolf/That people tear each other apart/Their wolves are guides and leaders/That humans are as painful as they are/Wolves give orders/These wicked people who accompany each other/Their wolves are acquaintances/Wolves are companions and humans are strangers/With whom it must be said, this is a strange situation. "

The poet of "Koche", one of the most important poets in the history of contemporary Iranian literature, although he was not involved in politics, he was a reliable weight in Iranian intellectuals. And he had a serious and influential presence in literature, music and newspaper writing. His loss is heartbreaking and felt.

In this article, we introduce five works of Fereydoun Moshiri:

The Sin of the SeaBingMag.com <b>Get</b> to <b>know</b> the <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>works</b> of <b>Fereydoun</b> <b>Moshiri;</b> A <b>beautiful</b> <b>poet</b> and <b>praiser</b> of love

This book of poetry was written by Moshiri in 1335 and the conditions of those days are clearly visible in the poems. The mood of the poems, which are written in the form of ghazal, mashnavi, and couplet, is romantic and related to life.

In a part of the poetry notebook of the sin of the sea, we read:

"Because we are sitting on the ruins of the world/We are sitting watching the people of the time/In this house of mourning and in this land of suffering/We are sitting without hope and nowhere/We are not sad of autumn and the joy of spring/We are sitting comfortably like a thorn in the desert/Although our hands are short of purpose/from We have stood up, not sat down/so that we do not wait for death/we are sitting with our clothes ready/we have not been safe from the waves of accidents/because we are on the coast and we are sitting on the edge of the sea/we have seen nothing but boredom in life and still/eyes of hope open to tomorrow We are sitting/With fire and laughter in the hearth of Dehar/How beautiful we are sitting like a half-dead candle/O flower, forgive us for this sad sound/Because the world has cut off and we are sitting alone/Until you come to the roof of the palace like the moonlight/We are sitting like a shadow in the heart of the night/Until Give us a thousand caress, just one comment/We are sitting with one heart and a thousand wishes/Like a broken chicken, "Feridon" is sitting in the corner of sadness/We are patiently sitting under our feathers.

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Excerpts of Fereydon Moshiri's poemsBingMag.com <b>Get</b> to <b>know</b> the <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>works</b> of <b>Fereydoun</b> <b>Moshiri;</b> A <b>beautiful</b> <b>poet</b> and <b>praiser</b> of love

Dr. Shafii Kodkani, a prominent professor of Persian literature, says about Fereydoun Moshiri's poetry: "Mashiri tries to spread his poems to a wider class of society. We, who now do not have the patience to search and try to open the secrets of radical and extreme poets' poetry and still find his favorite standards, more or less originate from traditional poetry. Bargh is a poet, one can recognize his attempt to communicate with different levels of society.

In a part of Fereydon Moshiri's book of selected poems, we read:

"Humanity will take refuge again in the forest/to the mountain." He will hit/he will go to the cave/you will press your children to your chest/and your wife, like house gypsies/you will drag between fire and blood/and at your feet, from the terrible explosions/the mouth of hell will be opened./And the cities will all burn in smoke and flames/And the nests will fall on the ground/And the wishes will die under the ground/Do not worry, my dear!/How can you not see all this rampage?/How do you not hear all these screams?/The sound of the bloody cry of the "Edeni" child/and the shaking bank of the "Vietnamese" mother/who weeps in mourning for their loved ones/and in a few more days it will be your and I's turn/to either mourn our child/or rise up to kill the children of mankind. !/or run away to the mountain/to the forest/to the cave/Buy a selection of Fereydon Moshiri's poems from BingMag

BingMag.com <b>Get</b> to <b>know</b> the <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>works</b> of <b>Fereydoun</b> <b>Moshiri;</b> A <b>beautiful</b> <b>poet</b> and <b>praiser</b> of love

Reflection of Sobhdaman's Breath>

This collection, published in two volumes, contains the generalities of Fereydoun Moshiri's poems. In the first volume, works under the titles of "Thirsty for Storm", "Sin of the Sea", "Cloud and Alley", "Believe in Spring", "From Silence", "Tazeha (selection of poems)" and "Mehr Pearl" have been published. In the second volume, in addition to the poems under the title "That Rain", "From the Land of Peace", "Ba Panj Sokhonsara", "Moments and Feelings", "The Song of that Sad Bird" and "To the Bright Morning of Ahurai", there are writings by "Ali Dashti" ", "Dr. Shafiei Kodkani", "Ostad Zarinkob", "Syros Amouzgar" and "S.H. Elhami" have been collected about the poet.

