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Content creation book, customer creation; The story of these days of the business market

Joe Poltizzi and New Burt are the authors of Content Creation, Customer Creation. A book translated and published by Saeed Zargarian has been published. The subject of the book is almost obvious from its name. Marketing rules have changed in recent years. Instead of advertising their products and services to their customers, what consumers really are looking for is valuable content that will improve their lives. "Creating Content, Creating Customers" explains how companies and product owners can create content that is compelling and engaging to customers, and how to deliver that content without disturbing their way of life like the old ad. View product on BingMag

All online businesses these days use content production to attract customers and sell. Joe Politz is one of the authors of this book in the field of marketing and has been using the combination of "content marketing" in his work since 2001. He has given lectures on the subject in more than 10 countries. New Burt is one of the oldest in the field of marketing. He was one of the first to notice a new tsunami in marketing, and he believed that businesses should either learn to keep up with the new wave or sink under it.

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