books with isolated characters; about loneliness

Loneliness is one of the most complex human emotions that we all experience from time to time. While some can find peace in isolation, many others only feel anxious and depressed. Longer working hours, more traffic, and the rise of social media have made loneliness more common than ever, and that feeling of loneliness can be very distressing. Reading books with characters who are facing similar struggles for whatever reason can be comforting for those struggling with this. books with isolated characters; about loneliness

Loneliness is one of the most complex human emotions that we all experience from time to time. While some can find peace in isolation, many others only feel anxious and depressed. Longer working hours, more traffic, and the rise of social media have made loneliness more common than ever, and that feeling of loneliness can be very distressing. Reading books with characters who are facing similar struggles for whatever reason can be comforting for those struggling with this.

Here is an amazing list of books that have or have characters who Different stages of loneliness are dealt with and can be a good guide to guide people towards transformation in their lives. Some of these books show constructive habits and actions that the characters do to be in a happier and healthier state of mind, and some philosophical advice from books on dealing with loneliness are also included.

  • Hertha Mller; A writer who stood up against dictatorial rule

They are not only enlightening and inspiring, but they can help people deal with personal problems on different levels and can be very useful for a person because they can develop strategies. to present to the person so that he can improve his current situation. In this article, we have introduced five novels in which lonely and isolated characters are among the main characters of the story, and at the end, with the book Shujaat Der Berhut, we have talked about resistance in lonely days.

1. The Diary of a Young books with isolated characters; about loneliness

The book "The Diary of a Young Girl" with the English title "The Diary of a Young Girl" by German Jewish author, Anne Frank, first published in 1947. This book was published two years after Frank's death in a concentration camp and later became a classic of war literature. It was used during the Holocaust. This moving and thoughtful work evokes the audience's sense of sadness. Imagine being locked in an attic with no food, nothing to do, and the constant fear of being caught. This novel is based on real life events that happened during the Second World War.

The book "Memoirs of a Young Girl" is a narrative of the sufferings of a young girl who began to observe and experience real issues after her thirteenth birthday. lived. In her diary, Anne Frank recounts her life journey from Germany to Holland during World War II and how her family was forced into exile and into hiding. With Anne's family and other friends still alive, it is clear that hiding from the war has led to loneliness and everyone, especially the teenagers, are drowning in their own thoughts and troubles.

Although Anne spends most of her experiences with her family. And his friends, he recounts, but he still sees his diary as his closest confidant. He points out that he does not feel the need to talk about his emotional issues with his friends, or that he is not comfortable talking to anyone about the things that stir up his inner feelings. According to her, her family and friends only talk about war or trivial issues.

In the book "Memoirs of a Young Girl", Anne records her experience of growing up in exile and loneliness, and she is exiled during this time. which becomes aware of love and affection. His disillusionment with life begins when he feels isolated and distant from his family and community members. In fact, this character feels confused about the events that happened after the end of World War II, and this is the reason that prompts him to write his diary to remain in history.

Actually, due to his Jewishness The feeling of isolation and exclusion in the anti-Semitic society made him very vulnerable to loneliness, and for this reason, he feels comforted by receiving love from a young man named Pieter van Daan. Another young character in the novel that shows loneliness is a young girl named "Margot" who has no friends and feels deprived of love.

In this book, we face a form of forced loneliness. which is accompanied by war and disasters that challenge every person's life. Anne's approach to this loneliness is a form of defense that protects her from dangers.

In a part of the book "Memoirs of a Young Girl", we read: Too fragile to recover quickly from a shock like last night. That kind person appears late and does not let them leave the door as soon as they enter. Peter has reached depths of my being that no one has ever reached before, except in my dreams. Peter has captured and transformed me. Doesn't every human need some peace to be able to calm his turbulent inside again? oh peter what have you done to me What do you expect from me? In what direction will this relationship lead us? Now I understand Bep's situation. Now that I am walking the same path myself, I understand his doubts. If I were older and Peter wanted to marry me, what would I say to him? Ann, be honest! You can't marry her, but letting go of her is also a difficult task. Where the Crawdads Sing books with isolated characters; about loneliness

The book "Where the Crawdads Sing" by American author and zoologist, Delia Owens, first published in 2018. This book has been an extraordinary success since its publication. It deals with the themes of love, loneliness, resilience, survival and also alienation.

The story raises the question of how isolation and loneliness affect the behavior of a young woman. The clues to this mystery lie in its lush habitat and the natural history of its wild creatures. Alone from the age of 6, Kia learns to be both self-sufficient and to find comfort and companionship in the fertile natural environment around her.

This novel is a crime drama that covers the events of the period 1952 to 1970 in North Carolina and The main character is a girl named Kia Clarke, who is known as "Swamp Girl" in the village where she lives. Mostly former slaves, indentured servants, criminals, and other people who were rejected by society live in the North Carolina area. The next story is about the murder case of a young man named Chase Andrews, which happened in 1969, when two boys find Chase's body under a fire tower in a swamp.

