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3 winners and 3 losers of Nowruz 1401 screening

BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

Nowruz screening is always one of the hopes of Iranian cinema. Usually, a combination of different genres are screened on Nowruz to cover all tastes and attract a large audience. But the Nowruz 1401 release was accompanied by a lot of margins, and the smoke of these margins went first to the eyes of the audience and then to the filmmakers.

While the Nowruz release was expected this year, then From a few cold and restless years, full of enthusiasm and popularity, he took a different path with wrong decisions. This year, seven films entered the Nowruz release cycle and many hoped that the country's cinemas would return to prosperity, but in the meantime, except for a few best-selling films, the rest of the films did not sell well.

Nowruz screening had several winners and losers this year. Some of the characters in their films sold well and others were unsuccessful. A look at the winners and losers of Nowruz 1401 screening reveals new reasons for the success and failure of these filmmakers.

winners of Nowruz 1401 screening

1) Mehran Ahmadi

BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

  • Movies: Dogs

At first, "Dogs" was not supposed to be one of the Nowruz movies, and this movie was added to this list in the 90th minute. . It was not long after the filming of "Dog" ended that the film was ready to be shown. Nobody knew much about the film, and only the comedy title was indicative of its genre. Mehran Ahmadi, with his previous film "Expropriation", which was a well-made comedy, was able to show his skill in making comedy, hoping that people would welcome his film again.

" Doggie " is a simple and well-rhythmic comedy that seeks to provide comedic situations away from sexually explicit jokes. Ahmadi has shown that he is well acquainted with comedy, both in theater and in cinema, and does not use any tactic to make people laugh.

Compared to many comedy films of recent years, it has a well-structured story. Unlike many comedy films, which are based on several comic situations and have nothing to say throughout the story, "Doggie" has a good drama and story, and entertains the audience until the last moment.

The acting of popular comedy characters of recent years such as Amir Jafari and Bahram Afshari, has also had a significant impact on the high sales of the film. "Dog Band" was at the top of the Nowruz screen sales chart by a wide margin and brought a boom to cinemas.

2) Hadi Hejazifar >

BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

  • : position Mehdi

It is rare for a war film to be a bestseller in Iranian cinema; Hadi Hejazifar with his brilliant work was able to be the second best-selling film to be released on Nowruz, which is a rare event in Iranian cinema. This shows that if war films move away from a slogan view and have a humane and realistic atmosphere, they have the ability to attract the audience.

The viewer in the film "Mahdi It deals with an episodic narrative. Episodes that show different stages of the life of Martyr Mehdi Bakeri. Reconstructions from the atmosphere of the eight-year war have been done very carefully and Hejazifar has tried to make the scenes as close to reality as possible.

Also, the character of Martyr Bakri is very It is well processed and brings the audience closer to him and the character is believable. The script also has many details in the story and design of the characters, and the sum of these features turns "Mahdi's position" into a spectacular film in Iranian cinema.

Hejazifar, who for years The theater showed its talents and abilities, and with "Mahdi's position" it also showed that it has a great ability and skill in making movies. "Mahdi's position" is one of the good events of Iranian cinema and should be appreciated.

3) Amir Jadidi and Saed Soheili

BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

  • :

Earlier in the movie "Night when the moon was full" we were somewhat familiar with the character of Abdul Malik Rigi and his way of thinking. This time, Saeed Malekan made Rigi's arrest the subject of his film and tried to make his film spectacular by stepping into the action genre. He makes "Day Zero" look like a suspenseful action, full of chases and popular.

along with directing and screenplay Zero The acting of his actors is also very visible. Amir Jadidi plays a good role as an intelligence agent and part of the film's charm goes back to his acting. Jadidi demonstrates his ability and potential to become a star by testing himself in various roles. Saed Soheili was also able to approach Rigi in makeup and dialect and be able to understand his personality traits. Most of the charm of "Zero Day" goes back to the acting of the actors, and without their good acting, the film would not have been so spectacular.

losers of Nowruz 1401


BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

  • :

It was expected that Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian would return to the cinema with a best-selling film after the success of the series" Zakhm Kari ", but contrary to the expectations of" The Loser Man ", the film was not the audience's favorite. Mahdavian, who is still waiting in line for the unreleased film "Shishlik", came out with his latest film to be released on Nowruz.

. That you can not be happy to see the next work just by succeeding in the previous works. The main actors of "Losing Man" are the same wounded actors whose composition does not work very well here. The next lesson for the Mahdists is that it is not possible to make a decent and acceptable work in the shortest possible time.

It has hit the whole thing. Perhaps the director imagined that as long as people still had his series in mind, he would make a movie with the same team and hope to sell it. "The Loser Man" was in the fifth place in the sales chart, and the cold reception of the film from the people is a serious flip for Mahdavians.

It is a setback. He has to pause in his career and move on to his next film without rushing. Cinema is a place for thinking, contemplation and thinking and it is not possible to make a good work in the microwave.

2) Mohammad Hossein Farahbakhsh

BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

  • :

It is not clear exactly why the best and golden time for screening a film in Iranian cinema should be burned by a film like "Forbidden". While many films wanted to be released on Nowruz 1401, the film "Forbidden" was suddenly included in the final list. A weak and meaningless film that was in the last rank of film sales and its weekly sales did not reach 10 million.

Mohammad Hossein Farahbakhsh has had several films on Nowruz They are unveiled and it seems that he has special connections in the cinema organization. This time, as the producer of "Forbidden", he was able to use his connections and screen this film on Nowruz. Cinema people consider Farahbakhsh a Persian filmmaker whose films do not have much artistic value and content. Despite the obvious weaknesses of Farahbakhsh's directing and producing works, he can still screen his film on Nowruz and burn this golden opportunity.

People do not welcome " Forbidden showed well that other people's tastes do not fit with this kind of movies. Rising levels of taste and people not liking such films should be auspicious so that such opportunities are not wasted for nothing.


BingMag.com 3 <b>winners</b> and 3 <b>losers</b> of <b>Nowruz</b> <b>1401</b> screening

  • Head of the Cinema Organization

This year, the Cinema Organization had the worst performance during the selection of Nowruz films. While it had already been announced that "Laminor" and "Grassland" would be released on Nowruz 1401 along with five other films and they were all preparing for a booming season, suddenly a few days later it was announced that these two films would not be released on Nowruz. .

For no apparent reason, the cinema organization removed "Laminor" and "Meadow" from the Nowruz screening cycle to create a lot of margins. The lack of a clear response in the cinema organization was criticized a lot and no one explained the reason for these sudden decisions.

Serial mistakes of the cinema organization officials caused the number of Nowruz viewers Reach below one million people. While everyone expected the Nowruz release to reach millions after two years, only 870,000 people went to the cinema on Nowruz to show what an important role the proper selection and arrangement of films plays in the public reception.

Adding "Flower by itself" was a strange mistake. A film in the genre of children that obviously does not have the ability to attract many viewers They chose to screen Nowruz and removed from the screening two films that people were eager to watch.

They could not sell a total of 500 million, and this indicates mismanagement and wrong taste choices in the cinema organization. The head of the cinema organization could have brought prosperity and enthusiasm back to the country's cinemas after two years with correct and logical decisions, far from expediency, but this did not happen so that the cinemas could experience a cold and low-light Nowruz.

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