In a part of the book, we read:>

"O love, you have the same nature as me/in my soul and soul, you are my soulmate/I am your soul mate, day and night at all times/sympathetic, companion, speaking with me"

Note . H. Elhami, the editor of Roshanfekr magazine: "Ten years ago I met Moshiri's poetry and about six or seven years ago, I met him." Moshiri and I's close cooperation in Roshanfekar magazine, and our sharing of language and heartaches and poetry readings for each other, has created a kind of deep empathy and connection between us, which undoubtedly has cast a shadow on my opinion and opinion about Moshiri's poetry as well. I admit that my friendship and sympathy with Moshiri has reached such a level that whenever I want to talk about Moshiri's poetry, I cannot be an impartial judge. I know that every time I read his poetry, I find all the things that I have in Moshiri Sharag in his poetry.

Through the lens of the moonBingMag.com <b>Get</b> to <b>know</b> the <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>works</b> of <b>Fereydoun</b> <b>Moshiri;</b> A <b>beautiful</b> <b>poet</b> and <b>praiser</b> of love

In the history of Iranian literature, despite the fact that the body and soul are more People are made of poetry, there were not many poets who were popular during their lifetime. Moshiri is one of the popular poets in the history of Iranian poetry. The fluency and beauty of Moshiri's poetry originates from his beautiful and human temperament, which is the precious legacy of our great poets throughout the centuries.

In this book, unpublished poems of the poet are collected and available to Persian poetry lovers. It has been placed.

In a part of the book of poetry, we read through the window of the moon:

"Put your gun down/I hate to see this bloodthirsty mess/The gun in your hand means the tongue of fire and iron/I But before this demon, build a tool/I have nothing but the language of your heart - a heart overflowing with your love -/You are an enemy with friendship/The language of fire and iron/The language of anger and bloodshed/The language of anger/Come, sit, speak, listen. Maybe/the light of your personality will open a way in your heart/brother! If you are calling me, sit down brotherly/Put down your gun/Put down your gun so that this murderous demon comes out of your body/What do you know about human religion?/If life is given by God/why should you close it?/Why should you roll this brother in dirt and blood with a moment of negligence?/I learned to speak the truth and seek the truth in all situations/and you are right/but the truth - brother John -/should not be sought by the force of this incomprehensible tongue of fire/should not be sought.../if this happens, wake up your sleepy conscience/put down your gun...

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Three booksBingMag.com <b>Get</b> to <b>know</b> the <b>most</b> <b>important</b> <b>works</b> of <b>Fereydoun</b> <b>Moshiri;</b> A <b>beautiful</b> <b>poet</b> and <b>praiser</b> of love

At the age of ten, the poet organizes some notes and school essays. Between the ages of twelve and fifteen, he started poetry with love and organized a notebook of romantic sonnets. His first book was called "Thirsty for more storm of Hadith Nafs". His second book, Sin of the Sea, is the result of years of suffering, hardships and bitterness It was his youth. Bahar Ra Bavorkan collection, 1347, was released by Nile Publications. This collection has newer spaces; It is a reflection of every human being's sensitive feelings about the social environment, the world, about life, love, death and about the destiny of the disordered person and finally about what happens to a person in this world. In 1356, the poet published a book called ``Az Khamisi'', which quickly became rare. The book Marwarid Mehr, a part of the poet's marine poems, was also published in 1364. But all of these were rare for many years, and under the title of Se Dofter, they have been placed in bookstores. I am not going to be ruined/these cups that are empty one after the other/the whirlpool steals and my water does not take/I, with the rebellious and magical salamander of wine/have gone to the infinity of the imaginary world/to the starry plain of warm thoughts/to the unknown border of life and death/to Kuchebagh Fugitive memories/To the city of memories.../No more wine/It wont take me except to the bed of sleep/Hail, eagle of love/From the top of the distant misty peaks/Fly to the sad plain of my life/Take me there where my wine does not take me/I am the starless one that my eagle does not take/on the way of life/with all this effort and desire and thirst/even though I moan from my heart that: water... water.../no longer deceives me/fill the cup"

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