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From Dark Knight Salvation to Chopin and Murakami's Magical Realism (Weekend Art Suggestions)

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

We usually spend our free time watching movies and TV series, reading books, going to the theater, listening to music, visiting exhibitions and museums, or taking short trips. We spend. We do not do any of these things by force and none of them are financially profitable for us, so why do we repeat them? The answer is simple: because a range of different emotions is injected into us, we forget our personal worries for minutes or hours and replace them with a special pleasure that comes From the heart of Art and beauty.

Suggestion Making Art in any field is a good thing and may make the other person experience new things, but let's not forget that everyone's taste in Art is different and one should not expect a movie, book or piece of music to be satisfying for everyone. Nevertheless, I have tried to select works worth experiencing for this week's Art suggestions; In the hope that they will be accepted.

What to see?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

Regardless of what you think of the superhero genre, or whether you call it "cinema" at all; "Dark Knight" (2008) was a film that showed everyone that the genre should be taken seriously. A realistic work that dealt with important sociological, philosophical, and even political themes was black, and imagination played little role in its world. The film set itself apart From other works in the genre, taking itself more seriously and pursuing more serious careers. I never imagined that any Batman movie, whatever it is, with any actor and any director behind the camera, could approach the Dark Knight, but now it has happened. The film's place is reserved, but Matthew Reeves and Robert Pattinson have created a work that once again calls for the genre to be taken seriously, and the works are undoubtedly cinematic superheroes.

Unlike the Dark Knight of the Philosophical dimension Approaching the story, Batman is a crime-thriller film with Western and Noir Elmans that sometimes reminds you of "David Fincher" and sometimes brings back memories of "Alfred Hitchcock". The film is in no hurry to tell the story and decipher it, everything goes with a certain sobriety; There are plenty of action sequences but they are on the sidelines, here the priority is characterization. We are confronted with a quiet, isolated Bruce Wayne who bears no trace of the fun-loving, ordinary Bruce Wayne, a young man who is a fugitive and feels alive and well only when he wears the Batman costume. A man whose identity is tied to revenge and who wants to stop crime by creating fear, but is that enough?

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Opposite him is Riddler; Another frustrated orphan who is also seeking revenge but is taking a different path. A ruthless killer whose real example we have seen many times in recent decades, From "Zodiac" to "Mark Lepin". That is why we believe these characters, they are not From the heart of fiction, but the product of a modern society in which corruption, crime and crime are no longer an integral part.

Batman is a point The turning point is for the superhero genre, not because it has a particular innovation or makes you think, just because it shows the potential and flexibility of the genre. Years ago when the film "Invulnerable" was made by "M. I watched Knight Shyamalan for the first time, thinking that superheroes are no longer just an exciting fantasy. Batman, but beyond that, makes you believe that superheroes literally exist and walk in the shadows around the city.

Batman Movie Identity

Director: Matt Reeves
Writers: Matt Reeves, Peter Craig
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dino, Jeffrey Wright
Product: 2022
Genre: Superhero
Raton Tomitoz Score: 85 out of 100
IMDB User Score to Movie: 8.1 out of 10

What to Listen to?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

When I heard "Four Seasons of Vivaldi" with a remake of "Max Richter", I thought what a good thing it was. Modern composers have found the courage to break the obsolete unwritten rules and approach classical music with a new approach. Like Richter, "Olavier Arnales" is not afraid to lose in familiar classic pieces, and on the "Chopin Project" album, he has modernized and transformed Frederic Chopin's compositions. Distortion of the structure of Chopin pieces? It may be stupid, but you have to trust Olavier Arnales. In collaboration with German pianist Alice Sarah Out, she not only preserved the beauty of Chopin's original notes, but also revitalized them. To the pianos and The old equipment went away to preserve the classic feeling of the works. Thanks to this old equipment, Chopin's project album bears little resemblance to other non-verbal works and never feels like a studio album; Instead, you feel like you're missing out on a lost album that you find centuries later, and you inadvertently travel to the distant past. ; Arnals and August, while trying to get their signatures to the works, sometimes bow down to the power of this world music genius and surrender to him. In the meantime, August should be admired more, he plays Chopin pieces with respect, but he also puts his own style in the spotlight. I consider the highlight of the album to be "Nocturne in G Minor", which is tragic and sad, and its blackness is transferred to you. The piece appears to have been recorded in a caf, where you can hear the sound of children's crowds and customers talking, and it is raining in the distance. Space is a comprehensible space and it looks like a memory left over From centuries ago. In "Sonata No. 4 Piano" there is not even a trace of Arnals, and it is August who closes his eyes and creates soothing miracles with his hands.

