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6 books with snowy weather and suitable for cold winter days

Colder weather and shorter winter days are a good time to find a cozy corner with a hot drink and a good book. Regardless of our favorite genre, winter storytelling is often full of mystery and many dramas take place in these books.

There are many winter stories for readers of classic and literary stories. From contemporary readings and romance novels to thriller novels and crime stories, these winter-themed stories are made for a pleasant winter with a cup of hot tea.

In this post, a collection of 6 unique and best-selling winter books. We have shared that the key scenes in the winter took place between blizzards and snowy areas.

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1. The City of Bears BingMag.com 6 <b>books</b> <b>with</b> <b>snowy</b> weather and <b>suitable</b> <b>for</b> <b>cold</b> <b>winter</b> days

The novel "City of the Bear" by Swedish author and blogger Fredrik Beckman is the first Published in 2012. The book, which immerses the reader in the depths of their characters' lives, was voted BookReads, BookBrowse and Goodreads Book of the Year. Originally written in Swedish, The Bear City is a fictional novel that takes readers into a small, unknown community deep in the Swedish jungle where the spirit of the city is born from the local hockey league.

Ice track In this book, it was built centuries ago in the city center and brought joy and excitement to the people of the city who are interested in the sport of hockey. The city's youth ice hockey team is on the verge of participating in the semi-finals of national competitions. Their team has not been successful in the past, but in the end, because of the new players on the team, with their unique strengths and abilities, they have a good chance of winning.

The big one is in front, a member of the community is raped and the success and popularity of the team is endangered. This book is not just a story about sports, but also about loyalty, the hopes that bring a small community together, the secrets that shatter a community, and the courage one needs to face threats.

In a part of the book Bear City we read:

By the time he was seven years old, he had suffered from such severe frostbite that even if you stood close to him, you could still see the white spots reminiscent of that frostbite on his cheek. He had played his first real game that evening and lost a ball in front of an empty net in the final seconds. Bjorn's Master Twelve's children's team won, and it was Kevin who scored all the goals, but he was very upset and disappointed. "Late at night, his parents found out he was not in bed, and at midnight the whole town was looking for him in the woods." The Great Alone BingMag.com 6 <b>books</b> <b>with</b> <b>snowy</b> weather and <b>suitable</b> <b>for</b> <b>cold</b> <b>winter</b> days

The Great Alone by Christine Hannah for the first time this year Published in 2017. It's one of the best winter books in the Alaskan cold Desert. In this poem, the remote lands of Alaska are referred to as the Great Loneliness.

The story of the book Great Loneliness begins when Lenny is 13 years old and his father decides to move the family to Alaska. Arendt Albright is a Vietnam veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress due to arrest and torture during the war. The book's story is about both surviving in Alaska and the family's difficult and complicated emotional relationship with an abusive and fugitive father. And hopes that the new land will become a better future for his family. As winter approaches in Alaska, Arendt's mental state worsens and his family deteriorates.

In part of the book, we read alone: They argued, the father had been fired again. Lenny put his hat down on his head. On the way to school, stay away from blocks of flats and yards, away from the dark arboriculture, past the fast-food restaurant where high school kids gather on weekends, and from the gas station where cars lined up for fifty-five cents. Fill their car, it was rejected. People in those days were angry about the price of gasoline. "As far as Lenny could tell, the elders were totally angry and upset, and it was no surprise." "One by One" by the British author, teacher and bookseller, Ruth is first released in 2020. Snowfall in a luxurious, rustic ski hut in the French Alps does not seem to be the worst problem in the world. Especially when the view is stunning, the fire is a delightful fireplace and a professional chef. Unless the company has eight employees and each has something to gain, lose and hide.

The story of this mysterious book takes place in a remote cottage in the French Alps; Where a group of founders, young shareholders of a modern technology startup based in London called Snoop, are on vacation. There is a woman named "Liz" among them who does not get along with them and it turns out that she is a shareholder of a big company.

Suddenly a devastating avalanche occurs and closes all the exit routes and electricity, internet And the telephones were cut off and everyone was trapped inside the hut. This creates something beyond panic for people, because every once in a while, a new member of the Snoop team is found dead. Although the number of people inside the hut is very small, it is not as easy to identify who the killer is.

In one part of the book, we read:

"It helps a little, It helps to silence the voices within me, their voices, which drag me this way and that and crush me left and right with their loyalties and arguments. Instead, I let James Blunt muffle their voices and tell me over and over again that I'm beautiful. The irony of this sentence makes me laugh, but I do not laugh. There is a sense of comfort in this lie. It is one-fifty-two in the afternoon. Outside the window, the sky is gray of steel, and the spinning motion of snowflakes makes one sleepy, it's weird. Snowman BingMag.com 6 <b>books</b> <b>with</b> <b>snowy</b> weather and <b>suitable</b> <b>for</b> <b>cold</b> <b>winter</b> days

The book "Snowman" with the English title "The Snow Child" is the first work of Evin Ivy that Released in 2012. The book was named one of the ten best-selling books by Hardcover and Paperback and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Snow Baby is a thought-provoking and terrifying story written with extraordinary skill and elegance that is hard to believe is Ivy's first novel. falls down; Jack and Mabel struggle with their relationship and their inability to have children. Mabel encouraged her husband to move to Alaska to avoid the sound of children reminding them of their childlessness.

