37 unique gifts for writers

It's time to choose an interesting and different gift for the writer you know in your personal life. Probably the only idea that comes to your mind is to buy a nice notebook. But in this article, we have collected 37 more interesting suggestions that can please the writers who have only received notebooks as gifts all their lives. One of them is suitable for the author you are considering. You can use these clever suggestions to make your favorite writers laugh or simply show them how much their writing means to you.

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

It's time to choose an interesting and different gift for the writer you know in your personal life. Probably the only idea that comes to your mind is to buy a nice notebook. But in this article, we have collected 37 more interesting suggestions that can please the writers who have only received notebooks as gifts all their lives. One of them is suitable for the author you are considering. You can use these clever suggestions to make your favorite writers laugh or simply show them how much their writing means to you.

Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

We've curated this gift buying guide with holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries in mind. Choose one of the clever gifts below to let that special writer know how much you care.

1- Adult Coloring Book for Writers

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Yes, adult coloring books are quite a popular product. Why should kids just enjoy this pastime?

Studies have shown that coloring reduces anxiety, improves focus, and helps people become more alert. Plus, it's the perfect non-writing activity to relax and unwind your writer's brain. No wonder there's an adult coloring book specifically for writers!

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2- Sign up for online courses to improve their writing skills

If your favorite author You are always looking to improve the quality of your work, give him a training course or e-book that he can use according to his schedule.

3- Books about writing

You can never go wrong with gifting an author a book, especially when it's about writing. After all, most writers are readers and eager to improve their craft.

Here are five books every writer should read more than once:

  • "Bird to Bird" by Anne Lamott
  • "On Writing" by Stephen King
  • "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron
  • "You are a writer by Jeff Goins
  • "Published" by Candler Bolt
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4- Waterproof notebook

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Sometimes you get your best ideas in the bathroom and then forget about them until you get out.

Instead of letting your valuable ideas simply be forgotten, let a waterproof notebook help you keep them to yourself. This waterproof bathroom wall-mounted notepad lets you jot down your best ideas even in the shower or leave notes for whoever showers after you.

5 - Domain registration to start a new website

Does your author have his own website? If not, he probably has it on his to-do list for this year.

Give your author their very own domain name, and give them the incentive to get their writing public or start blogging.

6- Literary Socks

Gone are the days when socks were considered a cheap gift.

Nowadays, you can easily complete an entire wardrobe with attractive socks. Fill in the market. The author in your life is sure to love cute socks too:

  • Jane Austen Socks
  • Book Cover Socks
  • Shakespeare Socks

7- Smart choice of a mug or coffee cup

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Mug with a funny design in The case of the authors. Entertain your writer with the smart choice of a smart coffee mug.

If you want to give your favorite writer a boost of confidence, this one can do it: I write. What is your superpower?"

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8- Noise canceling headphones

Hey! The author is at work! While some writers prefer the high-energy buzz of a coffee shop when they write, many writers crave peace and quiet.

Noise-canceling headphones can give the writer in your life the gift of silence (and productivity) that they need. They need it to write.

9- Fingerless Writing Gloves

Fingerless gloves can help your favorite writer stay warm while still allowing them to type. Go ahead it doesn't hurt to make them look stylish in the process.

Even better, there are gloves that cover the text of classic novels. Storyarts fingerless gloves in many colors and themes including Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, The Raven, Still Rising and Night Circus are featured.

Stylish and functional, this is one of the best gifts for writers.

10- Literary Gems

Do you know a writer with good taste? Here are some pieces that can add to any outfit:

A bracelet with a quote from Hamlet on it or a bracelet that says, "I write therefore I am." Or even Jane Austen's cufflinks.

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11- literary tea bags

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Does your writer love tea? So Literary Tea Bag Packs make a great gift, one they can enjoy while working on their novel or freelance project.

Each pack comes with 25 individual tea bags, each containing English breakfast tea is a quote about books by different authors.

If this type of tea is not available in your country, you can make it yourself by preparing an empty tea bag and printing a tea letterhead.

12- Literary perfumes

Inspire your writer with the scent of writers who have already passed away. Dead Writers Immortal Perfumes uses scents like black tea, cloves and tobacco to evoke memories of first editions in old libraries.

One interesting example is Pemberley: it was inspired by Jane Austen. This perfume includes hyacinth, honeysuckle and peony; That is, all the flowers found in the garden of Chatsworth House, the property believed to be the inspiration for Austen's Pemberley.

13- A t-shirt with text from your favorite book

From afar, the designs on Litographs t-shirts They depict a theme, character, or scene from popular classics such as The Phantom of the Opera, Wonder Woman, and Wuthering Heights.

But if you look closely, you'll see that the designs on each Litograph product are small words. have been created in fact all the words of the novel are written on it. Each t-shirt has an average of 40,000 words!

