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8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

We humans are very strange creatures; We do our best to make our world and our environment safer, then we earnestly seek out things like horror movies, bizarre myths, and ghost stories that ultimately frighten us.

Defining Fear from One Person to Another Changes; For some people, ghosts and haunted houses may be scary, for some, serial killers, and for others, the scariest thing is space and extraterrestrial beings and incomprehensible worlds. Despite the breadth of this spectrum, what unites all horror lovers is the excitement that these horror novels create in them.

A story that frightens or upsets us allows us to do things that We are afraid to discover it as much as our imagination and experience allow.

Horror stories can be an impressive and beautiful artistic experience. Skilled writers can confront us with scenarios and emotions that we never encounter in real life, and ultimately increase our empathy and understanding of the world.

The main focus of a horror novel, movie, or TV show. , Creates a sense of fear in the reader through images, themes and scary situations. The exciting part about reading scary books is that you can use your imagination. When your imagination is not limited, it creates the scariest and most complex images in history.

Here are eight of the most popular horror books for teens and adults.

1. Limit of Death BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

The book "Limit of Death" by Katherine Arden was first published in 2018. This fascinating and scary book has a collection of lovable and interesting characters. The book deals with ideas such as death, grief, and family. . By reading the book, he relieves his grief and feels relaxed, and this interest in the book leads him to engage in a strange adventure. A distraught and crying woman tries to throw a book into the river. Ellie walks over to the book and picks it up, and soon becomes involved in the story of a woman whose husband has sold her soul to a "smiling man." In a classroom camp, Eli soon sees many similarities between the story of his book and the history of the farm, and realizes that the man is a real smiling man. He decides to ask for help. Coco and Brian, who did not have a very good relationship with Ellie at school, join him; The three gradually become friends and fight to save their lives from ghosts, scarecrows, and other evil forces until they finally encounter the smiling man in the maze of cornfields. Has been nominated for the Rebecca Cadil Young Books Award, the Amazon Best Book Award, the Publishers Weekly Award, and the Chicago Public Library Award. They enjoy reading this terrifying book.

In an excerpt from The Limit of Death, we read:

"Eli breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to get on his bike and pedal along the creek as fast as he could and get as far away as he could. Maybe you jump into the water. The creek water was not so cold. The sun was setting at 58:25, until then. He was returning home at dusk. If you arrived home late, Baba would get angry. Of course, Dad was always worried. "Ellie could take care of herself." Buy the book Death Range from BingMag

2. Occupy Hill Mansion BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

Occupy Hill Mansion is a 1959 horror novel by Shirley Jackson. Released. The book is a finalist for the National Book Award and one of the best ghostly literary stories of the twentieth century. They all know a lot about the supernatural. The main focus of Eleanor Vance's novel is that she spent the last decade of her life caring for her ailing mother and spent very little time in the real world. He also has supernatural abilities, and this supernatural talent makes him interested in Dr. John Montag. Prove the supernatural scientifically. There, he joins Dr. Montag, Theodora, and Luke Sanderson, the heir to the Hill House.

It soon becomes clear that the Hill House mansion has elves; Strange noises are heard there, the doors suddenly close, ghosts roam the halls, blood mysteriously appears on Theodora's clothes, and strange writings appear on the walls. Eleanor is most sensitive to ghosts, and her mental health deteriorates throughout the novel. One was made in 1999, directed by John De Bount and starring Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson, and Lily Taylor, and the other was made in 1963, directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, and Richard Johnson. In a part of the book, "Conquering Hill Mansion," we read: "Inside, the walls continue vertically, the bricks are arranged side by side, the floors are tight, and the doors are noticeably closed." Silence is constantly flowing against Hill's wood and stone house, and whatever he walks there, he walks alone. Dr. John Montago was a doctor of philosophy. "He had a degree in anthropology, and he had a vague sense that he could approach his real desire to analyze supernatural phenomena." Buy the book Conquer Hill from BingMag Buy the book Conquer Hill from Fidibo

3. Twilight BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

Twilight is a romantic and scary novel by American author and producer Stephanie May It was first published in 2005. It was the best-selling book of 2008 and has been translated into 37 living languages. The books in this collection are: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Dawn Volume I and Dawn Volume II.

This book is the first book in the Twilight series and introduces the seventeen-year-old Isabella Swan, He moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with his father Charlie.

Edward warns him that talking or even approaching him is dangerous for him and he can not be with her because Isabella's blood smells so much better than the blood of other people and Edward can not resist her.

The film adaptation of the novel, released in 2008, was a commercial success and grossed more than $ 392 million.

He approached my car, staring straight ahead, and pursed his lips. I quickly opened the door, threw myself into the car, and slammed the door behind me. I started the engine with a squeaky sound and reached the entrance of the parking lot with the rear gear. "But a little further on, I saw Edward sitting in his own car, blocking the exit from the parking lot. He was slowly moving his car in front of my car, and he seemed to be in no hurry to open the way." Buy Twilight Book from BingMag

4. Dracula BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

The book "Dracula" by Bram Stoker was first published in 1897. This book is considered to be the most popular literary work, inspired by the legends of vampires, and later became the basis for the same genre in literature and cinema.

