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10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

Reading books is not just a hobby, it's an experience. When you read a book, you imagine the events and get involved in the story. How will you feel when you realize that the murder mystery you just read is based on a true story, or that the love story in which the protagonist dies is not just the author's imagination but a fact?

In fact, reading books with real stories is very inspiring, and knowing that these things happened to someone will make you feel more excited.

Reading books based on real stories is very exciting, hopeful, They are inspiring and influential. If you love reading thriller novels, you can not easily skip the books introduced in this article, which include wonderful books with real stories.

1. Save the Bones BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

The book "Save the Bones" is the second American novel by Jasmine Ward, first published in 2011 . The novel is divided into twelve chapters, each of which tells the story of the day before, during and after Hurricane Katrina. In fact, this book is the story of poor families struggling for survival.

These black families live in southern Mississippi. The family includes a perpetually intoxicated father with his daughter "Ash" (narrator) and sons Randale, Skita and Jr., whose mother died in Jr.'s delivery. Skita has a close relationship with her dog "China", who gives birth to a puppy baby at the beginning of the novel. And finally go to the back door. As the water rises, they swim to a house on the hill, but China and his dogs are lost.

In the story of this book, he loses the love of his life, Mani; While Skita loses her dog China. This book has won the National Book of the Year Award (2011) and the Alex Award (2012).

In an excerpt from Save the Bones, we read: He covered her with his hands, but he did not get stuck in his place. Even when I shouted at him to go home, he still had his hands firmly locked on his face and was playing with his earlobes; Like when he watches TV or when he wants to sleep. I once asked him why he was deaf, but all he said was: it makes a sound. "Skita does not leave room for Jr., because the same man whose lover has disappeared has all his intelligence and attention to China." Buy the book Bone Rescue from BingMag

2. I'm Malala BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

"I Am Malala" is an autobiographical book by Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl who He co-authored the book with Christina Lamb. Malala was hit in the head by a Taliban terrorist attack on her way home from school in 2012.

This book is a beautiful and inspiring work in which the beautiful and brave Malala tells the story of her life Narrates. Malala is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and has won the prize for her campaign and efforts to secure the right of girls to education.

Another factor that helped her in this regard was her support It was the unceasingness of her parents, especially her father, who himself fought for world peace, women's rights and the protection of the environment. His mother is a very strong wife and he never discouraged his daughter from supporting her beliefs. The story is written in simple language and describes various events in Pakistan since 1947.

Malala enthusiastically describes the beauty of her homeland while at the same time being firmly rooted in the culture and policies that It keeps girls from studying in their homeland.

Malala's story teaches us that we can dream beyond our limits, or go wherever we want, and all we need is self-confidence, courage and There is hope.

In a part of the book "I am Malala" we read:

"My parents' first child was born dead, but I came out screaming and kicking. I am a girl from a land where guns are fired to celebrate a boy's birthday while the girls are hiding behind the scenes and their only role is to prepare food and take care of the children. For most Pashtuns, the birthday of a girl is very sad. "My father's cousin, Jahan Sher Khan Yousefzai, was one of those who congratulated me on my birthday and even gave my father a considerable sum of money." Buy my book I am Malala from BingMag Buy my book I am Malala from Book stories

3. Paula BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

Isabel Allende's book "Paula" was first published in 1994. In this book, Allende combines the details of a year and a half of his life with his daughter Porphyry disease, which eventually led to his death. He has written a story about the darkest experience of his life.

Paula, daughter of Isabel Allende, fell into a coma in December 1991. Isabel starts writing a letter to Paula that can remind her of her family history. His uncle, Salvador Allende, was the president of Chile who was assassinated in a coup led by General Pinochet's dictatorship, and Allende had access to a wide range of exciting experiences as a journalist and television presenter in Chile.

About Allende His grandparents say they emigrated from Spain to Chile and became rich through hard work and good investment. He goes on to tell several other stories from his childhood and early life, as well as a conversation he had with the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Politics and love fascinate him.

In a part of Paula's book we read:

"There was a small hole above our heads through which I could see the blue sky with a piece of white cloud . Like one of Margaret's paintings. Then I realized in horror that you could pass through that hole, but it was too narrow for me to pass. I tried to pull your coat back, I shouted your name but there was no sound. For a few precious moments I was able to see you go higher and higher. "Then I floated down and among the crows of pigeons." Buy Paula's book from BingMag

4. Burial BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

The book "Burial" by Australian author Hannah Kent, first published in 2013 Published and translated into Persian by Maryam Tabatabai. This book is a brilliant literary work inspired by a true story.

