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8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

A good book can introduce you to a different world, generate new ideas in your mind, and even give you information about yourself; That's why the book is one of the best gifts you can give to family, friends or co-workers who love to read.

The book is a great gift, especially if you really know the other person's literary taste. . Books are a lasting gift, unlike bouquets that fade over time. Books can hold all kinds of information, stories, thoughts and feelings unlike anything else in the world.

According to research, reading books can help reduce stress and anxiety and prevent depression. Slowly; What could be better than not depressing the peace of the person you love and bringing peace to the person you love with your gift?

Generally, it is better to give a book as a gift if you do not have complete mastery of personal taste. Choose a book that suits most tastes or fits a person's curious, progressive or humorous spirit. In the continuation of this article, we have listed 8 of the best books that you can give to anyone with any taste.

1. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The book "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" by the intellectual, historian and author "Yoval "Noah Harari" was first published in 2018. This book is a research on the most important issues today; Because we are moving towards an unknown future.

How do computers and robots change the meaning of being human? How to deal with the epidemic of fake news? Are nations and religions still related? What should we teach our children? What will the future workforce be like and how should we prepare for it? How should we deal with the threat of terrorism? Why is Liberal Democracy in Crisis?

These are certainly big and important questions, and this is a comprehensive book to answer them. There are chapters in the book on work, war, nationalism, religion, immigration, education, and 15 other important topics. In fact, in the twenty-first chapter, Harari combines political, technological, social, and existential issues with important questions we must ask ourselves in order to survive.

Harari's unique ability to understand where we come from and where we are going. It has captivated the minds of millions of readers.

In an excerpt from 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, we read: The joy he imagined could only mean throwing it at Armageddon. The brain, unable to test reality, clings to catastrophic scenarios. "Like someone who thinks he has a bad headache, but is diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor, many liberals fear that Trump's election and presidency will mark the end of human civilization."

2. I'm a Woman So I Talk BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The book "I'm a Woman So I Talk" is the latest bizarre feminist novel by Christina Dalcher. First published in 2018. This book is a terrifying and unforgettable story about a woman who does strange and wonderful things to protect herself and her daughter. And the protagonist and narrator of the story, Jean McClellan, sees how fast the world can change. Over the course of the day, they were electrocuted. In the story of this book, women are not allowed to work, girls are not taught to read and write, and changes take place one after the other. He worries about the future of his children because they have adopted the new laws.

He has freedom; Jean Deere realizes that freedom is valuable, but he takes his friend's career seriously and regains his freedom by doing anything - even murder.

This book is a great gift for free-thinking people, especially for women It's inspiring.

In an excerpt from "I'm a Woman, So I Speak," we read:

"Think about where you and your daughters would be if the courts turned back time. Think of the conditions that may arise for us in society. Think about waking up one morning and seeing that you have no right to comment on anything. "After each of the last words, he waits a little, his teeth grinding." Buy my book, my wife, so I'm talking about BingMag

3. Company BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The book "Company" by author, lawyer and politician "John Grisham", first published in 1991 . The story of the book is how a young and ambitious lawyer finds himself in a law firm run by mafia families. Management does not allow anyone to leave the organization alive.

The protagonist of Mitch McDair's story is a brilliant Harvard law graduate who joins a small tax law firm in Memphis. Just days after starting work, two of his co-workers lost their lives in a diving accident.

The protagonist soon realizes that three other lawyers have died in the last 15 years. This leads him to suspect the incident and decides to hire a private investigator named Eddie Lumax to tell him that all five lawyers have died under suspicious circumstances. After a while, Lomex was killed and he began working with an FBI agent.

The book "Company" was adapted into a Tom Cruise film after selling 5.1 million copies by 1993. The book has sold more than twelve million copies and has become a television series. You can consider this book as a gift for people who have an adventurous spirit and enjoy crime stories.

In a part of the book "Company" we read:

"Last year he was a new student He was a graduate of Harvard University; A young man who had been offered several jobs and had a bright future ahead of him but was now considered a millionaire and his life was soon in danger and a reward was set for him. It was very strange, what changes a year of life could make Continue your singing and dancing, brothers! "Mitch spun and walked away." Buy company books from BingMag

4. Flexibility: Cultivating Endurance, Calmness, and Happiness The New York Times bestseller Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson was first published in 2018.

Dr. Rick Hanson teaches us how we can, using practical methods at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, and thoughtful practice. Develop sustainable psychological resources such as grief, gratitude, and compassion, and become resilient human beings in this turbulent world. When you become a resilient person, it no longer matters what life imposes on you; Eventually you will have less stress and can confidently pursue opportunities and stay calm and focused in the face of adversity. And insight is about the structure of the mind and brain, and includes effective ways to interact with others and repair and deepen important relationships. The book Flexibility explains how to overcome the negative orientation of the brain, let go of disturbing thoughts and feelings, and replace them with endurance, value, joy, and inner peace.

