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7 books on the subject and focus of the mother

BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

One of the most cherished words for most people, as well as for writers, is the word "mother". The mother is often the first example of unconditional love a child experiences. Becoming a mother has often been introduced throughout history by guiding intellectual, legal, and patriarchal forms as the ultimate goal and mission of women in life rather than a sacred mission and the highest form of service to humanity.

Since motherhood She is a very important person for the family, it is believed that she should dedicate her body, mind, heart and soul to caring for her children, but the role of the mother goes far beyond these issues and mothers, despite all their duties and difficulties, play an undeniable role during They have played for centuries.

In this article, on the occasion of Mother's Day, we have introduced 7 unique and best-selling books on the subject of motherhood, which are recommended for everyone to read. In fact, these stories deal with the mother with challenges, victories and its subtlety in landscapes around the world.

1. Hidden Girl BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

The book "Secret Daughter" by English title "Secret Daughter" by Shilpi Somaya Goda was first published in 2010. The book became one of the New York Times bestsellers, USA Today, and International, and has been translated into more than 20 living languages. Has narrated for decades; First with the mother who raised him and finally with the mother who leaves him. In this novel, she contemplates the challenges and psychological spaces of motherhood in the United States and India.

A woman named Kavita gives birth to a girl in a remote village in India where girls were killed. . In this culture where everything is for the boys, Kavita goes to Mumbai to save the life of his newborn daughter and put her in an orphanage. That same year, a California couple on the other side of the world struggled with their infertility. Accept him for adoption. She begins to think about whether some women are not suitable for motherhood. Can he do that? Can he love and understand a child who is not of his own flesh and blood?

Summer knows that their lives will change a lot by accepting custody of this child, but he also knows that the love he feels He will overcome all obstacles. Asha, who has been adopted, is a child who unites the destinies of these two women. Especially when Gouda talks about the losses and fears that both mothers face, or when Asha slowly begins to understand the meaning of a family with all its complexities.

Behind the cover of The Hidden Girl, about the author "Shilpi Somaya Goda was born and raised there after his family emigrated from India to Toronto," reads: She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master's degree from Stanford University. "She is currently living in California with her husband and children." Those mothers, these girls BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

The book "Those mothers, these girls" by the author, Literary critic and producer is Belqis Soleimani, which was first published in 1397. This work is among the post-feminist works and explains new topics that few women writers in Iran have dealt with. Soleimani himself says about the book of those mothers, these girls: This novel is not like any of my previous works.

In the book of those mothers, these girls will face three intellectual generations of Iranian women with different concerns. Who have spent their entire lives marrying and raising their children; In other words, this generation of women, although adapted to the common beliefs of their society, are stuck on the border between tradition and modernity and seek to find the true meaning of life.

He loses his wife "Akbar" due to an accident and despite all the sufferings and hardships, he tries to raise his daughter "Anna". She takes away the right to a good life, because she considers motherhood her main task. She always tried to hide her widowhood from the public so that she would not be attacked. It has turned into regret and despair.

Anna has had an unsuccessful marriage, and because she does not bother her mother, she sells handicrafts on the subway and sometimes travels. She becomes the mirror of her mother Soraya and brings her to self-awareness, and in this way Soraya goes from tradition to modernity and shows different thoughts.

In a part of the book of those mothers, we read these girls:

"Mama Jan, in a word, tell me this bachelor's degree to increase your pension until you want to talk about it, what is this idiot? Instead of sitting on one of these two English texts, go to Revolution Street, give a million, buy a ready-made treatise. Call me at all, they probably have a delivery man, they will bring you the paper, and with a card reader they will stop their money and die. "A million that makes you neither more miserable than you are, nor the miserable poor man who is unemployed and probably one of the elites of this rich country."

3. The Light Between the Oceans BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

The Light Between the Oceans, the first book by an Australian author, . It was first published in 2012. The story of The Lantern in the Ocean takes place in Australia in 1926, and Tom Sherborn returns home after four years of fighting. He works as a lighthouse keeper on remote islands and brings his wife Isabel with him, who longs for a child; Their attempt to conceive leads to two miscarriages and a dead baby, and these events leave Isabel very frustrated and disappointed.