The Funeral is based on the true story of a woman named Agnes Magnesdottir who is accused of the brutal murder of her former master in the winter of 1829. Agnes Magnesdottir was the last woman to be executed in Iceland in 1830.

In the introduction, Agnes, who has been sentenced to death, waits in her cell for someone to come to her and thinks about how easy death is. How unstable human life is. Before his execution, he asked for a spiritual adviser, and the district commissioner asked a man named Totti to play the role. Agnes talks to Totti about his family and says that his mother, Ingoldor, He left a child and also lied about his real father. He has two siblings, but one of them is dead and he does not know where the other is. Agnes also tells Totti about the unintended death of her beloved stepmother, Inga, who died in childbirth. The narrative and finally the truth of what happened that winter night are revealed.

In a part of The Funeral, we read:

Be their own light with which to see themselves. But then where will I be? Sometimes I think I see it again, the farm, which is burning in the dark. Sometimes I feel the burning of winter in my lungs and I think I see the reflection of the flames in the ocean. Strange water, flickering with flickering light. That night was the moment I turned around and looked behind me. I went back to see the fire, if I licked my skin I could still taste the salt. "Smoke." Buy a funeral book from BingMag Buy a funeral book from Book stories

5. Jangir BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

Jangir is a 1971 horror novel by the American author William Peter Blatty. The book was a bestseller for fifty-seven weeks, making it a New York Times seventeen consecutive weeks. . Later, many films and series were made based on this book. The novel is inspired by a true story, the story of a 14-year-old boy.

Inspired. In this book, a helpless mother and two priests fight to rid the little girl of a supernatural being.

Chris McNeill and his 12-year-old daughter, Reagan, move to Washington and film . Mother and daughter have a good relationship; After a while, Reagan starts behaving strangely and Chris hears strange noises from Reagan's bedroom and notices that things are moving inside the house.

Chris takes his daughter Reagan to the doctor and he undergoes various nerve tests but Doctors could not find anything to explain his behavior. Chris can't explain the strange events at home to the doctors.

After Reagan returns home, Chris becomes very frustrated and concludes that having sex may be the only solution.

"One night his father Howard took the glass from his hand and Regan started screaming and crying and continued to cry and moan until four in the morning and he was nervous and upset all day long. And had tension and seizures. This incident caused Mrs. Chris to temporarily adjust her action on the board and leave it for a better time: I raise this issue with a psychologist and with this decision and thought, she returned to her bedroom and fell on the bed tired and almost "He fell asleep at that moment." Buy Janghir book from BingMag

6. Under the sky in the color of blood BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

The book "Under the sky in the color of blood" written by Mark Sullivan was first published in 2017 . This book is based on Pino Lella's forgotten experiences of World War II heroism. Amazing events lie at the heart of this incredible and inspiring novel.

"Under the Red Sky" is the triumphant and epic story of a young man's incredible courage and resilience in one of the darkest times in history.

In this book, Sullivan shows the tragedy of war and how people change their outlook on life. He illustrates this well by changing the main character of the story. He describes what Pino was like before World War II and how he changed throughout the novel to become a different person. And the normal affairs of life are not in his head. He does not want to have anything to do with the war and the Nazis. But when his house in Milan is destroyed by Allied bombing, his life is suddenly in turmoil.

In an effort to protect Pino, his parents force him to register as a German soldier to escape the war. , But after being injured there, at the age of eighteen he was hired as the personal left-hand driver of Adolf Hitler in Italy; While doing so, he meets and falls in love with a Jewish girl named Anna, and then his life changes a lot. He understands how important it is to have love in life and also realizes the importance of his family and close friends.

