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The book by Anna Carnina; A picture of Russian history in the context of a love story

BingMag.com The book by Anna Carnina; A picture of Russian history in the context of a love story

The masterpiece book "Anna Karnina" is the work of one of the famous authors of contemporary Russian history "Leo Tolstoy", about his love, destiny and destruction. Anna Karnina's plot is inspired by the story of a real woman named Anna Stepanona Pirgova, who was the mistress of a Tolstoy friend. And has become popular. Recognized by many as one of the world's top novels, this book offers a broad perspective on contemporary life in Russia and on humanity in general. Anna Parnina explores a wide range of topics, some of which These include betrayal, faith, family, marriage, the imperial society of Russia, agriculture, art, rural life versus the city, and an assessment of the feudal system that existed in Russia at the time.

Tolstoy In this book, a simple story It depicts a romantic relationship with images of the bourgeois class of Russian society, politics and religion.

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Biography of Leo Tolstoy BingMag.com The book by Anna Carnina; A picture of Russian history in the context of a love story

Leo Tolstoy's full name Liyev Nikolaevich Tolstoy Writer, socio-political activist, professor Realistic storyteller and one of the world's greatest writers, he was born on August 28, 1828, into a wealthy aristocratic family in Russia's Yasnaya Polyana.

He is the fourth of five children. The netographs were "Nikolai Ilyich Tolstoy" and "Countess Maria Tolstoy", both of whom died and their children were raised by relatives. , German, English and French, as well as geography, history and religion were prepared for the entrance exam. He was admitted to the University of Kazan in 1844 but failed to graduate, eventually returning to Yasnawa Polyana and traveling for a time between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tolstoy married 18-year-old Sophia Behres in 1862 at the age of 34. The couple had thirteen children, five of whom died at a young age.

In addition to writing novels, Tolstoy wrote several short stories, essays, and plays. His two most famous works, War and Peace and Anna Carnina, are considered to be the top two novels of all time and the pinnacle of realist fiction.

Many consider Tolstoy to be one of the world's greatest novelists. His ideas about nonviolent resistance, presented in works such as The Kingdom of God Within You, profoundly influenced twentieth-century figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

And without a doubt all the works of this great author are considered literary masterpieces; Among his famous works are Marital Happiness (1859), Confession (1882), Three Questions (1885), Death of Ivan Ilyich (1886), Childhood, Adolescence, Youth (1886), What about Mr. Giant? (1890), The Resurrection (1899) and Haji Murad (1912). .

About the book Anna Carnina BingMag.com The book by Anna Carnina; A picture of Russian history in the context of a love story

The brilliant novel "Anna Carnina" Leo Tolstoy wrote for the first time in separate chapters in a Russian publication from 1875 to 1877. A year later, Tolstoy published the full story in book form after a dispute with the magazine's editor over political ideology in the final part of the novel.

Occurred in nineteenth-century Russia, the definition and historical aspects of the novel are as important as the personal and psychological aspects. "Happy families are similar, but unhappy families each have their own misfortunes." The theme of this book is love, frustration and failure. Although a novel, it reveals aspects of Leo's life and experiences.

Anna Carnina is a classic and is considered by many critics to be Tolstoy's greatest achievement. One of the most important writers in South American literature, William Faulkner, described Anna Karnina as "the best novel in history" and the famous Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky as a "masterpiece novel." The book tells the story of a doomed romantic relationship between the clever and rebellious Anna and the charming officer named Kenneth Veronsky. Throughout the story, the characters discuss various philosophical topics such as women's rights, peasants' freedom and welfare, the pressures of family life, hypocrisy, religious bigotry and wars, the nature of Russian aristocrats who considered themselves liberals, and these discussions turned the book into a real treasure. Although the book is published under the title "Anna Carnina", the story is not just about her; Rather, Tolstoy combines three parallel stories from the Oblonsky, Carnin, and Levins families, depicting the search for true and sincere love by the protagonists in the novel. He finds out about her betrayal, argues and Dolly intends to leave him. Ablonsky's sister Anna Karnina has everything, including beauty, wealth, popularity and a lovely son. He goes to their house to mediate, and Anna can finally reconcile Ablonsky and Dolly.

Meanwhile, Dolly's younger sister, Kitty, has two suitors who are considering choosing one; Konstantin Levine is a family man, hardworking, compassionate, independent and not so social, and Alexei Voronsky is a handsome soldier. Many critics believe that Levine is a picture of the author himself. Anna, the wife of Count Alexei Alexandrovich Karnin (a senior government official), falls in love with Voronsky after a few appointments, leaves his wife and son, and goes to Italy with Voronsky.

Anna destroys a family He dies and dies in misery, while Levin forms a family and his story ends happily in the novel. Finally, Tolstoy concludes that faith, happiness, and family life go hand in hand, and that family life is the source of comfort, happiness, and philosophical excellence. Anna actually falls victim to the search for truth and honesty in love.

The story of this book is like an everyday event that may happen around anyone, but when told by Tolstoy, the same everyday story becomes an exquisite masterpiece. The novel has been adapted several times in various media, including theater, opera, film, television, ballet, skating and radio drama, and is the most famous adaptation of the 2012 film "Anna Carnina", which " Keira Knightley "plays Anna in the film.

Finally, do you think Anna Carnina is a sad novel or a hopeful novel?

"No one but Karim Nin's closest friends knew that this very cool and rational man had a weakness behind his appearance that was in no way compatible with the general course of his character." Karhinin could not bear the cry of a child or a woman. Seeing the tears would make her depressed and take the power of reaction away from her. . They used to say, "He gets angry and does not listen to you," and indeed in this case, the sight of tears disturbed your work so much that he cried out in great anger: "I can do nothing." No work! On his way back from the equestrian arena, Anna informed him of her relationship with Wransky, and then immediately cried and hid her face in her arms, with all the rage she felt at the works, from the emotional revolution that brought tears to her eyes. , Was aware.

With this awareness, and knowing that any means of emotion would be incompatible with the situation at that moment, he was compelled to suppress any vital manifestation, and thus, neither to upset nor to Anna. He looked at her and at the same time gave her the deadly look that hit her so hard. As usual, he said goodbye to him and said something that did not commit him except. Kareen said he would inform them of his decision tomorrow.

His wife's remarks, which confirmed the worst suspicions of the work, were brutally clinging to his heart. This excruciating pain intensified with the strange feeling of physical compassion caused by the woman's tears, but when he was alone in the carriage, he was completely relieved of his surprise and joy, as well as the doubts and sufferings of jealousy that had tormented him lately. . Buy Anna Karnina from BingMag Buy Anna Karnina from Fidibo

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