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دان دلیلو; Postmodern author of the Western world

BingMag.com <b>دان</b> <b>دلیلو;</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>author</b> of the <b>Western</b> world

Dan Delilo has become one of the most important and influential American writers with his works that show elements of modernism and postmodernism. Delilo engages with his country's history and predicts the future with strange accuracy; He portrays the voices, fears and hopes of a wide range of people. Over the past forty-five years, Dan Delilo has published seventeen novels and several unique plays, many of which contain some of the best writings of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Biography of Dan Delilu BingMag.com <b>دان</b> <b>دلیلو;</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>author</b> of the <b>Western</b> world

Dan Dalilo is a novelist, novelist, playwright, screenwriter and essayist, born November 20, 1936 in the Italian-American Quarter of the New York Bronx.

Delilo lived in a working-class Catholic family in a small house of eleven people. He was not interested in writing as a teenager until he worked as a park ranger in the summer, where he developed a habit of reading while on guard duty.

Inspired by them, we can mention James Joyce, William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, and Ernest Hemingway, who had a major influence on his early efforts to write in his late teens.

Prominent figures such as Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingos, John Coltrin, and Miles Davis have mentioned post-war cinema, such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, and Franois Truffaut.

Communicating Arts in New York City (1958), he worked for several years as an advertiser in an advertising agency. He resigned from the advertising industry in 1964 and moved to a simple apartment, where he began work on his first novel. I lived without a bathroom, a heater, or a kitchen with a refrigerator. I had to write my first novel in such a situation, and later I mentioned a large part of the same experience in my novel. The only thing I had, except for my manuscripts, was a radio. What do you think I should have done? When I started writing my first novel, I didn't even have the basics. Do not miss a phone line. I worked with fear and anxiety all the time. Sometimes I stayed up late at night. Sometimes I continued my work in the evening. "I did a few things together and sometimes I didn't get any of them."

In 1978 he was awarded a Guggenheim Scholarship; An American scholarship is awarded annually to those who have shown exceptional ability in the arts. I had chosen to follow. "This is what happens if you are the eldest son of an Italian family: you have a certain freedom of action, and it worked for me." The village of Bronxville lives in New York. It has a hidden reality and can only be summoned by providing clues, clues, and images. He has covered language, performing arts, mathematics, politics, economics, nuclear war, and global terrorism. William Dean Howells of the American Academy of Arts and Letters (2010), Carl Sandburg Literary Award at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2012), Penn/Sal Blue Literary Award And (2013), received the Library of Congress Award for American Fiction, and the National Book Foundation awarded him the Medal for Outstanding Contribution to American Literature.

Works by Dan Delilo h2>

Dalilo writes books that are smart, funny, intelligent, moving, relevant and real, because he can think big and write little.

His first collection of short stories in 1960 was called "The River". Jordan "was published in Cornell University Literary Magazine called" AIPAC ". His first novel, Americana, which took four years to write, was published in 1971; He was living in a small apartment in Manhattan at the time, and after the book was published, he quickly published five more novels in seven years. All of these new novels received rave reviews, but Delilo's name was still not recognized outside of academia. He became widely known and became a well-known novelist. In fact, this book made him one of the most famous novelists of his time and he also received the American National Book Award for this work. ), Snowflake (1985), Mao II (1991), Pafco at the Foot of the Wall (1992), Body Artist (2001), Jahanshahr (2003), Fallen (2007), Omega Point (2010), Key Zero (2016) and Silence (2020).

In the following, we will briefly introduce some of the works of one of the most famous novelists in the world, Dan Dalilo:

Barfak > BingMag.com <b>دان</b> <b>دلیلو;</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>author</b> of the <b>Western</b> world

The book "Barfak" with the English title "White Noise" by Dan Delilo is one of the best-selling and most influential works of Postmodern literature. First published in 1985 and translated into Persian by Peyman Khaksar. Time magazine named it "The Best English-Language Novel from 1923 to 2005." Narrated; This first-person perspective gives the audience the ability to see Jack's true thoughts and feelings.

