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Will Disney release the original Star Wars trilogy unchanged?

BingMag.com Will <b>Disney</b> <b>release</b> the <b>original</b> <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>trilogy</b> unchanged?

Fans of the popular "Star Wars" series are eagerly awaiting the release of the original "Star Wars" trilogy. But it is up to Disney to release the original trilogy without any changes or not.

George Lucas was the director who made the original trilogy of "Star Wars" and Disney after buying Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. , was able to acquire the rights of this collection, but since then it has not released the original films. George Lucas was a prominent filmmaker and mastermind of the "Star Wars" universe, who founded Lucasfilm in 1971 as his own film production company and visual effects studio. Lucasfilm has produced such notable works as "Indiana Jones," "The Land of Prehistory," as well as "Star Wars." After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the company signed deals with Disney that initially did not receive all of the Star Wars franchise. But now that Disney owns all the rights to this series, why doesn't it broadcast the original trilogy again?

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Since the original "Star Wars" trilogy was first released in 1997, it has been re-released several times, and these different versions of the content of the films They have changed somewhat. The changes that have occurred in the Star Wars films include the use of more up-to-date special effects, changing sequences and even changing the title of the film. Later, even the dialogues and characters were rewritten, and eventually Hayden Christensen, who played in the prequel trilogy, replaced the ghost of Anakin Skywalker, played by Sebastian Shaw. Audiences often have mixed opinions on whether these updates helped or hurt the Star Wars films, depending on which version of the film they saw. In the cinema, Star Wars have been highly regarded by viewers and many hope that Disney will re-release the original Star Wars trilogy. In fact, if Disney does this by releasing the original unedited versions, it will allow many fans to take a deeper look at the Star Wars films and better compare them. Those who for whatever reason could not see the Star Wars movies in theaters in 1977 can sit at home and watch these classic fantasy films, especially since it is difficult to find copies of the "Star Wars" theatrical trilogy.

Why aren't the theatrical versions of Star Wars so available?

BingMag.com Will <b>Disney</b> <b>release</b> the <b>original</b> <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>trilogy</b> unchanged?

Finding the original, unedited Star Wars trilogy is not easy. The tapes originally released for VHS are now badly damaged and good quality tapes are not easy to find and can be very expensive, so the original Star Wars VHS has become a collector's item for wealthy collectors. While the theatrical release was included on the 2006 DVD release, the quality was very poor and there were minor differences in audio content, so it cannot be considered the original, unedited Star Wars trilogy.

original Star Wars trilogy is definitely different from its theatrical release, and can be seen as a modified version of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Therefore, the release of the original negatives of the "Star Wars" films may be a miracle for the fans of this series, although George Lucas said that the negatives of the versions released in the cinema of the first trilogy of Star Wars are not in good condition, and therefore he refused to release the original versions. Is. So right now the only way to get the theatrical releases of Star Wars is on DVD or VHS tapes from 2006, since those releases are not yet available to the public.

How to get Were the original versions of Star Wars accessible?

BingMag.com Will <b>Disney</b> <b>release</b> the <b>original</b> <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>trilogy</b> unchanged?

Currently, the only way to legally watch Finding copies of the original Star Wars movies, 2006 DVDs or VHS tapes, some of which sell for high prices online or at auctions. Of course, fan-favorite edited versions are available online, most notably Harmy's Special Edition, which is one of the versions made by Star Wars fans from the original film versions, which aims to recreate and preserve the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy.

There are other versions for fans, but Harmy's special version is still the most popular version available to fans. Because Finding and purchasing original VHS tapes or DVDs from 2006 can be very expensive for Star Wars fans.

Did Disney get the rights to the theatrical release of Star Wars?

BingMag.com Will <b>Disney</b> <b>release</b> the <b>original</b> <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>trilogy</b> unchanged?

When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, it failed to acquire the entire Star Wars franchise. slow In fact, the terms of the initial contract that Disney signed with Lucasfilm and paid $4 billion stipulated that Disney would own all the rights to "Empire Strikes Back", "Return of the Jedi" and the prequel trilogy.

But George Lucas and Fox were partners in A New Hope, so it was decided that Fox would own the film. However, Disney now owns 21st Century Fox, meaning the company owns the entire franchise. With the purchase of Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox, Disney owns all the rights to the original "Star Wars" films, but it is not yet known whether it wants to release them.

Why Disney? Should it release the original Star Wars trilogy unchanged?

BingMag.com Will <b>Disney</b> <b>release</b> the <b>original</b> <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>trilogy</b> unchanged?

Disney could very easily To get a huge profit from the release of the released versions of the "Star Wars" trilogy. Whether they are a DVD version or released in another format. In addition, many viewers will be happy to watch the movies in their original form, and the number of fans of this company will increase more than before. It gives them the opportunity to watch their favorite version at home and watch an important part of cinema history. Just like what Warner Bros. did with Zack Schneider's Justice League, releasing the original version on HBO Max, providing fans with unique content.

Will Disney ever? Will it release the original Star Wars trilogy unchanged?

BingMag.com Will <b>Disney</b> <b>release</b> the <b>original</b> <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>trilogy</b> unchanged?

When George Lucas updated the original Star Wars trilogy in 1997, calling the theatrical versions a miscut and referring to the newer versions as the final cut. He believed that no one would be interested in the versions shown in the cinema and they would be erased from the minds of the audience. At the time, there were about 35 million Star Wars tapes in existence, which Lucas believed would not last more than 30 or 40 years, and the only version people would remember would be the DVD version. Therefore, the versions of this film have undergone many changes since then, and the many changes that have occurred in the films have caused the Star Wars trilogy to deviate greatly from its original version. Although Disney owns the films and Lucas can no longer claim it, it seems unlikely that Disney will go against Lucas' wishes regarding the original Star Wars.

Definitely fans of the Star Wars franchise. They will continue to push for the release of the original, but Disney has only had full ownership of Star Wars for about two years and seems to be focusing more on creating new content. Therefore, it is safe to say that Disney has not yet decided to release unaltered versions of the original Star Wars trilogy and has no specific plans to release them in the future.

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