When Kia is a child, first His mother leaves the house, and then his older siblings follow their mother and run away from their ruined hut. This decision to leave is in itself a survival tactic, as Kia's siblings want to escape their abusive father. She learns how to cook and takes over the shopping in the nearby town of Barclay Cove, although she doesn't like being there because people mistreat her and call her "swamp girl".

Kia He also learns to communicate with his father in a way that does not upset him. Eventually, her father also disappears, leaving her alone, creating a unique storyline as Kia learns to navigate the world on her own.

After being abandoned by her family, Kia has no desire to form relationships. It is not new and close to people, and isolation becomes a part of Kia's daily life, which is increasing day by day due to this lack of social acceptance. However, social isolation is also to his advantage, as it gives him a strong sense of independence and a distinct point of view. Over time, he spends every day searching the beaches, studying the plants and species around him and drawing them with beautiful paintings. p>

"The smile was not on his lips and his eyes were red. He covered his forehead with a white shawl like a pirate, but the bruised purple and yellow corners protruded from it. Right after breakfast, before even doing the dishes, he packed some of his personal belongings into a suitcase and headed down the road. The next morning, Kia was back at her post on the stairs. His dark eyes were fixed on the road like a tunnel waiting for a train. In the opposite marsh, the fog had descended so far that the end of it could be seen on the mudflats. Kia was barefoot, tapping her toes on the ground and swinging the grass stalks aimlessly, but a six-year-old child cannot sit still for long. Therefore, very soon Selae Selene went to the tidal beach whose waves were going back and forth on her toes with a sound like suction."

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3. The Midnight Library books with isolated characters; about loneliness

The book "Midnight Library" with the English title "The Midnight Library" by The popular English novelist and journalist is Matt Haig, first published in 2020.

Is there anything between life and death? Matt Haig says yes and it is a library full of books and these are not ordinary books but books of your choice. Actually, the choices you didn't make in your life, but now you are given the opportunity to look back on them and see what kind of lifestyle you would have had if you had chosen them. Above all, The Midnight Library is about the value of life itself, can we go on living when we are unhappy?

The book The Midnight Library is about a young woman named Nora Syed who is very lonely, He lives a monotonous and ordinary life and has endured a lot of pain and suffering; His parents are dead, he lost his job, his best friend, his brother, he has no friends, relatives or anyone, his cat is dead and most importantly, he is very depressed. He can't imagine a day when he was fine and life was good It has become nothing but an exhausting job.

Finally, one night, his frustration reaches its peak and he ends his life. Due to the overdose of anti-depressants, the world turns black before his eyes, and the story does not end there. Then he wakes up and finds himself not in heaven or hell or purgatory but in a library. The Midnight Library is where people go when they're stuck between life and death and aren't quite sure which way to go. The library is filled with books that contain endless parallel lives that he could have lived.

He must search within himself as he travels through the library at midnight to decide what life really means. It is satisfying and what makes life worth living in the first place. In fact, he is given the chance to erase his regrets and start over by trying these lives. But things are not always as he imagined and soon his choices will put the library and himself in grave danger.

In a part of the book "Midnight Library" we read: These were true. Nora assumed that his confused expression confirmed the truth of what he was saying. She had no makeup on her face. She had her hair in a sloppy ponytail and was wearing the same match green sundress she had been wearing all week. He had added an aura of sadness and depression to all of this. Till lifted his head from his computer and slumped in his chair. Then he tied his two hands together and made a support with his index fingers and placed it under his chin. It was as if Confucius was thinking about a deep philosophical question about the universe. While he was just the head of a musical instrument store and he was dealing with a delayed employee."

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4. Frankenstein books with isolated characters; about loneliness Mary Shelley was first published in 1818. This novel combines the elements of different periods of the development of art, which shows the characteristics of the Romantic movement and the Gothic period. Reflected in the main characters. Many of the characters in this book spend countless hours alone, and their lives are a constant resistance to isolation and struggle with abandonment and loneliness. It emphasizes their desperation. The first character we meet in this work is called Robert Walton; Through his letters to his sister Margaret Saville, we learn that Walton traveled to Northern Europe in hopes of expanding his scientific knowledge and hired a boat and crew to find a route from the North Pole to North America.

Walton's desire to avoid loneliness and find a true friend led to a big mistake made by a person named Victor Frankenstein; During the journey, the crew sees a dog sled being driven by a giant. A few hours later, the crew rescued a nearly frozen and emaciated man named Frankenstein. Frankenstein has been chasing a giant man that Walton's crew has spotted. After he gets better, he begins to tell the story of his life from his childhood.

Frankenstein wanted to create someone for true friendship, but instead he created a monster who ended up feeling as isolated as he did. The monster created by him is rejected by the human society because of his appearance. The author examines the feelings of a creature that is generally ignored and abused by society.