In combination with Chopin, they are imbued with his magic. You can not listen to the last minute of the "Memory" piece and do not let your hair stand on end. Arnals understands Chopin and knows his world, but beyond that, he steps into his world. Music is mixed to capture the soul of the listener. Arnals and August have created a magnificent work that, if Chopin were alive and listening to it, he would have doubly rejoiced. Arnals, Frederic Chopin
Musician: Alice Sarah August
Origin: Iceland, Poland
Style: Neoclassical, Contemporary Classical
Made in: 2015
Used Instruments: Piano , Citadel, violin

What should we read?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

Japanese literature From ancient times to Modern has always been one of the most poetic; Perhaps in modern times, Japan's literary flourishing has multiplied, and dozens of talented and talented writers From this frontier have amazed the world. In the meantime, we may have heard the names "Kazuo Ishiguro" and "Haruki Murakami" more. To suggest this week's book, I have selected the first published novel by Murakami; Japanese writers with a global dialect.

Moraki is best known in Iran for "Kafka on the Shore" and "The History of the Cookie Bird," but "Listen to the Wind" is important in that you will find an outstanding author. Where and how did Murakami start his career? And that can make anyone curious, especially novice writers or serious writing enthusiasts who do not know where to start. To me, Murakami's novel "After Darkness" is a more special work, although the book's themes are his constant concerns and are implemented somewhat more casually than his other works, but the neon night world he describes is not easily forgotten. After Dark is a book for meditation and lonely nights, but I chose to listen to the wind because it was the beginning of everything.

I referred to Japanese literature, but the fact is that Murakami's writings have nothing to do with Japanese culture. Murakami's lifestyle has always been largely non-Japanese, and if he had written like any of his fellow writers, he might never have become the current famous writer, but what is the reason for his popularity? Maybe because he plays professions that are familiar to our ears, professions that align with the approach of many young people to the world and life. We alienate ourselves in different ways every day and struggle with loneliness, depression, sadness, fear and death.

Murakami is there to remind us that we are not and will not be alone in this path, because life It is flowing and it will be. In my opinion, this is the main difference between Murakami and Kafka. Kafka's pains were more personal, and whenever I read him, I feel that what he is sad about is his own sorrow, not humanity. He saw, he could not, he was in pain, and perhaps that is why he asked for his writings to be burned, because he did not want to be a symbol for hammering at human pain. But Murakami knows and realizes that out there in the real world, there are people who need awareness. Maybe Murakami is popular because of this, because of the joint pain.

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

Listen to the wind, the main character has no name, and Murakami wanted to introduce him as a symbol for "every human being." If I want to be critical of this character, I would say that as a young man in his twenties, he behaves too much as an adult, but the fact is that he must be understood, there are clear reasons why it There is no youthful energy and strength in this person. If you read Murakami's introduction, you will better understand how close the protagonist is to himself. One who has worked hard all his youth and has had less opportunity to rejuvenate; Of course, the main character has a different story and happens to have the opportunity to rejuvenate, but his mood is the same as that of a tired Murakami who mourns for his lost youth.

