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7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

Although reading books does not know the season, it can not be denied the pleasure of reading books on long and cold autumn nights. Especially if the books you are reading have an autumn mood. With autumn approaching and the days and early evenings getting shorter, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a cozy corner and reading a good book. In order to make the most of this beautiful season, here are seven books that you will surely feel the cool and pleasant weather of autumn, even if you read it in a season other than autumn.

1. The Mysterious Past BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

What better way to fall in the fall than to read a book about New England elementary school students? A book in which students engage in religious extremism, mystery, and murder.

The Mysterious Past is Donna Tart's first famous novel, first published in 1992. This book is a very interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining story that completely captures the feelings of autumn.

This book begins with a description of the main character and narrator of "Richard Papen" and the murder of his former friend "Bonnie". Richard catches our attention from the very beginning of the story, which is partly responsible for the murder. From a low-class, unloving, loving family in California, Richard attends Hampden College, Vermont.

After a while, he joins a group of five to study ancient history and the Greek language. They tell Richard that they accidentally killed a man. When one of them tries to reveal the secret, the members of the group - which now includes Richard - decide to kill him as well.

The best parts of the book occur after the second murder; When Tart describes the effect of death on the feelings of the conspirators and the behavior of the victim's family in a small community.

That my unhappiness was due to my sense of tradition and Qalandarmabi and that it had its origins in Marxism to some extent (as a teenager I stupidly inhaled socialism and intended mainly to harass my father, but I still did not understand it and if anyone commented on this behavior "It's because of my strong sense of inherent fundamentalism. I was very angry, but they were right."="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2110/26/13055-3.jpg" alt="BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead" loading="lazy">

The adventurous book "Autumn rises from my feet" is the first work of the Iranian writer and novelist, Leila Saboohi Khameneh, who for the first time Published in 2016. The author has written a long and romantic story with a simple, fluent and poetic prose. This book reached its second edition a few months after its publication.

During the story of the singer with a large number Day will face the shadows, and one of the strengths of this book is this dialogue with the shadows, and the novel "Autumn rises from my feet" begins with this sentence:

The story of the book is about a woman named "Venus" who intends to go to a cold and remote village called "Itgin" to study and teach around Tabriz. He returns to his hometown to visit his ailing mother. Venus, returning to her hometown, relives a volume of memories. Along the way, she talks about living in the city where she was born and raised and the new life she has created for herself.

Other people talk. Venus, because of her resemblance to her aunt, will be involved in a love affair and a mystery. He finds the secret of his aunt's disappearance.

In a part of the book we read:

"I understood everything very soon; Exactly the first time I came alone, Itgin, with the same car, with the car of Saifullah. From the moment Grandma traced her hands to her eyes and stared at me and Abbas as we got out of the car like an acquaintance from many years ago, I suddenly understood everything for sure. Suddenly my heart sank. My whole being murmured, and again, years later, I saw the shadow of Venus over my life. Clear and clearer, brighter than ever. Autumn BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

The book "Autumn" is the first novel in the "Seasonal Quartet" series by Eli Smith, which was first published in 2016. Released. This book is an unforgettable story about old age, time and love. Like all of Smith's work, it covers everything from pop art to Brexit. Britain tells the story of a friendship between Elizabeth and an elderly man named Daniel Glack. The story begins with old Daniel sleeping and dreaming in a nursing home. Elizabeth, who was Daniel's neighbor as a child, visits him regularly and reads to him from Huxley, Shakespeare and Dickens. In this novel, Smith depicts the turbulent British political climate after the election and writes about the June referendum, which marked the UK's secession from the European Union:

Flashbacks, the moment that Daniel and Elizabeth for They meet for the first time in the mid-1990s, it shows us. Tall grasses, dunes. The flat ground behind the sand dunes. A row of trees, on the other side of the flat ground, which turns again and returns to the sea. The sea is strangely calm. And once he realizes how well his eyes can see. " Scorpio Tournament BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

The book "Scorpion Tournament" by Maggie Stevewater was first published in 2011. There is a quality in the way Steve writes that always beautifully depicts the feelings and essence of a particular season or time; In the book "Shaking" of winter, in the book "Cycle of the Crows", the atmosphere is foggy, and in the book "Scorpion Tournament", it inspires the reader with autumn and daily life on an island.

The story of this book on an imaginary island "Inspi" happens; The near past or the unknown future and the environment in which there are cars and radios, but not television or the Internet. The story is about two teenagers named Shan and Pak who take part in the dangerous scorpion competitions that are held every autumn on the island of Insebi. Pak loses his parents, and in the end the only way he can keep his poor family healthy is to enter the scorpion race and win.

The book's back cover says: Scorpio competitions are held every year starting in November. The riders try to stay in control of their Kapalishka until the finish line. "Some of the riders survive, others are killed." In fact, they and Pak each have their reasons for participating in competitions, but as their friendship continues, they are forced to reconsider their life priorities.

