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A book by a girl with seven names; Another decipherment of North Korean secrets

The book "A Girl with Seven Names" written by Korean author Hyunsun Lee has been published by Kolepshti and Atisa. The book "Backpack Publishing" has been translated by Elahe Alavi and Ghazaleh Sabzian is the translator of the version published by Atisa Publishing. Books on North Korea have gained much popularity in recent years. Anyway, the country behind the borders and closed doors is basically curious, although our knowledge of it is still limited to the statements of those who have crossed the North Korean border. Books such as "Dear Leader" and "Escape from Camp 14" are in this category. "A Girl with Seven Names" is a tense and suspenseful story about a woman who grew up in North Korea and imagines that she lives in the best country in the world.

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This fascinating book is actually an autobiography Its author is Hyun Seun Lee, who in the 1990s is slowly asking himself questions and trying to get rid of what he was instilled with through brainwashing and see the world differently. This book takes us to the heart of North Korea to experience life in North Korea with the protagonist, who is also the author.

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