In the book, we also have the character of a "mouse" who is supposed to be positive Be on the professions and thoughts of the main character (or in fact the author). The rat is far more anxious, alienated, and depressed, but Murakami does not give him enough time to fully express himself. He is a fun-loving young man From a wealthy family who has reached a kind of emptiness and now wants a fresh start. In some parts, you have the feeling that the story, like some of Paul Ester's works, wants to scrutinize this character and examine his mental and psychological layers, but the mouse continues to become a guest character.

Parts There is also in the story that I would like it to continue, but Murakami abandons them suddenly. For example, the story of the song "California Girls" seems interesting and goes well, but does not come to fruition, or the story in which a mouse asks an anonymous character to meet him in a formal dress in a cafe. Of course, this is not a problem, however, we are dealing with a novel in the genre of Magical Realism in which everything seems normal only in appearance. Reading and pausing. If on that particular day, Murakami did not go to a baseball game, and if he did not decide to write that night, if the only copy of the novel he sent to the newspaper was lost or not accepted at all, he would never write again, and basically There was no longer a writer named Murakami, but for now, listen to the wind for all the moments Murakami has created for you.

Synopsis: . He spends his days with his old friend the mouse, drinking, reading books and listening to music, and in the meantime he also meets a young girl ". Leave

Author: Haruki Murakami
Translator: Mohammad Hossein Waqif
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publishing
Genre: Magical Realism, Japanese Literature
First Edition: 1395
Number of pages: 141 pages

What artistic activity should we do?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

If you have the opportunity, take a look at HR's unique paintings on the Internet this week. Giger drop. This prominent painter is known for creating one of the most famous monsters in the history of cinema: "Xenomorph", the same ruthless alien creature that was introduced in the movie "Alien" (1979). Even if you have not heard the name Xenomorph, you will know him at a glance; The egg-shaped head, the eerie black appearance, the eye-catching teeth, the viscous water on his chin, and the strangely human-like body.

Geiger passed away in 2014, but his Art and outlook continue to inspire many artists. He had a special talent for combining scary and grotesque Germans, and he created images that bring fear to life in you. Geiger had nightmares as a child, and his living environment and growing up during World War II had caused him anxiety. He turned these anxieties and fears into art.

His father wanted to become a pharmacist, but chose architecture and industrial design. After graduating in the mid-1960s, he worked as an interior designer, but his main interest was in the visual arts. He first painted with ink and oil paint and later moved on to other styles. In the early 1970s, Geiger was another well-known artist whose works have been exhibited in exhibitions and galleries. Geiger's "biomechanical" painting style was different in every way, and even attracted the attention of one of the greatest surreal artists of the twentieth century, Salvador Dali.

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Dark</b> <b>Knight</b> <b>Salvation</b> to <b>Chopin</b> and <b>Murakami's</b> <b>Magical</b> <b>Realism</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

They met and it was Dolly who showed Geiger's paintings to Alejandro Khodorkovsky; The prominent filmmaker was looking for a surrealist artist to hire him for his ambitious adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel The Dune. Khodorkovsky enlisted the help of Geiger to draw conceptual designs for the film, but the project was halted and the painter's entry into the world of cinema was delayed. In 1977, Geiger published a collection of his paintings called the Necronomicon, which is a religious homage to H. . "Lovecraft." The paintings were about strange, mechanical creatures roaming the ruins.

One day, Ridley Scott, in the office of 20th Century Fox Studios, stumbled upon a printed copy of a necronomicon. "I took a look at it and was immediately convinced that this painter had to be created," he says. "I have a [foreigner] film with me." Xenomorph's idea also came From the necronomicon, and now perhaps all moviegoers will agree that this monster is unique.

2 (1986), Cheeks (1955) and Batman Forever (1995) helped, but most of his designs did not usually make it to the movies due to their complexity. After a while, he decided to continue his Art in a more personal way.

Geiger is the product of childhood nightmares, strange events that could not be described, but he turned them into images. His paintings show not only a personal fear but also a collective fear; Works that confront us with absolute blackness, to frighten us for a moment, to shock us for a moment; However, nightmares can sometimes be fascinating. Years of artistic activity: 1969 to 2013
Origin: Swiss

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