His little brother. Mimo dodged and made his way out of the gallery to the square where the statue of Leonardo da Vinci was. On the other side of the statue, across the street and behind the tram rails, the doors of the Ala Scala Theater were open to allow air into the famous opera house. The sound of violins and violins tuning in and the tenor singer rehearsing the musical steps was there. Pino ran after his brother, but his eyes fell on a beautiful girl; A girl with black hair, white skin and bright black eyes. He was passing by a square and coming towards the gallery. "Pino stopped suddenly and disappeared to watch him." Buy the book under the sky in the color of blood from BingMag Buy the book under the sky in the color of blood from Book stories

7. Everyone thinks of themselves BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

Published in 1996. The novel won the Whitbird Prize in 1996 and was nominated for the Booker Prize, as well as the 1997 Commonwealth Writers' Prize (Europe and South Asia). The luxury cargo of the world is "Titanic". This is Braille Bainbridge's second historical novel and one of her favorites. He deals with the degenerate life of the upper-class Edwardians on the most luxurious ship on the sea.

This book is narrated by a wealthy young American named Morgan, who was raised by his aunt and cousin. The novel is divided into four parts, and each part relates to the day Morgan spends on the Titanic.

We went to a barber shop near us and I came out and found that the piece of cardboard was actually a picture of a Japanese woman walking through the embroidered fan. "I came back the same way I came to give that picture to the constables. I looked inside the window of the barber shop window and saw that the man's body was placed on a chair and a white cloth was tied around his neck." Buy Everybody's Thought Book from BingMag Buy Everybody's Thought Book from Book stories

8. I was the only woman on stage BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

The book "I was the only woman on stage" by the American novelist and lawyer, "Mary Benedict "was first published in 2019. This book is somewhat of a combination of romance-historical-biographical stories.

When you hear the name Hoda Lamar, you immediately imagine a beautiful actress with white skin and an incredibly attractive face, and the only thing that probably does not cross your mind , Is the subject of the inventor and stubbornness of this brave woman. Hoda Lamar had a double life. In "I Was the Only Woman on the Stage," Benedict illuminates both sides of this complex woman's life in such a way that only a talented writer can do it, ultimately creating a brilliant, compelling, and magical story. Hoda was born to a Jewish parent in a high-class neighborhood in Vienna; His mother always criticizes him, while his father encourages him to pursue both science and acting. Eventually she began her career as a theater actress and became very famous for her beauty and talent.

The observation of the pervasive misogynistic culture of the 1930s in Europe and Hollywood, which was common as usual until recently, is obvious. "I Was the Only Woman on Stage" is a very powerful and masterpiece novel based on the true and incredible story of a star and scientist whose innovative invention revolutionized modern communication.

In an excerpt from "I Am Alone" "I was a woman on stage," we read. "While I was waiting for the main question, I answered, 'Yes.' Who sent the flowers? I was silent to lighten my answer. I could falsely say that these glittering flowers were sent by my parents. "But with this rumor circulating that he could make a deal, if I had answered his question, he would have owed me a favor, and a favor from Ms. Lubig could have been very helpful." Buy the book I was the only woman on stage from BingMag

9. Murder on the East Expressway BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

The book "Murder on the East Expressway" is a detective story by English author Agatha Christie was first published in England on January 1, 1934. This book is without a doubt one of Agatha Christie's greatest enigmatic novels. . These 13 passengers (all suspects) are in only one train car, and the book examines each of them methodically and has one chapter for each passenger.

The author's mind has entered. The 20-month-old son of the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh was abducted just before the beginning of Agatha Gersty's novel. Charles Lindbergh Jr. was abducted from his home in New Jersey on the night of March 1, 1932. An hour later, the babysitter received an empty baby basket, muddy footprints and a ransom letter asking the Lindberghs to pay 0 40,000 for their son's delivery. We read:

"I lay down and thought:" Wow! "I am going to be killed." I can not explain how I felt. I thought of these filthy trains and all the savagery I had read about. I thought, "Well, my jewelry can't be reached anyway," because, you know, I put them in a sock and hid them under my pillow, which, of course, is not very comfortable; Has a hole; You understand what I mean. It doesn't matter anyway. where was I?" Buy the book Murder on the East Highway train from BingMag Buy the book Murder on the East Highway train from Book stories

10. My Unknown World BingMag.com 10 interesting and readable books based on real narratives

The book "My Unknown World" written by the enlightened Iranian, Peyman Ghaleh. Peyman lost his sight due to a childish mischief and an explosion. Loss of vision was for him the beginning of an unknown path that he now had to discover. Peyman Qaleh traveled to many places and wrote a description of his travels and adventures in his book "My Unknown World". 40 . .


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