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6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

The ability to communicate well is one of the most important interactive skills and also a key factor for success that you can strengthen. Communication skills are important and necessary for any field and aspect of personal and work life. In fact, it is impossible to look professional until you can speak and write well in different situations. Think of yourself or your child as your doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, nurse or teacher; Your relationship with these people and your trust in them is influenced by how you communicate with them.

Effective and successful communication is a skill that everyone can learn, and this skill can be started with a few great books. Communication skills books can help you get better at your job, overcome any communication challenges, and improve your interpersonal relationships.

Many resources to help you progress There is in this regard. In the continuation of this article, we have introduced the top 6 wonderful books on how to communicate with a colleague, friend or partner, which will help you to express your words and thoughts in a clear and precise way.

If you want Master a good conversation and look for books to improve your communication skills, do not miss this list of books.

1. How to speak beautifully BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

The book "How to speak beautifully" by Mohammad Reza Taqdami was first published in 2005. It is very difficult to imagine life without talking and communicating with other people, and alas, every conversation does not end as we imagine. This book teaches you amazing tricks to strengthen your speaking skills, speaking and speech skills, and social relationships.

Today, in all developed countries, one of the most important factors for the growth and development of this art of good speaking And most of us humans like to be good speakers; So that everyone around us listens enthusiastically to what we have to say, and this has become a concern and a dream for some people.

If you have trouble communicating with your family and friends, do not worry. The book "How to speak beautifully" examines, teaches, practices and tips and simple tricks that anyone can easily use and in a short time to speak with high self-confidence in any place and group very fluently and beautifully.

Try to make a profit. The greater the personality of the restorer of the influence of the word and his spiritual dominance, and the greater the trust and belief in his words and deeds, the deeper and greater the effect of his changes on others. "One scientist claimed that he could destroy a healthy person by indoctrination." In the Siege of Fools BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

The book "In the Siege of Fools" is the work of Swedish lecturer, communications expert and author Thomas Erickson. First published in 2014. The book has been translated into 40 living languages and is one of Sweden's best-selling non-fiction books of the last half-decade.

Categorized. Each color represents a person's distinctive behavior, and according to the author of this book, a person usually has two or more colors, and rarely can one be monochromatic.

Interestingly, these four colors themselves are categorized into two groups. . Red and yellow are grouped as extroverted characters, while green and blue are grouped as introverted characters. This book seeks to show that people have different behavioral profiles and that you can not relate to all human beings in the same way. She devotes her time to understanding how people function and why we often struggle to communicate with certain types of people, and she provides readers with the information in this book.

Recommended for those who want to be a good public speaker or have a good conversation with their colleagues and friends.

In any situation, it is not bad to know what perception of your behaviors. Try to know the behaviors of others as well. It may be wrong to say that most people around us are not like us. Words have a strange power, but the words we choose and the way they are used are different. You should have noticed from the title of this book that a word can have a different meaning. "If you use a word that is misused by the audience, then you are called stupid." How to Talk to Everyone BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

How to Talk to Everyone by Lil Lunds First published in 2003 . The author has spent his life studying communication and helping people to improve their relationships. A major resource in the world of interaction and communication literature, this book is a psychology book that provides the reader with tips on effective communication. And all of them help you to understand how to be everywhere in the best possible way and to have a very beautiful and effective relationship with those around you in different situations.

Shares a friend to show how this can be used in real conversations. He offers tips for becoming a speaker, listener, and body language translator. His approach is practical and his techniques are easily applicable in everyday situations.

Sure, a few of these 92 tricks will not change your life, but even if you are a great conversationalist, you will discover a few tricks that you can use in a variety of ways. Add your own communication.

In an excerpt from How to Talk to Anyone, we read:

take. Sometimes at parties, Bob draws a cartoon on one of the guests' napkins. People look at how in a short time the image of one of the attendees at the party is engraved on a tissue. "When he finishes his drawing, he drops his pen and shows a tissue to the person who drew his cartoon." h2> 4. We must listen to each other BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

Kate Murphy's book "We Must Listen to Each Other" was first published in 2020 and translated into Persian by Nazanin Fatemeh Soodagar. It is increasingly recognized as a serious threat to public health. According to a 2018 survey, more than two in 10 adults in the UK say they always or often feel lonely. The key factor is not physical isolation but a sense of lack of connection to others.

When was the last time you listened to someone or someone really listened to you? True listening is an art.

If people listen to what you are saying without distraction, you will feel very beautiful and special, which can create a sense of intimacy in you; It does not matter who they are, your best friends, or someone you meet in the elevator.

If you are like most people and you can not listen to anyone as much as you like; No one is better than this talented journalist who introduces you to the right mindset and skills. In this book, Kate Murphy does it with science and humor.

Murphy writes, "True listening means being physically, chemically, emotionally, and intellectually influenced by someone else's story." . When we "receive" what someone else is saying, "our brain waves are literally synchronizing." "In fact, health professionals believe that the negative behavioral, psychological, and neurological consequences of cell phone addiction, etc., are exactly the same as the consequences of drug abuse." "While smartphones have minimized the ability for us to have in-depth conversations, they seem to give us everything but that." Listen to Book stories

5. The power of verbal intelligence BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

The book "The power of verbal intelligence" is the work of the inventor of the mind map "Tony Buzan" for the first time Published in 2002. Bozan gives many motivational lectures around the world, often in several countries and in different languages.

Verbal intelligence means how prepared you are for a language, and the author in this book tries to We understand that apart from other intelligences such as mathematics, inference or music, linguistic intelligence also has a key and important place. He teaches you how to use your imagination to strengthen your relationships. It also helps you improve your vocabulary and the proper use of words, phrases, and idioms. They are straightforward, and increasing your verbal intelligence can increase your overall IQ. , Learn to remember and understand them, and improve your social and professional life.

In a section on The Power of Verbal Intelligence, we read:

Be on the lookout for new and unusual words on TV, radio, in the neighborhood store, or at a business meeting. This concentration will not only make you a better word processor, but also make you a better listener and as a result you will be more popular and successful than others. "Always carry a piece of paper or a tape recorder with you so you can write down new words that have a special meaning, meaning or beauty." strong> 6. The Power of Expression BingMag.com 6 books on verbal communication; Know the secret of success of professionals

The Power of Expression is the work of one of the best-selling authors of self-promotion books, Brian Tracy. First published in 2008.

Aristotle believed that no one could aspire to leadership without speaking. The ability to speak with confidence can bring you a lot of respect in the audience of your speeches and enable you to achieve your biggest and even impossible goals. But what many people do not know is that anyone can learn to be a great speaker, just as easily as they can learn to drive a car or ride a bicycle!

This book was written by a very professional speaker. And it provides readers with many practical aspects of communication and audience recognition, as well as room layout arrangements.

They can be very useful for more smooth and effective presentation. This book is useful for anyone with any number of audiences who are talking about any topic. Flow logically.

In an excerpt from The Power of Expression, we read:

" The poem is loud. Also, memorizing a poem we like or a story we are interested in telling can be good exercises. "Every time we read that piece of poetry or tell the story quietly and loudly, we feel a special energy in our voice that grows louder and louder."

Expression from Book stories

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