One day, they see a boat with a dead man and a living baby girl on the water. Tom wants to report the story, but Isabel convinces him that they should keep the child as a gift from God and behave as if it were their own. They informally adopt the child and name him Lucy. Raising a child transforms Isabel, and she quickly becomes a caring mother she has long wanted to be. A film adaptation of the same name starring Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender was released on September 2, 2016.

In an excerpt from The Lantern of the Oceans, we read: From everything people will do from memories. Thousands of miles off the west coast, Janus Rock was the farthest point from the continent where Tom's childhood home, Sydney, was located. But the Janus Lighthouse was the last sign of Australia, since the Australian warship sailed to Egypt in 1915. "The smell of eucalyptus wafted for miles off the coast of Albania, and when the scent faded, Tom suddenly felt sad about losing something he did not know he could one day lose." Between the Oceans by BingMag Buy Lanterns Between the Oceans by Book stories

4 . Mom and Me and Mom BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

Book "Mom and Me and Mom" with English title "Mom & Me & Mom" is the seventh and final book in Maya Angelou's autobiography series, first published in 2013. This book is a deeply moving story of separation and reunion, and is ultimately optimistically portrayed as a motherly bond. He reviews similar stories he has quoted in his previous books. The first part of the book, entitled "Mom and Me", deals with the early years of Angelo's life before the age of 17 and his change from suffering and distrust of his mother to accepting, supporting and loving him.

Vivian who One day he leaves his children, Maya and his older brother when they were teenagers. He was smart, patient, and understanding, and he knew what was happening to his daughter. Over the years, Vivian repeatedly tried to prove herself to her son and asked him to understand her. He was friends with Maya and wanted to be a good mother. Although Vivian's aggressive and even violent tendencies were annoying to Maya, the young girl eventually came to understand and admire her mother.

Maya's relationship with her mother became the strongest relationship of her life, and the two women They really loved each other. If Maya did not have this unique upbringing, the world would probably never have recognized her as a famous poet, writer, and activist.

In the introduction to Mom and I and Mom, we read: I wanted to quote the story of Uncle Tom's cottage from Topsi, a young black girl, I wanted to say: I do not know, I grew up again, but I never gave such an answer to anyone, for several reasons. First of all, I read this story as a teenager and I was embarrassed by the black girl in the air. Second, despite the grandmother I loved and the mother I admired, I knew I will become the woman I am now. Their love made me aware. Taught. He released me. "

5. Small Fires Everywhere BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

The book "Small Fires Everywhere" with the English title "Little Fires Everywhere" by novelist and short story writer , Celeste Ing was first released in 2017. Immediately after its release, the book won the Goodreads Award for Best Novel, the Best Amazon Novel, and the New York Times Bestseller of 2017.

The novel focuses on two families living in Shaker Heights in the 1990s. And bring them together through their children.

A fascinating novel that depicts the intertwined fate of the Richardson family and a mysterious mother and daughter in Shakespeare Heights Ohio. Mrs. Richardson works as a local reporter, and Mr. Richardson is a lawyer, and they have four children, Lexi, Trip, Modi, and Easy.

The story begins when their house catches fire. Then the story goes back eleven months and all the events that led to the fire are revealed and the provocative events are dealt with which will create dramatic effects.

Elena Richardson turned her rental house on Winslow Road into an artist He rents the name "Mia Warren" and his teenage daughter "Pearl". Elena's little boy, Modi, who is the same age as Pearl, falls in love with him and befriends him. Through him, Pearl meets the rest of Richardson's brothers and sisters; Pearl is accustomed to her mother's disobedient lifestyle, but after a while she becomes fascinated by the family's lifestyle and spends her time at Richardson's house every day. Lucky Palace operates and sells photographs through a saleswoman in New York named Anita Reese. Elena and Mia are completely different mothers, and their daughters each wish to spend time with a completely different mother from their mother.