They travel north to live on the Alaskan border for a fresh start. Alaska was not a good place to live at the time, especially for newcomers Jack and Mabel. Together they made a snowman who dressed like a little girl. Jack woke up that night and saw a young girl in the woods removing gloves and a scarf from a snowman she and Mabel had made. Who lived alone in the Alaskan desert. Faina refused to stay with Jack and Mabel permanently, but visited him regularly, especially during the winter months. Things in this beautiful, cool place are seldom what they seem, and eventually what they learn about Faina changes them.

In addition to passing the wind from time to time, he rubbed his skirt with his woolen socks and kept the seams cold. Slightly higher along the river, the valley stretched half a mile from the glacier to the rocky bottom of the earth, ending in shallow rocky canals, but here the river was still narrow and deep. Maple could see clay rocks bending over and falling on the other side of the Dark River. Down there, the water easily covers the top of his head. Garden winter BingMag.com 6 <b>books</b> <b>with</b> <b>snowy</b> weather and <b>suitable</b> <b>for</b> <b>cold</b> <b>winter</b> days

The book "Winter Garden" with English title "Winter Garden" The work of one of the most valuable writers of the romance genre, Christine Hannah, was first published in 2010. Does anyone really know the true depth of the secrets hidden in the heart of every family? Can another person fully understand the extent of another person's suffering? These are the questions you may be thinking about after reading this book. The whole thing is transported to present-day Alaska. It is a terrifying novel that sheds light on the complex bond between mother and daughter and explores the enduring links between the past and the present. Meredith and Nina Whitson are two very different sisters who were close as children, but in Adults separated; One pursues their family business, which is managing the family apple orchard, and the other pursues his dream of becoming a famous photographer; When their beloved father falls ill, they both return home and promise their father that they will take care of their cold and dry mother, Anya, and do their best to live up to their promise throughout the story.


"He wished his family was like the families he sees on TV, where everything and everyone seems perfect. No one, not even his loving father, could understand how lonely he felt in these four walls, how much he was ignored. But tomorrow night everything changes. An extraordinary plan had come to his mind. According to one of the fairy tales told by her mother, she had written a play and wanted to perform it at the annual Christmas party. "What he wrote was exactly like what happened in the Partridge family play." Heart of winter BingMag.com 6 <b>books</b> <b>with</b> <b>snowy</b> weather and <b>suitable</b> <b>for</b> <b>cold</b> <b>winter</b> days

The book "Heart of Winter" with the English title "In the Midst of Winter" is the work of an acclaimed storyteller and One of the most widely read Spanish-language writers is Isabel Allende, first published in 2017. In the middle of winter, Isabel tells a fictional story about three very different people. It is a novel of time travel that slides back and forth between very specific places and periods, and a fascinating story from modern-day Brooklyn to Guatemala and Chile and Brazil in the 1970s.

Allende in the novel He has dealt with issues such as politics, family, generational pride and history, human rights, passion and love. The story of the book begins in the middle of winter with a car accident in Brooklyn that triggers an unexpected and shocking love story between two people who thought they were in the middle of winter.

Richard Boumster, a 60-year-old human rights researcher In the middle of a snowstorm on icy and slippery roads, a young, undocumented immigrant named Evilin Ortega from Guatemala collides with his car. At first, the accident seems minor, but it turns out that the car belongs to the employer and he took it without permission. And he gets help from his tenant, a 62-year-old Chilean university professor named Lucia Maraz. They find out that Evilin is undocumented, and returning the damaged vehicle to his employers reveals his citizenship status. As the snowstorm gets worse outside, Lucia suggests that they spend the night at Richard's house and make a plan to help Evelyn the next morning. During this time, each in turn tells stories about their immigrant history.

As the three of them talk about their living conditions on that snowy day, they begin to unravel some dark secrets. It is the secrets that lead them to accept that each of them has suffered as a result of political injustice and that love as well as intense disappointment have come to them as a result of their experiences.

In a part of the book we read in the heart of winter. :

"Richard Boomster was Lucia's president at New York University. Lucia had a one-year contract with them as a guest teacher. When this year was over, the task of his life was not clear: he had to look for another job and another place to live until he made decisions for his long-term future. Sooner or later he returned to Chile to spend the last years of his life. But he still had time until then. "Now that his daughter Daniela had come to Miami to study biology and had probably fallen in love and decided to stay in the United States, there was nothing left to take Lucia home."

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