Jack serves as Professor of Nazi and Hitler Party Studies at a small university in the central part of the United States. He lives with his wife, Bob, and their four children from several previous marriages: Heinrich, Steffi, Dennis, and Wilder. It is often wondered which of them is the first to die, until one day a dark cloud of deadly chemicals in an industrial accident destroys their lives and the lives of the rest of the city.

Barfak was certainly a major breakthrough for Dalilo, both commercially and artistically. This book earned him a National Book Award for Fiction and a Place in the Center for Contemporary Postmodern Novelists. Zadi Smith and Richard Powers observed.

In a section of the book, we read:

The kitchen and the bedroom are the only large spaces here, the hangouts of power, the resources. As for me and all of us in this case, the rest of the house is like a warehouse for the furniture and toys and unused items of previous marriages and the two groups of children they produce, the gifts of relatives who are no more, worthless junk. Objects, boxes. Why are they all so sad? Some kind of darkness has been attached to them, let me be one thing. They do not remind me of my own mistakes and failures, they mean something more general, something huge, both in terms of breadth and content.

/31/15265-4.jpg ">

The thrilling book" Letters "with the English title" The Names "is the seventh novel by Dan Dalilo, first published in 1982 by Mojtaba Veisi in Persian. Returned. This work, which takes place mostly in Greece, is mainly a collection of personality studies mixed with a mysterious "linguistic ritual" with a number of ritual murders in Greece and the Middle East.

Among the many topics covered throughout this work Spiritually examined, we can point to the intersection of language and culture, the understanding of American culture from within and outside its borders, and the influence of narrative on the facts of a story.

It was considered a failure novel, but in later years it became one of Delilo's best works.

The main theme of the book is the language problem. Language is the way we communicate with the world. So it is a means to open up or control the world. The concept of language as a means of control is embodied in an archaeological figure named Owen Broadmas. The issue of control over politics is also evident throughout the book. Politics is where the element of control clearly manifests itself in issues such as empire, US relations with other countries, corporate activities, male-female relations, and terrorist behavior.


"Katherine's old photographs with her father and sisters were reminiscent of a kind of frankness that she does not hide from the camera; He was staring at the camera. It made you think that this girl would take the world seriously. He was expected to be honest, and he seemed determined to stand firm in the face of the difficulties of this work and future trials, and not to give up. Adding disruptive power and purity to the photographs, especially since his father and sisters were in the usual moods of Canadians; "Of course, except for the cases where the old man was black."

"Cosmopolis" is Dan Delilo's thirteenth novel, published in 2003, and he dedicated it to American author Paul Ester.

Story in a The day has passed since April 2000 in a forty-eight-room apartment in New York City. The novel is written in the third person language and follows the life story of 28-year-old billionaire, founder and chairman of a large financial company Eric Packer.

After a sleepless night, Eric decides to leave a magnificent house. Come out on your own and go cut your hair short. He drives with his chief of security, Torval, to his expensive white limousine. The traffic is slow and he is doing his computer work in his limousine. The story is told from the perspective of Eric, who drives his limousine in New York City and watches outside. The reader realizes from the start that he is playing a risky investment game and "bets" on fluctuations in the value of the yen.

Canadian director David Cronenberg wrote the novel in 2011 as Robert Pattinson. Eric Packer adapted for the cinema.

In an excerpt from Jahanshahr, we read:

"Their drivers smoked and talked on the sidewalk, without hats, in dark suits, listening to their life together. Which only appeared in re-visions, when a flame appeared in their eyes when they recognized what they were looking for, and they threw their cigarettes into a corner and gave up the unconscious states. Now, however, they spoke, with accentuated voices, some, or in their first language, remaining, and visibly investing bankers, land developers, venture capitalists, software contractors, global satellite and telecommunications masters, business intermediaries, top media owners, prospective exiles. Prospects for the devastation of famine and war.

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