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Book Introduction Think Again; The power of revision is a skill

The book "Think Again" (The Power of Knowing the Things We Do Not Know) written by Adam Grant has been translated into Persian by Nashr-e-Novin translation team and published by the same publication. This book falls into the category of books on psychology, personal development, and leadership.

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Adam Grant's book tells us that people are less likely to reconsider something when they take it for granted. And accept that another thought may be right. Adam Grant is a popular American author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. His specialty is industrial and organizational psychology. Grant also has a popular podcast called "Working Life." Adam Grant says in his book that reflection on the thoughts we have is actually a skill and a way of thinking. This book has gained a lot of fans in the field of business. Adam Grant believes that we should not rely too much on our own personal analysis and conclusions. This book empowers us to know what we do not know. Previously, in the same fields of business psychology, good books such as "Forgive and Take" and "Alternative Solution" had become very popular in the Iranian book market. The book consists of four parts: the first part talks about changing personal opinions and the second part talks about changing other people's opinions. The third part is about changing attitudes in organizations and the fourth part is changing attitudes in society.

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