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5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read

BingMag.com 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read

World War II is one of the most influential events of the twentieth century that changed the face of the world. That is why it is so important to read the books that have been written about it. In this memo, we introduce a number of novels written in the atmosphere of World War II. The perpetrators of the war were found guilty. The Versailles peace treaty imposed heavy penalties on Germany. This caused the German economy to collapse and experience heavy inflation. On the other hand, a number of allies of the French and British governments, such as Japan and Italy, felt that they had not benefited enough from the victorious side of the war. In addition, part of the European middle class was concerned about the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia. At the end of World War I, the footsteps of the socialist revolution were heard in Central and Eastern Europe. Although these revolutionary governments did not last long, fear of them persisted in public opinion. When Mussolini came to power in Italy in 1922, tyranny ruled the country and the first fascist movement came to power.

This victory gave fascist movements confidence throughout Europe. Eleven years after this event, Hitler came to power in Germany and in 1934 became the leader of Germany. The Weimar Republic system had lost its effectiveness for various reasons. Germany and Italy increased their power during this period. France, Britain, and the United States also sought to contain these governments through dialogue and further concessions. In 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia, another member of the League of Nations. This war and the lack of protest by Western governments meant that international institutions had practically lost their effectiveness. On March 12, 1938, the Germans annexed Austria. In October of that year, the Nazi army occupied all of Czechoslovakia under the pretext of annexing it. Some historians believe that the inaction of Western governments and their fear of confrontation with Germany led to the country gaining more power.

World War II begins

The German government On September 1, 1939, he invaded Poland. Since Poland had military agreements with France and Britain, both countries are declaring war on Germany. In other words, September 1 is the beginning of World War II. Simultaneously with these movements, a non-aggression pact called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was concluded between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The Soviets also invaded Eastern European countries under the pretext of starting a war and occupied part of Poland. While the countries of Eastern and Central Europe were occupied by fascist and Bolshevik forces, there was no news on the Western fronts, and the French and British governments used their planes to spread inscriptions in Nazi-controlled areas. A series of mistakes allowed the Axis powers to dominate most of continental Europe until 1941.

The French occupation also took place in the mid-1940s. After that, German airstrikes on Britain intensified. In this war, Hitler sank supply ships bound for Britain in order to put more pressure on Britain. Some of these countries belonged to US citizens, and a number of American citizens died as a result of the sinking of these ships. American public opinion, which had previously opposed war, was gradually changing. At the same time, the US Congress is passing a law to provide financial and weapons support to Britain. Exhausted by the stalemate on the Western fronts, on June 22, 1941, Germany launched a large and surprise operation against the Soviet Union. This operation is called Barbarossa. Prior to the operation, British and US intelligence had issued warnings to the Soviets, but the Soviets did not take the threat very seriously. Moscow is progressing. Of course, the cold weather and Hitler's wrong predictions and the resistance of the Red Army in Stalingrad caused the destruction of much of the German army on the eastern fronts. In December 1941, the Japanese government invaded the US Pearl Harbor base in the Pacific, bringing the United States formally into World War II. However, it is felt that German power in Europe has stabilized. But in the Middle East, Far Asia and Africa, the Allies have found the upper hand. At this time, Britain was using the military power and financial support of its colonies to stand up to the Nazis. In 1943, the Western Allies were able to take full control of the Mediterranean. In 1944, the Normandy operation to liberate France took place. On the eastern fronts, the advance of the Soviet Red Army also increased. By creating safe corridors, the United States delivers large quantities of supplies and weapons to the Red Army, which changes the fate of the war on the eastern fronts. In March 1945, the Allies invaded Germany and occupied the West Bank. With the Red Army's massive invasion of Berlin and Hitler's suicide, Nazi Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945, ending the war in Europe. But Japan's surrender lasted until September 2, 1945. The United States was able to force Japan to surrender by launching a nuclear attack.

Consequences of World War II

World War II It had many consequences. A significant part of the world's population was affected by the consequences of this war. According to some estimates, more than 70 million people lost their lives as a result of this war. In this war, the governments of Germany and Japan committed genocide. In general, all parties to the war deliberately targeted civilian populations. The founding of the United Nations was also influenced by this war. The permanent members of the UN Security Council are the five allied governments that defeated the Nazis in World War II. Another consequence of World War II is the creation of a bipolar world. The United States and the Soviet Union emerged as two superpowers after the war. In the continuation of this memo, you will get acquainted with a number of novels written about the atmosphere of World War II.


BingMag.com 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read
Kites is the work of Roman Gary, a well-known French writer and diplomat. Roman Gary goes to Britain after the occupation of France by the Nazi German army, where he joins the Free French Army led by General de Gaulle. Roman died in 1980 at the age of 66. His kites were published in 1980. During this readable story, Roman Garry also makes brief references to the events and history of France, and in the form of metaphors and allegories, he describes the events of contemporary and ancient French history, such as the story of Dreyfus and the uprising of Jandarak.