Dracula contains letters and telegrams written by several main characters. Written. The story begins with a young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, while traveling to Transylvania. Harker intends to help a wealthy nobleman named "Kenneth Dracula" to buy property in England. It does not get sunny and only comes out at night.

Harker is initially influenced by Dracula's literature, but after a while he realizes that Dracula has a strange ability and communicates with wolves. After a while, Harker realizes that the strange driver who brought him to the castle was in fact Dracula himself and that he is now a prisoner and must escape.

Harker witnesses strange events throughout the story; He sees Dracula crawling through the walls like a lizard. This makes Harker think that Dracula could turn into a bat. While imprisoned in the castle, he encounters three other vampire women, but Harker rescues him from these women.

In a passage from Dracula we read:

Even though the sun was shining and the air was clean and fresh, huge, gloomy waves were coming in, the floor of which was piled up like snow, and therefore looked dark, coming in through the narrow mouth of the harbor; Like a bully who walks through a crowd. I was so happy that the night before Jonathan was not at sea but on land. But, oh, is it on land or at sea? Where is it and how is it? "I'm worried about it." Buy Dracula book from BingMag Buy Dracula book from Book stories

5. Frankenstein BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

The book "Frankenstein" is the work of novelist, short story writer and travel writer Mary Shelley. He began writing the book at the age of 18, which was finally published anonymously in London in 1818 at the age of 20, but his name first appeared in the second edition of the book, published in 1821 in Paris.

In a section of Frankenstein's book we read:

. There was no more walking on soft ground. The ground was hard and rocky. We stood next to jagged rocks and thorny branches. I looked up several times. I could no longer see the top of the mountain; But that did not stop me. I knew I had a long journey ahead. I would stop by the mountain streams for a drink and then take a break. The mule was alone with me. After a few days, the road narrowed. "The road became steeper and rougher." Buy Frankenstein book from BingMag Buy Frankenstein book from Book stories

6. Houses on Graves BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

The book "Houses on Graves" by Linz Kerry was published for the first time this year. This amazing book is full of tension, adventure, drama and most importantly, fear and horror. This book is recommended for teenagers and people who are interested in reading horror books.

Have you ever thought that your house has demons? Do you hear strange noises, or do the lights go out and on? In this story, the main character realizes that their new house has a soul.

The story of "Houses on Graves" begins when Tessa Woodward and her family move from hot and sunny Florida to cold and cloudy Chicago. . As soon as Tessa enters their new home, she notices strange things; Strange paintings appear in Tessa's office, the lights flicker for no reason, and her brother talks to a new friend he can't see and only his brother sees.

Tessa notices when her little brother's doll starts crying Someone or something is trying to communicate with him. Tessa, with the help of her three new friends, begins to unravel the mystery that takes place in this house, and in the process, they go through many horrible events along the way.

In an excerpt from the book "Houses on Graves" "We read:

" Mom chose this room when she visited the house and talked to Abutab about the decoration and the colors, as well as how much I fell in love with her view. All I saw then was an old room with a deformed wooden floor and faded colors. All I see now is an ugly gray brick with a dark, wide window opening. This house is looking at me. He is waiting to swallow me with his cobweb corners and suede cupboards. The Girl with All the Gifts BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

The Girl with All the Gifts is a horror and sci-fi novel by Mike Kerry Which was first published in 2014. The story is told from a third-person perspective. This book tells the story of Melanie, ten years old.

The world is infected with a fungus that causes humans to eat each other. Melanie and the other children are saved and live in a military barracks for as long as she can remember.

She goes to class every day; Where the guards lock him in a chair and force him to learn math, history, spelling and reading. Ms. Justino is his favorite teacher, who, unlike other teachers, is kind to Melanie. Her teacher helps her cope with her identity crisis. (2015), Best Horror Book Award Published in Finland (2017), Goodreads Horror Book Award (2014), received the James Herbert Award.


"If you smell people, they will follow you for hundreds of kilometers and catch you when they catch you." Melanie is happy to live in the block and in the back of the big steel and is safe. Bacon is very different from the base. It is a big city full of people whose buildings have skyrocketed. On one side is the sea and on the other three are the moat and the minefield, so the hungry can not come near. The Silence of the Lambs BingMag.com 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

The book The Silence of the Lambs, a psychological horror novel by Thomas Harris, was first published in 1988. This book is one of the best-selling New York Times classic books.

There are two evil characters in this book; One of them is the killer that the FBI is looking for throughout the novel. The other character is a genius who is in a nursing home and is supposed to help them in this case, but in fact the sinister thoughts are beyond his imagination.

Clarice Starling, a new FBI agent, is summoned by the head of the Behavioral Sciences Unit And an unexpected task is assigned to him. He must go to a safe prison and confess to "Hannibal Lecter" about the serial killer who is currently killing women. The serial killer "Buffalo Bill" is a lunatic who kidnaps overweight women and starves them before trying to skin them.

This book, which is Harris' most famous work, is a bestseller for Directed by Robert Jonathan Demi and starring Anthony Hopkins as "The Serial Killer".

Asking violent questions of Lecter illuminated all the lights in the detention center. Lecter refused to answer them, and to show his reaction, he made paper chickens, which were pricked by squeezing their tails. "He crushed it and threw it in the trash." Buy the book Silence of the Lambs from BingMag

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