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Witcher series, describing the connection of worlds and what happened to Geralt

BingMag.com <b>Witcher</b> <b>series,</b> <b>describing</b> the <b>connection</b> of <b>worlds</b> and <b>what</b> <b>happened</b> to Geralt

connection of worlds or spheres in Witcher plays a key role and lays the foundation for all the important events in the world, but perhaps many fans of this series about They do not know the details.

Witcher's world is full of curious and strange creatures, a world with a rich, adventurous and complex history, so much so that understanding all the dimensions of this history takes a lot of time and work, and maybe anyone from So it does not work. Witcher is a huge, multi-product franchise that, apart from its original novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, has made several computer games, and now we have the hugely popular Netflix series starring Henry Coyle. There are differences between these versions, and they are not all the same, some aspects of computer games are closer to the source book adaptation, and in other cases, the Netflix series has been more faithful to it. But one thing is always certain, that the spark of the adventures of this great and wonderful world is struck by a historical and terrible event known as the connection of worlds or spheres.

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The connection of the worlds is the event that shaped the world of Witcher, and it is also mentioned in the second season of the Witcher series. Without it, the world of the Witcher story would be completely different, and none of the Witchers would have come into being with Geralt Rivia at the top of their basket. However, because it happened so many years ago and its name sounds more like a scientific term than magic, many Witcher fans do not know exactly what it's about. It is usually not talked about explicitly because the characters in Witcher's stories are aware of this event and it does not make sense to define it in order to understand the audience. In the opening of the third part of Witcher, there is a monologue that briefly talks about this important and historical event, but the connection of the worlds has more complex dimensions, which we will examine in the following.

Witcher's world before the connection of the worlds

BingMag.com <b>Witcher</b> <b>series,</b> <b>describing</b> the <b>connection</b> of <b>worlds</b> and <b>what</b> <b>happened</b> to Geralt

It is called a continent or climate (Continent). In this article, we refer to it as the Witcher world. Before joining, Witcher's world was a completely different place (and much less dangerous). Initially, the planet was the birthplace of ancient races such as dwarves, elves and dwarf dwarfs. Of course, the original birthplace of the elves was another world, but they came to this land and settled before the unification of the worlds.

Among these early races, the nomenclature is considered to be the oldest. They were probably the main inhabitants of this world before the arrival of the dwarves. The elves entered the land a long time later and boarded white ships. We do not know exactly where the original birthplace of the elves is, but the ancient blood flowing in the satiety veins comes from the lineage of the elves. It was not like before. In addition to the world inhabited by these ancient races, there were several other worlds with magical creatures and terrifying monsters. After the connection of these worlds with the world of Witcher, the border between the worlds blurred and blurred, and strange, magical and terrifying creatures and monsters came to Witcher's world from other worlds. As a result, the Witcher world became a place for all kinds of races, from humans to various species of monsters. The interconnectedness of the worlds also led to the formation of another key element: "chaos" - literally chaos - which is the magical power of the witches and wizards of the Witcher world.


BingMag.com <b>Witcher</b> <b>series,</b> <b>describing</b> the <b>connection</b> of <b>worlds</b> and <b>what</b> <b>happened</b> to Geralt

After the unification of the worlds, many creatures became trapped in the Witcher world. All the races we see in Witcher's stories are, in a way, asylum seekers from other worlds who are trapped here because of the interconnectedness of the worlds. Monsters, humans, and all other species and races had to adapt to new conditions and learn how to survive in their new world, because there was no way back for them.

At that time, no one knew how. Exploit Chiasm and use it as magic, and no one was ready to fight the bloodthirsty monsters that now make the Witcher world their home. The world of Witcher had become a terrible and dangerous place for many years, until gradually the story of the connection of the worlds became history and all the inhabitants of the world accepted this new reality and the next generations knew nothing but it.

Witches And the sorcerers (called mages in the Witcher world) finally learned to take the power of Kias, and then created the Witchers to fight the monsters of the world. In fact, the need for powerful mutants (withers) arose because of this connection to the worlds. Ordinary people could not survive in the face of so many monsters and horrible creatures. The Witchers spent hundreds of years destroying the monsters and getting paid for them until their time came to an end. In the age of Geralt Rivia, witches are not as common as they used to be, and their offspring are on the verge of extinction, and no new, fresh witchers are created to replace the old ones.

Although the story of the union of the worlds is sometimes forgotten And few people mention it, but this is the main and most important story in Witcher's history. It is because of this historical event that Witcher was created under the name of Geralt and we have a witch like Jennifer. In other words, the connection of the worlds is the basis of all the stories and characters of Witcher's world.


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