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Your Excellency Zarif; Women and the issue of seizing power in 2021 films

Poisoning and poisoning is one of the weapons of Women when we look at the pages of history. Poison is a mysterious thing and can easily be poured into food or drink or simply confused with herbs and other medicinal extracts. While men generally have more freedom in different cultures to openly fight over their differences, on the other hand, Women are often silent and strive in the shadows. However, the poison is not always seen in small glasses.
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In three of the most controversial contenders for the 2021 awards season, Women of conscience use words and professions such as their acid to seize power instead of their weak-willed husbands. This is a literary metaphor that is debated in every high school English class in the United States: Are the Women who are in the form of Eve, as if from the Bible, inherently malicious and narcissistic, or are they victims of the powerful hegemonic structure that they Forces them to direct their existential desires through their interlocutor? The determined and determined female actors in "The Macbeth Tragedy", "The Gucci Family" and "Being Ricados" deceive their husbands until they reach the top of power, only to observe that their sphere of influence is gradually lost under the pressure of marital pressure. . Still, instead of asking if these Women are evil in the human body or thirsty for power, we must first ask if these men were worth starting with.

In these three films, one of which is an adaptation of centuries. The middle is a classic Shakespeare play, and the other two films are historical dramas about real female characters who use their talents to promote their husbands. The female protagonists of these films purge their innate ingenuity and charisma through their partner because their matrimonial role ultimately keeps them trapped in the downstream of a static society.

In Joel Cohen's Macbeth tragedy. With a Gothic and expressionist atmosphere, Frances McDormand traces her seductive and deceitful female roots to "Terrified" to play the wife of a puppet director of classical literature. This actor has never been so beautiful and has never cried with such a predator. Lady Macbeth is a low-ranking noble woman from an abandoned and ruined northern kingdom. Even the possibility of becoming a queen and being able to gain more power in Your social realm is enough to deceive his wife (played by Denzel Washington) into killing the king so that Macbeth can ascend the throne himself. Lady Macbeth rejects the femininity and delicacy that limits her and condemns her husband for being so full of human love so that he can easily carry out the murder plot. He sets the details of the plan himself. Even though she is not the one to plunge the dagger directly into the king's body, her cruelty is filled with filthy guilt and a ring of suicide.

After more than 500 years, Lady Macbeth remains as She remains a familiar authority because of her desperate desire to be more than just a woman and to become strong and consequently violent in order to claim the power she strives for. He transforms the characteristics of his gender, imagines child murder in his mind, and deliberately mutilates and incapacitates his wife in order to challenge her to fulfill his desires. He does not do this out of altruism to elevate Macbeth's face, but to promote his own face. Macbeth is his instrument, and his mental incapacity leads him to oppression, tyranny, and tragedy.

BingMag.com <b>Your</b> <b>Excellency</b> <b>Zarif;</b> <b>Women</b> and the <b>issue</b> of <b>seizing</b> <b>power</b> in <b>2021</b> films

On the other hand, Women are sincerely captivated by love in Ridley Scott's exciting crime drama "The Gucci Family" and Aaron Sorkin's biographical adaptation of "Being Ricados". They want their talent to be recognized, but they also dream of walking into the room holding hands with their spouse. They may even be content to take a step back to maintain their fragile marriage. Patricia Rajiani (played by Lady Gaga) and Lucille Ball (played by Nicole Kidman) are both skilled actors: Patricia is a woman of great sexual attraction who wears her femininity and passion like armor. Lucy is also a real actress, and one who, when she sees that her comedic talents have more customers, gives up her ambitions to become a star in Hollywood. The lust of these two Women deceives two men who have no motivation or cultural capital for themselves. Patricia seduces Maurizio Gucci (played by Adam Driver), a tall Lucy man who prefers to be a simple lawyer in the future, away from his first-class family instead of running a billion-dollar fashion company. To lean on. Lucy also seduces Desi Arnaz (played by Javier Bardem), a growing Cuban musician who has the business acumen to succeed in a TV business show but not in social influence.

Patricia pretends to play An Italian woman leads an ideal family, directing her innate warmth, intimacy, and sociability to her husband's family so that they can bring the prodigal son back into themselves and think that it was all their own time. . Lucy, who is a fierce comedian who controls all the details of her popular sitcom, will not be able to cope with Desi's constant betrayals. He eventually gets caught up in a humiliating rope-like game with the studio's producers, writers, sponsors and executives to earn the title of executive producer for his wife and, in fact, his supporting actor. Both Women want their partner to be the best man they can be, and their kind measures will pay off, but only for a short time. They intervene and gradually strengthen their position with the weaknesses of their husbands, each pushing them towards the arms of less expectant women. Patricia seeks bloody revenge, and Lucy, as interpreted by Sorkin, lives in fear that one day their kingdom will be torn down because of the fragments left on their married life.

Lady Macbeth or the fake versions of Patricia Rajani and Lucille Ball can not be considered evil. Instead, they should be seen as the product of their own time, Women who either had little access to education, dynamism, and progressive mobility, or little room to thrive with their partner without making men jealous. Macbeth, Washington, falls into the abyss of authoritarianism and's ouster, Maurizio bankrupts their family business driver, is killed by a blow planned by Patricia, and ends up almost ruining his professional life with his wife. Was all this worth the sacrifice? Can not be said.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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