Part of the book Flexibility; Cultivation of endurance, peace and happiness "we read:

" Years later, I realized that this is compassion; Recognize or recognize pain along with the desire to relieve it, which one can give oneself as much as one can give to others. I vividly remember knowing that I was responsible for progressing over time and for finding those lights and those people and that greater joy. "I loved my parents and I was not against anyone, but I was for myself." Buy the book Flexibility from BingMag Buy the book Flexibility from Book stories

5. Educated Girl BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The book "Educated Girl" by historian and author Tara Westworth was first published in 2018. This book is the unforgettable and hard memories of the author himself who dropped out of school at the age of thirty, left his family and went to study at the University of Cambridge.

Tara Westworth first attended class at seventeen He was years old. Her father believed that public education was a danger to their lives and did not allow Tara to go to school.

Her father was distrustful of medical care and Tara never went to the doctor. Cuts, severe blows and even burns from explosions were all treated at home with traditional medicine. The family was alienated from normal society, and no one could intervene during the older brother's violence.

Tara suddenly decides to be different and try a new way of life. He began studying mathematics and science to attend the ACT; This exam is one of the most famous and prestigious domestic exams in the United States and he was finally accepted at Brigham Young University.

Tara studied at the University of Psychology, Politics, Philosophy and History and for the first time about important world events such as He learned about the Holocaust and the civil rights movement. Tara's quest for knowledge changed her life.

The Educated Girl has been on New York Times's best-selling nonfiction books for 132 consecutive weeks since September 13, 2020. The novel won the Alex Prize in 2019 and received two awards from the National Circle of Book Critics.

In an excerpt from The Educated Girl, we read: I was learning English. My language teacher said that I have a talent for writing, but my language writing is unfamiliar and formal. I did not tell him that I had learned to read and write through reading the Bible of Mormon and the sermons of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. "However, my main tragedy was the lesson of Western civilization." Buy an educated girl book from BingMag Buy an educated girl book from Book stories

6. The Fugitive Half BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The Fugitive Half is a historical novel by American author Brit Bennett, first published in 2020 Released. The novel topped the New York Times bestseller list. . This is a story that explores the intricacies of black identity, family, and experience in America in a controversial but controversial but compassionate way. They run away from home. They live in a city that is all black, and the skin of these two girls is lighter than the rest of the locals. The distance begins. The first part of the book describes the events that led Desiree and Stella to leave Mallard in August 1954 and why Desiree left his wife "Sam Winston" in DC to return to Mallard.

This storybook Their lives follow them in different generations; Their lives are separated and at the same time intertwined. This book is useful and readable for those who are in the minority of society and are looking for a way to self-knowledge and progress.

In a part of the book "Fugitive Half" we read: " Was it the colored skin in America that the whites wanted to keep separate? How did they recognize this difference at all? Alphonse Decoyer had died when the Vienna twins were born, but his uncles had inherited this from him; Even Desiree protested before each picnic on a founding day, or blushed when the name of the founding day came up at school. "It seemed to have nothing to do with him."

7. Dutch Mansion BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The book "Dutch Mansion" is a novel of that package, which was first published in 2019. The story of the book, which takes place over five decades, is a dark tale about two intelligent people who can not overcome their past. be; The house is named after a wealthy Dutch family who once lived there, called the Dutch Mansion. They grow up in a wealthy family but lose everything.

Mayo and Danny's mother leaves her family at a young age and they are raised by their father. One day their father takes a woman named Andrea Smith home and marries her after a while. Their father is more interested in his property, real estate and does not care about his children.

Andrea is an 18-year-old widow who falls in love with him after entering the mansion. She. He enters the house with his two little girls and does not have a good relationship with Cyril's two children. The arrival of this evil stepmother marks the end of the sweet childhood of Danny and Mayo. This story has a classic background and is a great gift for people who enjoy studying classical literature.

In a part of the book "Dutch Mansion" we read:

" Mayo was taken aback, even if my father did not talk about his children, he would finally find out about them. Everyone in Alkins Park knew what had happened in the Dutch mansion. Maybe he thought we were going to stay upstairs. Finally he came to see the mansion, not the children. "Maybe Andrea's face was because of Mayo, who was 15 years old and wore tennis shoes, and yet he was a head and neck taller than Andrea, who wore high heels." Buy Dutch mansion book from BingMag

8. Mustaab Culinary BingMag.com 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

The book "Mustaab Culinary" is the work of the famous translator, editor and author of "Najaf Daryabandari" who never went to university - He did not even finish high school - but became one of the most famous and translators of world literature. This book was very well received after its publication and has been published 30 times so far. Daryabandari wrote this two-volume book in eight years with the help of his wife Fahimeh Rastkar. Goes.

The author says in a part of the book about reading cookbooks: "The first thing a dear reader should know is that no one cooks by reading cookbooks; "But the second point is that no cook and no one who thinks of becoming a cook needs a cookbook." Introduces Italian, Roman, French and Russian. In the contents of the book, you will learn about the history of foods and the different cooking styles of each food. The food and its history are fascinating to many people, and if you want to give a valuable book as a gift to anyone with any taste, you can choose this book.


"In dividing the art of cooking into three schools, Iranian, Chinese and Roman, of course, some cooking methods independent of these schools have not been taken into account. These practices are either restricted to a particular environment, such as Tibetan cooking, or belong to primitive tribes, and it is difficult to call them a "school" of cooking, such as the indigenous tribes of Africa and Australia. "Besides, Japanese cuisine, which is a very advanced art, does not fit into our classification and should be considered as an exception to this rule."

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