14- Literary action figures

These action figures are a good reminder that writers are also superheroes. Your author can use these to decorate his office or home, or arrange a detailed battle between them when he needs to revise.

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15- Collection of stickers for writing

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Writing gets complicated easily. Give your writer a better way to organize their plot and ideas with this collection of guide stickers.

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16- Fidibo Subscription or Gift Card

Using Fidibo services, your favorite author can access more than a million books, plus thousands of audiobooks. They wear comfortable and beautiful clothes for them. So why don't you get this perfect gift for your own writer?

18- Custom stationery

Engraved with a name or a special embossed pattern on the stationery allows you to give a more personal touch. Have them.

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19- One-player brain games

In the process of creating a story, when an idea to write does not come to the writers' minds, they get very frustrated. But in these situations, one-player brain games not only make their creativity flow, but also help them find their desired ideas while enjoying the game.

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20- subscription to different literary magazines

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

If he receives subscriptions to various literary magazines, he will send them to you regularly. This is an ideal gift for writers who are interested in literary news and learning. Get magazines from BingMag. Print it out on a large poster, this will allow your writer to track their progress as they read books ranging from classics to contemporary works.

This is a fun challenge and a work in progress. It is an interesting piece of art to hang at home.

22- Editing software

By buying a Persian or English editing software, you help your author a lot in his writing process.

They'll keep your writer from making embarrassing grammar mistakes before submitting to magazines or publishing online, at a fraction of the price of a real editor.

23- Literary Themed Coasters

Check out these colorful and fun coasters based on old library books

Add a little sparkle to your writer's desk or living room while giving them a place to put a cup of coffee or tea withEach of these coaster sets will give you an interesting look.

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24- Stationery and office supplies

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Writers use different types of paper, pencils, Erasers, pens and other similar items are also needed. You can buy them a year's worth of consumables.

25- Personalized book

Some publishers will print a book for you exactly as you want, from cover design to custom page count. And a wide collection of different images and texts, all of which you can choose yourself.

26- Book cover postcard

Sometimes you have to judge a book by its cover. . You can make an amazing collection of postcards by printing the cover image of 100 favorite books of your author. They print the type of poster you want in any size, from beautifully designed infographic posters to literary themed posters. Create a fantastic poster for her by choosing a beautiful literary image.

28- Things that smell like books

Every true book lover enjoys every aspect of the reading experience the feeling of a The page between her fingers, the sight of a book cover, and of course, the smell of a book.

If your writer loves to read by candlelight, try the Library Collection candles in scents like "Antique Books" and "Ancient Scrolls." If they enjoy a little cologne every now and then, consider The Library of Fragrance's Paperback cologne, which recreates the smell of libraries for your writer.

29- Literary Design Pillow

Nowadays there are many centers that print your desired design on pillows, all kinds of fabrics and clothes, you can create a valuable gift for your author by choosing an attractive literary design.

30- Pen Smart

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

Why use a regular pen when you can have a high quality smart pen? For example, the Livescribe Smartpen, which saves your notes and voice recordings directly to your computer.

31- Studying desk for the bathtub

Thanks to the bathtub reading desk, to the author Help your loved one relax at the end of a long day with a hot and luxurious bath, some candles and reading their favorite book.

32- Magnetic Alphabets to Mount on the Fridge

This An oldie but a goodie: magnetic alphabet tiles that mount on the fridge and can be used to form words or sentences. The hours are long. An adjustable footrest is just what you need to reduce back pain from sitting in one spot for hours. For ergonomic support for your writer, buy them this adjustable footstool that can fit right under their computer desk.

34- Lumbar Support for Desk Chair

If you want your writer He can write long writings without pain in his back, buy him this lumbar pillow that is installed on the chair. Most lumbar back pillows use inert materials like gel this one, on the other hand, uses thick memory foam that retains its shape and is both soft and comfortable.

35- Smart Notebook

BingMag.com 37 unique gifts for writers

For example, the Rocketbook smart notebook takes the traditional pen and paper experience and brings it into the digital age. brings. This year, upgrade your writer's writing system with a digital notebook that's infinitely reusable (as long as it's not lost) and connects to cloud services.

Yes, with this notebook, they can Connect your iPhone or Android smartphone. Even if your writer prefers the authentic feel of writing with a pen, this paperless notebook is still a great option because it uses dry erase markers or a Pilot FriXion pen to jot down handwritten story ideas or quick thoughtsjust water the surface. And a cleaning cloth.

36- Professional Photography Services

Your author websites and social media profiles will look much more authentic with well-lit photos and skillful photography. When people see you investing in yourself, they may be more inclined to do the same which is why a professional photo shoot that captures both casual and executive looks is a great gift for your author.

37- Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pad

Just like the footrest and backrest, these wrist rest pads are placed in front of the writer's computer keyboard to complete the ergonomic adjustments that prevent carpal tunnel. It helps arthritis and other pains. (Writing should not be more painful than it can be.)

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