The novel "Frankenstein" is based on the author's view of society and the mutual relations between people. In fact, this novel is a reflection of Mary Shelley's inner state and sufferings. He tried to depict all the mistakes in life that lead to isolation, destruction and loneliness. Shelley wanted to avoid such things in his life and save himself and his family from loneliness at any cost, and this novel is a reflection of his mind and the fear of isolation and abandonment.

Anthony Badalamenti, a psychiatric researcher. In one of her essays on why Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, she says, "The novel is a product of her own past, as she suffered three successive failures early in her life, which explains why the themes of loneliness and abandonment run throughout the novel."

In a part of the book "Frankenstein" we read:

"Winter approached and a complete change of season took place since I had opened my eyes to the world. At this time, I was thinking about implementing my plan to get to know the people of the hut. I drew many plans; But finally I decided to enter the hut when the blind old man is alone; Because I knew that the main cause of the terror of those I had seen before was my ugly and unnatural appearance; But even though my voice was rough, It was not scary; Because of this, I thought that if I won the heart of the old man while the children were away, my young patrons would also tolerate me through the intercession of old Doulacy. One winter day, when the not-so-warm sunlight shone on the red leaves that were scattered on the ground and made everyone happy, Safi, Agatha and Felix left the old man in the hut and went out for a long walk in the village. Buy Frankenstein book from BingMag Buy Frankenstein book from Fidibo

5. Too Loud a books with isolated characters; about loneliness

The book "Too Loud a Solitude" by Bhomil Hrabal, It was written by the author of the forbidden book from the Czech Republic. The main theme of this book, as its name suggests, is the story of the life of the main character trapped in loneliness. As the author of this book, Bhumil Hrabal has shown part of his personal experiences in the daily life of the character Hanta, and with this book he has presented a statement to understand the chaotic world of his loneliness.

The main character of the book, Hanta, is an old man. He has been pressing the books entrusted to him by the censorship department in the basement for decades. The beginning of the book is the description of his lonely life, the noises and the writings of each book.

The book is written by the narrator in the form of inner whispering to himself and it is as if the emptiness of this loneliness is filled with these conversations.


Caught in this loneliness, Hanta realizes that his business days are coming to an end. There are books stuck in his head, fragments of texts are repeating uncontrollably in his head, but an industrial press machine is coming and it is going to put him out of work.

Hanta in this loneliness is so The books have become a part of his life, and this is the main point of the story. How many people have such a deep relationship with books that they don't need to express their feelings about the book? We watched each other more in the dark than in the daylight. I always like twilight weather. It is only in these moments that I feel that something important is about to happen. Everything looks beautiful in twilight. Streets, squares and passers-by. I feel young and handsome even at this moment, and I always like to look in the mirror and watch myself in the windows when I walk down the streets and touch my face, I don't see wrinkles on my forehead and face. p> Buy the book "Loneliness full of noise" from BingMag. Buy the book "Loneliness full of noise" from Fidibo

6. Braving the Wilderness books with isolated characters; about loneliness

The book "Braving the Wilderness" in English is the work of writer, speaker and university lecturer, Brene Brown, which was first published in 2017. This book is about "the search for true belonging and the courage to be alone". A social scientist known for her research on belonging, Brown takes the reader on a different journey into the possibilities of belonging without compromising belief. Brown shows that trying to fit in doesn't create a sense of belonging, but that finding ways to trust others and ourselves does.

Although technology was meant to bring us together, it often does. It has made us more distant and lonely. Maybe you feel alienated from your family and friends who all disagree because of different political opinions, or maybe you find yourself posting happy pictures on Instagram all the time, when deep down, you don't have a single real friend to turn to. Contact him.

We've all struggled with these feelings at one point or another, and we often make unwise choices trying to show that we're part of a group. However, the author of this book argues that if we want to feel whole, we must brave the wilderness of our hearts and souls and learn how to be whole on our own. In this work, the author also explores the pain of loneliness and how anxiety and uncertainty can undermine focused efforts for social participation.

In fact, the book "Courage in the Barefoot" contains many stories, lessons and practical tools. which are designed to strengthen the courage to be alone; Most importantly, he defines four principles for practicing his concepts of bravery in the naked. Bareness is actually a metaphor for any uncharted territory outside of your comfort zone, which can be anything you're not used to or where you have to face your uncertainties and vulnerabilities. Another interesting aspect of this book is that while reading each chapter, you feel like you are traveling with the author. My journey from staring to true belonging began in my early thirties and spanned several decades. During my third decade, I traded one form of self-sabotage for another: I gave up partying for perfectionism. I still struggled with alienation, even at work; But what had changed was my response to not seeing my number on that list: instead of suffering in silence and shame, I started talking about my fears and pain. I began to question what was important to me. I also question the reason for those things. Was living at a slow pace really what I wanted to spend my life doing? Not. When they told me that I could not have a quality thesis, I did my own work again."

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