Most of this story takes place in a village near Normandy. The first character of this novel is a village boy who falls in love with a Polish girl of aristocratic descent. The fate of the characters in this story is very strange. You see ordinary people who save a lot of vulnerable people with their lives. Most of this story takes place during the occupation of France by Nazi German forces. The presence of a kite, which symbolizes the desire for liberation and freedom of thought, is felt everywhere in this story. Our protagonist's uncle is very interested in kites. The Nazis went to his workshop several times to find his suspicious kites. A number of the characters in the above story experience painful deaths and many lives undergo changes.
In order to join the French resistance, Flora pretends to be insane in order to convey the messages of the resistance forces./p> I never knew if Ambroise Flori had planned the map or just had an awkward accident. The appearance of the case was that he had trouble blowing up a kite that was not commensurate with the intensity of the air current, and that a German firm had rushed to his aid in a completely random manner; Unless we say that my uncle personally asked for his help. Marshall Patten finally managed to soar, but when he opened his winged arms 30 meters above us, it was the German firm holding the end of the string, which was also photographed in this way. . During the celebration, no one paid attention to this issue, only when the photo was published, the censorship office saw malicious intent in it. The photo was not released, but another photo, which was not revealed by whom it was taken, did not stop for a moment from being reproduced on secret nightclubs until the end of the occupation: a magnificent Marshall Patten in the air, at the end of a string of a cheerful German firm. The other end is holding it tightly! Buy the book Kites from BingMag

If this is also human

BingMag.com 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read The book If This Is a Man was written by an author who spends part of his life in the Auschwitz camp. The Nazi Party of Germany had a very bad view of the Jews. Its leaders blamed the Jews for Germany's defeat in World War I and believed that all the evil in the world was due to the existence of the Jews. Hitler first forced the Jews to emigrate. Gradually deprives them of the opportunity to work and confiscates their property. But after a while, they make a terrible decision to exterminate all the Jews. With this ethnic cleansing, the Nazis killed millions of European Jews. A number of Eastern and Central European Jewish communities are no longer foreign under the influence of this great genocide. . The fascists did not have much anti-Semitism in Italy, and Mussolini initially refused to hand over the Jews to the Nazis. But with the arrival of the Nazi army in Italy, they themselves began to deport the Jews. In this story, Primo reveals the sufferings and sufferings that the prisoners of the Auschwitz camp endured. In this book, he does not seek to glorify the victims of genocide. Rather, it speaks to the conditions in the camp and the oppression that the prisoners themselves inflict on each other. In the above book, you will get acquainted with the iron order that governs the Auschwitz camp. In his book, he refers to his work for a higher position in Auschwitz. The lives of human beings in this camp are very precious. The story of his rescue from the camp also has its own charm. He has golden sentences about the narrative of the Auschwitz camp and says: We are not honest with the survivors of the death camps. This is a painful point of view that I gradually accepted by reading other surviving works and re-reading my own writings. We are the survivors of a community that we have never fallen into because of dodging, betrayal, skill, or luck. Those who fell, those who saw the true face of the wolf, never returned or, if they did, were silent.
Our journey did not last more than twenty minutes. The truck stopped and a gate appeared in front of us (the memory of which still does not leave me in my dreams) with a bright sign on it: Arbeit Macht Frei (free to work)

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BingMag.com 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read

The book "Sacrifice" by the Italian author Cortzio Malaparte is known. This author was born in 1898 in Rome, Italy. Malaparte served in World War I and served in the French army. After returning to Italy, he initially joined the Fascist Party, but soon left the party and was imprisoned for opposing the party's policies. His book The Sacrifice refers to the events behind the fronts of the German-occupied territories and their allied governments. Some of the book's descriptions are shocking and shocking, and for readers this volume of violence may not be believable. Began in Ukraine. He wrote this story secretly and managed to keep it out of the reach of the agents with great difficulty. This story refers to the crisis and depression of the soldiers. The genocide of Jews in Poland, the plight of ghettos and the massacre of dissidents in Romania are also described with great care by this author. The book also shows the inhuman gaze of the Nazis and the army officers of state-centered families on their families.

I was so stressed that one day I suddenly started talking to myself out loud. Everyone turned around in a state of deep amazement and stared at me fearlessly. That's when I started paying attention to people. Almost all the men had beards, and a few who did not have beards were so naked and hungry that they looked horrible. The teenagers' faces were covered with waxy, reddish-brown or black waxy skin. The faces of the women as children were made of chewed paper. The blue shadow of death was already on all those faces. Buy Sacrifice Books From BingMag


BingMag.com 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read Usually in World War II the evils of state-centered people are dealt with, but the crimes of allied governments The perpetrators are not given much attention. The skin novel is a Malaparte story that deals with the adventures of the Allied occupation of Naples and the events that followed. This author refers to the tragic events that take place under the influence of the presence of these forces against civilians. In this novel, the author ironically refers to the misery of post-fascist Italy. In the above story, people's astonishment and speed of change is considered quite tangible. This book is full of fascinating and exciting descriptions and helps you to find common sense with the characters in the story.

I was asked what is a totalitarian government? And I would answer that it is a government in which everything that is not forbidden is obligatory. In Naples, however, it has been the official tradition for a thousand years: for a thousand years, this has been the case for every conqueror, whether Italian or foreign, from the Normans to the Anjou and the Aragonese and Charles VIII of France, even Garibaldi himself, even Mussolini. If the people of Naples from time to time did not have the chance to sell and conquer their conqueror and master, the people of Naples would have died of starvation thousands of times by now. Buy skin book from BingMag

Moon Hidden

BingMag.com 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read This short novel by the famous American author John Steinbeck Written. The story takes place during World War II and the Nazi German army occupies a small town. It is not clear in the story what country this city belongs to. However, due to the events of World War II, it is expected that this city belongs to one of the Scandinavian countries. The people of this city are calm and peaceful. They have not seen a war in nearly 400 years and are running their territory democratically. The city is occupied and surrendered without much resistance, but because they understand freedom and living freely, they have an inner desire to resist the occupying forces. These people are causing a lot of problems for Nazi Germany.

You and your government do not understand. In the whole world, your government and people are the only government and people whose history has formed failure after failure
and the reason is that you have not understood the minds of the people.
He hesitated and said: This The principle is not true. First, I am the mayor. I have no right to sentence anyone to death. No one in this society has such a right.
If I do this, I have broken the law. Buy the hidden moon book from BingMag

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