This story, with its beautiful and poetic prose, is the foundation of passion, love and power. Connects in a way that raises your heart rate due to a lot of emotions. After reading this beautiful work, you can feel the cold autumn wind with your skin and bones.

In a part of the book "Scorpion Tournament Competitions" we read: I watch and see a gray kapalishka hitting my father's arm and then my chest. For a few moments, no waves hit the shore, and the seagulls fluttered their wings above our heads, trapping the air full of sand in my lungs. It fits. "The gray kapalishka can't hold its rough grip on my father's chest, and my father falls on the sand with traces of its venom before the rest of the kapalishkas arrive."

5. The Thirteenth Story BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

The Thirteenth Story by Diane Starfield was first published in 2006. This book is set in the fall and is imbued with a special autumn calm, and it will be much more enjoyable to read it with a hot tea in a warm and comfortable place.

This novel tells the story of "Margaret Leah" who His job is storytelling. Margaret lives at her father's bookstore in Yorkshire and prefers books to people. The story begins when Margaret receives a letter from Vida Winter, the famous novelist of her time, asking Margaret to write her biography.

No one really knows about Mrs. Winter. Journalists have asked him many questions over the years, and he has given them different answers each time. Ms. Winter is best known for her collection of short stories, Thirteen Stories of Change and Despair, but the book has only twelve stories and no thirteen. For years, his fans have longed to unravel the mystery of the lost story.

Why does he want to tell his story to this little-known biographer? Is he finally telling the truth about himself? Is he revealing his thirteenth story?

In an excerpt from The Thirteenth Story, we read:

"What did he expect?" His eyes shone with serious excitement. He was watching me closely. Explored. He was looking for something completely special. I was sure of that. His forehead was wet with sweat. Maybe he was upset about something.

He said, "Tell me the truth, it made me feel weird. It is as if the past came to life. "The watery excitement of a past life stirred me up and created a tide that flowed in my veins, sending small waves of dullness over my temples."

6. Night Circus BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

The book "Night Circus" is the work of American artist and author Erin Morgenstern, first published in 2011 . The cold autumn weather can be felt throughout the story, and to evoke that feeling, it is an interesting book to understand the autumn weather. Morgenstern's novel illustrates what a wonderful season autumn is, contrary to many people's beliefs. The Guardian, Orange, Dublin and Lincoln Awards are 2012.

The Night Circus is a story of competition between two different forms of magic - old and new - and a rivalry and romantic relationship between two young magicians named Marco. And he narrates to Celia that they are going to compete in a magical duel to the point of death.

Participate. They cannot communicate instead of traveling, studying, exploring or boxing without the explicit permission of their teacher. During this deadly game, Celia and Marco change their lives and the hosts in a mysterious night circus forever.

Many philosophers have tried to determine the place of love in human life. Although Marco and Celia are not philosophers, they know that love is the most precious thing in their lives. Not only does this help them feel alive but it also helps them solve problems that seem unsolvable.

They know that a person's greatest love can be for a place, friend or art. And that's as important as loving someone. The plot also shows how destructive competition can be for a human being.

In an excerpt from Night Circus, we read:

I told my parents that I had a small quarrel with Steve and that's why I came home early. They were not happy about it at all, especially since I was back home in the middle of the night. My father cut off my money and I had to stay at home for another month. I did not discuss either. That was my solution. I wondered what punishment I would face if they found out I had gone to the Wonderland Circus. Death in Autumn BingMag.com 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

The book "Death in Autumn" is the work of one of the most prominent Iranian playwrights, Akbar Radi, who was the first Published in 1349. The works of this famous and prominent playwright are compared with the works of Anton Chekhov and Henrik Ibsen. Akbar Radi was born in Rasht and shows great interest in depicting the daily life of the people of his city. In almost all of his plays, he mentions Gilan and his writings make many references to the lifestyle and beliefs of the inhabitants of this region.

he does. After his son goes to Rudbar, he feels lonely and old. Mashdi buys a horse to get out of it alone, but after a while the horse gets sick and dies. One day, Mashdi goes to Rudbar in snowy and stormy weather, ignoring the words of those around him. One of the men of the village finds him trapped in the snow and storm and takes him to his house, but the old man can not bear it and loses his life.

In fact, this is the pain of rural families It narrates their superstitious beliefs and traditions that are slowly approaching death.

In an excerpt from Death in the Fall, we read: All these years, you have taken me under the feathers and wings like a chicken. With my presence and absence, you made and sat down; But I left very little cloud. I did not buy an onion skin. Do you remember the pilgrimage when you came to my house? You were very lively. You wove Gapsato until your waist was around Ashrafi's neck and your head was around my spring rose. "How fresh you were, flower, how lively it was."

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