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4 books to strengthen the skill and speed of reading books

BingMag.com 4 books to strengthen the skill and speed of reading books

We have all promised ourselves at some point in time to read more or better books. In such a situation, many people find that they do not know how to improve their reading skills.

It is no secret that reading and reading books is very good in every way, but exactly how this habit Creating in ourselves to always read and how to improve the speed and interest in reading is also a very important issue.

Books give us a lot of information and constantly remind us of our human face; Most importantly, it challenges our imagination. All you have to do is trust the books and believe in their impact. If you read a book with a different worldview, your perspective becomes broader, and this change of perspective becomes a flip to explore your beliefs and search for the truth.

In fact, reading a good book is like being with an inspiring person. Is. Many people say that they want to get into the habit of reading but can not because of lack of time.

In this article, we have introduced 4 very useful and practical books that will help you to get in the habit of reading. Create your own and with amazing tricks, improve your speed, concentration, comprehension and reading skills and be able to read more and more books.

1. How to read a book BingMag.com 4 books to strengthen the skill and speed of reading books

How to Read a Book by Charles Lincoln van Dorn and Martimer J. Adler was first published in 1940. In this classic work, there are important points that you should keep in mind when choosing and reading a book. We should not let the book scare us; If we are not looking for a challenge, we will not learn anything.

Mortimer J. Adler Philosopher, a popular American writer and educator, has worked at various prestigious universities such as Columbia and the University of Chicago, as well as educational institutions such as the Encyclop .dia Britannica and the Institute for Philosophical Research. When he died in 2001 (at the age of 98 and a half), he left a vast array of works to gain greater access to philosophy. One of his most popular works is How to Read a Book, which teaches you how to make the most of reading and reading books.

In How to Read a Book, various techniques for reading science books You will be taught fiction, drama, poetry, history, science and mathematics, philosophy and social sciences.

The author begins by explaining "how to read" the book; He states that one who knows how to read a book can distinguish good books by reading the author's biography, looking at the title, table of contents, book summary, and a brief look at the book chapters before reading.

In addition, this book is a great guide to get interested in reading different types of books and use them more, and in the pages of its pages, it has stated amazing points about the importance of knowledge and learning.

Let's read a book "We read:

" The truth is that passive reading does not exist at all. Many believe that they are openly active compared to writing and speaking. Reading and listening are passive. The writer and the speaker have to work a little while the reader and the listener do not need to be active. Reading and listening is a means of receiving a message from someone who is actively sending it. If receiving a message is thought to be like receiving a blow or a court verdict, on the contrary, the work of the reader or listener is more like receiving a ball in a game of baseball.

> 2. Sing for Life Original (Read for Your Life: 11 Ways to Better Yourself Through Books) by Pat Williams, Peggy Matthews Rose and Phil Jackson, first published in 2007 and translated into Persian by Elham Sharif Hamedani. This book ignites your love for books and illuminates the path for you to discover the power of reading in this path and, despite all your busyness, prioritize reading and enjoy it.

The extraordinary book "Sing for Life" reminds us that reading can It will change our lives, but for that to happen we have to turn off the TV and pick up the book. They also show readers the social and educational benefits of reading, and tell short stories and interviews with your greatest business, college, and sports veterans, including Alex Rodriguez, Grant Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Rick Warren, and Rudy Giuliani. How you can:

- Minimize your distractions and maximize your study time.

- Create a specific plan for yourself to read more books.

- With regular study, rediscover your reality and connect with it.

In fact, the essence of Read for Life is not just reading; It's also about what we get from reading books.

Phil Jackson says in the introduction to "Read for Life": "I believe this rule also applies to books . Our task is not to let the information and knowledge of the books remain in our hands alone. Pat Williams fulfills this mission well in his book Read for Life. If we have only what we have been taught by others, we should keep it in mind and not pass it on to others. We have broken the order of the system. We are responsible and we must not allow this to happen. "The game is over" is not the word we want for the fate of knowledge. At least I do not want to and I do not think you will either. Benz study BingMag.com 4 books to strengthen the skill and speed of reading books

The book "Benz study" by Maryam Mobaraki was first published in 1397. By now you may have heard the words "read your lesson well", "read a book" and "try to read more" from others, but no one is giving you information about the correct and principled way of reading.

To survive in this fast-paced, ever-changing world, we all need to move fast and think fast, because despite all the busyness, our leisure time is very precious. Improving the memory of the brain is like a muscle, and if we train our brain, it becomes stronger and can function better. Other parts of the brain, such as your memory, improve. Have you ever wanted to dramatically speed up your reading, improve your comprehension, and improve your reading and learning skills? Using many examples will teach you the methods and techniques of reading and reading as fast as Benz. He or she will tell you what causes your reading to slow down and how you can eliminate them, and you can apply these tips to all aspects of your life. Read time dramatically faster. In fact, Benz Reading not only improves your reading speed, but also increases your level of concentration and comprehension.

In a section of Benz Reading, we read:

"Try to remember when you spend everything during the day; For example, for months, two or three times a day, when I was tired, I imagined playing for five minutes on my Zuma phone; But one day when I checked the start and end time of the game, I was surprised to find that this game takes me one hour a day! "Just knowing this made me play less than before and eventually delete it from my phone."

4. Speed Reading: How to Read a Book in a Day? "Should we read during the day?" The original title (Speed Reading: How to Read a Book a Day) by Ryan James was first published in 2017 and Arezoo Homayi has translated it into Persian.

Do you want to read better? Read a book faster? Write more efficient notes? Be more creative? Participate in business with excellent focus and full understanding? Can you read one book a day? And your overall self-esteem improves.

What is your current level of study? Learn how to incorporate the exercises and techniques in this book into your daily routine to make speed reading a habit. By using the techniques in this book, you will soon find that you can read a complete book every day. The more you read, the more knowledge you will have that you can use to achieve your goals in life. And explains how to improve your understanding of what you read; When you can improve your comprehension, your reading speed will increase as well.

In a section of the book "Speed Reading" we read: Up to 250 words per minute. When you read inwardly, you read at the same speed. While you are already trained to do this, you do not have to say and hear every word in your mind to be able to understand what you are reading. When you train yourself to read fast, your mind can automatically process what you see. So you do not have to stop and pronounce. You can increase your reading speed from the usual 200 to 250 words per minute to almost any level you decide on. From BingMag

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