Everywhere in the book we read of small fires:

"When the fire was extinguished, contrary to what Mrs. Richardson feared, the house was not razed to the ground. The windows were gone, but the brick facade of the house remained. It was just damp and black, and the smoke was rising. Most of its roof and dark pottery shone like fish scales from the water on which it was taken. The Richardson family did not allow the Richardson family to enter the house until fire engineers tested the individual columns a few days later. But even from the sidewalk lawn, which was closest to the house and surrounded by a cautious yellow ribbon, there was not much left in the house.

6. mother BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

Mother's book entitled "The Mother" is one of the outstanding works of the Russian author , Maxim Gorky, first published in 1906. Gorky wrote the novel during a trip to the United States, and after his return to the Soviet Union was declared by officials to be "the first work of socialist realism" and Gorky to be its "founder." Translated into many of the living languages of the world, the book was translated into a number of films. Describes the years leading up to the 1905 revolution, examines the role of women in society and the struggle of the poor to prove themselves, and analyzes the dynamics between mother and son.

mother is a story from a mother's perspective. , But about watching evolution is his only child. Powell is the driving force behind this narrative; He revolves around the sun and the whole story, including his mother, Plagia Nilovna and Lasova.

Plagia works in a Russian factory and struggles with poverty and hunger despite all the hardships. Her husband, an alcoholic, physically abuses her, leaving her with all the responsibility of raising their son, Pavel Vlasov, and dies unexpectedly one day. Kamesh joins the factory and learns the collective power of the proletariat there. He discovers that the working class is the real cause of change in society. This leads to a series of study circles and book-reading sessions in Velasva's home in which like-minded socialist workers take an active part.

Do not understand what they are saying. Eventually, under the influence of her motherly feelings and despite her illiteracy, she overcomes the revolution by overcoming her political ignorance and becomes the real hero of the novel.

In a part of her mother's book, we read:

Lately, Powell has come home less often to see his father, but he has never forgotten his mother, and now that he is slowly returning to normal, he stares at her intently. Tall and short It was curved, in which surrender and sorrow were evident. Her body, torn apart by her husband's constant labor and abuse, was moving crookedly and silently. As if he is afraid to eat something. "Her wide, oval face, which had many folds, had two sad and worried eyes, shining like the eyes of most of the women in the town." A Letter to a Child Who Was Never Born BingMag.com 7 <b>books</b> on the <b>subject</b> and <b>focus</b> of the mother

A Letter to a Child Who Was Never Born by Oriana Fallaci, a unique book in twenty-seven countries The world was translated and sold and achieved tremendous success. This book is a sad monologue of a woman with a child in her womb. This letter raises difficult questions about abortion and the meaning of life. The book tells the story of the power of life or nothingness in a woman's life to a child who has never been born.

At the beginning of the book, the protagonist finds out about her pregnancy and this makes her very upset and upset. Her conversations with her unborn child are very moving. If the child could choose, would he prefer to be born, grow up and suffer, or return to the happy purgatory from which he came?

The protagonist talks to his child and wants this sperm to be a girl. Be. In the continuation of her thoughts, she realizes that being a woman is a manifestation of misery because women have to face many problems. Suddenly he changes his mind and tells his son that he will be happier if the boy is born because the boys are not afraid of being raped on a dark street and if they make a mistake people will not tell them bad or unpleasant things; So if he is a boy, you will suffer less, but then he realized that life in a patriarchal society is not easy for men either. Men should take part in wars, and if he sees them crying or in need of love, they will laugh at them. This book is full of feelings of happiness, love, despair, happiness, anger and depression. Undoubtedly, there is an attraction in this book that attracts the readers' thoughts.

Book to a child who was never born from Oriana Fallaci's best-selling books. Chapters determine. Even if it is not at the behest of anyone and it is an art card, which is the soul of freedom, you have no choice but to accept the sub-orders and insults of others. Maybe it wasn't so long ago, so far away that his memory faded. And the work remains a kind of celebration, a kind of server. But at that time the population was smaller and could be withdrawn. You will be born one thousand nine hundred and seventy-five years after a man named Christ. A man who was born hundreds of thousands of years after another man whose name no one knows, and at the same time the situation is the same as I told you. To a child who was never born from Fidibo

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