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Why was Lighter animation better for Pixar than Toy Story 5?

BingMag.com Why was <b>Lighter</b> <b>animation</b> <b>better</b> for <b>Pixar</b> <b>than</b> <b>Toy</b> <b>Story</b> 5?

Now that LightYer has retold the Story and not followed the usual trajectory of the sequel franchises, this explains the reasons why Pixar was forced to Instead of making the fifth sequel "Toy Story", he turned to making "Light Air". It will attract the fans of this franchise, but instead he preferred to produce a completely new film about one of the characters of this franchise.

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Since the Toy Story franchise As he approaches his 30th birthday, as the first day is still remembered by the audience, Pixar certainly can not easily leave Woody and his band and do not take them on more adventures. So, "Toy Story 5" should definitely have been made, right? Not exactly. After "Reddening", Pixar introduced "Light Yer", a project based on "Toy Story" that, to be honest, cannot be described as a sequel, prequel, restart or revival. Described. In fact, "Light Air" is a film based on the Story of one of the unique characters in "Toy Story" called "Light Air", where the headquarters of the star is a real organization and the emperor Zorg is considered a real and dangerous threat to the galaxy.

In fact, while Pixar, as a company that has always been successful for the sake of the audience, "Light Air" can make this company even stronger and stay in the minds of the audience. Of course, fans of "Toy Story" might wonder why Pixar chose Light Air, when Woody was right in front of their eyes and a better choice. However, when the company was forced to choose between "Lightair" and "Toy Story 5", it was Lightair that had the chance to have its own movie.

Why did Pixar produce Lighter instead of Toy Story 5?

BingMag.com Why was <b>Lighter</b> <b>animation</b> <b>better</b> for <b>Pixar</b> <b>than</b> <b>Toy</b> <b>Story</b> 5?

In addition, Pixar no longer seems to want to make multiple sequels for its films, but instead relies more on original stories. Between 2010 and 2019, seven of Pixar's 11 films were sequels to his most famous films, including In Search of Nemo, The Amazing, and Toy Story 3 and 4. But after that, it seems, the company's strategy changed and it decided to focus more on fiction The main focus was on "forward", "spirit", "Luca" and "reddening" over the next two years. Although Pixar's commercial success was greatly diminished by the popularity of Covid-19, it was surprisingly less well received by critics and no longer received as much praise as Pixar was accustomed to./p>

With all this, it can be said that "Lighter" had an excellent performance. On the one hand, Pixar used its ever-growing popularity to cultivate the open-air character of Lighter, and was able to take advantage of the reputation that the Toy Story brand had brought to it in favor of this character, but on the other hand, the Lighter Story took a chance. Provides that Pixar can use it to create more creative stories. The exclusive open film is not so much related to the Story of "Toy" and shows a unique change in the character of the open and is more similar to "Wall E" than "Toy Story". Perhaps "Lighter" can be considered as the middle ground between storytelling and dealing with the themes of the main stories and the narration of the sequels, and therefore this film can not be classified as any of these categories.

Why is Lighter better than Toy Story 5 ?

BingMag.com Why was <b>Lighter</b> <b>animation</b> <b>better</b> for <b>Pixar</b> <b>than</b> <b>Toy</b> <b>Story</b> 5?

There are certainly many reasons why Pixar turned to Lighter instead of making the fifth "Toy Story" sequel. To be drawn. One of the reasons that can be mentioned is that the Pixar sequels have never been in line with their previous animations. However, "Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3" were among the sequels that did not cause the decline of the first film, and therefore did something that the franchise was able to maintain its grandeur in the next three films and to the franchise Become a Popular.

Toy Story 3 ends with a sad farewell to Andy and Woody, friends whose people have been following the Story of their lives since 1995 and who are finally finding their way. To continue, they are forced to separate. Andy goes to college and Woody, along with other toys, finds another new and lovable owner. In fact, everything ended well and everyone had achieved the destiny they deserved. After that, the studio claimed for many years that "Toy Story 4" would never be made.

"Toy Story 4" was made anyway, and like the third film, it had a seemingly definite ending. Presented to the audience. But despite the positive reviews, the audience's enthusiasm for watching the "Toy Story" franchise had slightly diminished. So Pixar announced that the franchise was closed forever with "Toy Story 4", so making "Toy Story 5" for Woody and reopening the franchise's case seems a bit far-fetched.

So even thinking about "Toy Story 5" sounds silly and scary, but the question is, what makes Lighter superior? Disney had long ago discovered the light-eyed potential of becoming an iconic fictional character, and produced the animated series Light-eyed adventure of Star Command during the years 2000-2001, which was very interesting in its own way. So, in fact, what the company did was try to make the background that he believed in in the Toy Story so true, because it was a shame for the company to want to allow the world to A lovely Toy just looks like a dream come true. Command of the Stars was a series that shone brightly, thus paving the way for the production of an open-ended film. Pre-familiar content has acted in a unique way, so it can be considered a new path taken by Pixar because it has never taken such an epic and adventurous path before.

As people in two years As Pixar has observed in the past, focusing on core projects has taken more risk than in the past and producing sequels (even though the company has been more creative and provided more diverse content). Therefore, it can be said that this company has observed the aspects of caution in the film "Light Air" and at the same time has penetrated into the territories. Jadid has also remained loyal to the Toy story, and therefore this weak but inseparable connection with the "Toy Story" franchise has made it able to attract die-hard fans of this series of movies.

Lighter cause more spin-offs related to the Toy story?

BingMag.com Why was <b>Lighter</b> <b>animation</b> <b>better</b> for <b>Pixar</b> <b>than</b> <b>Toy</b> <b>Story</b> 5?

It is certainly inconceivable that" Lightair, "the film that shook the box office, was a collection of spin-offs in connection with" Toy Story. " It will not work because there are so many options to choose from, so Pixar can make good use of this opportunity. There's already a TV show for Forki at Disney Plus, but Woody's synopsis should be on the company's next agenda as well, because Disney needs to be determined to give more importance to the Western genre, just like Lighter Was able to introduce the science fiction genre in Pixar. Definitely with Jesse, Bolsey and Pete Badboo, the movie or TV series Woody Randup, the smiling sheriff who confronts the villains and thieves of the Wild West and turns into a real cowboy is a program that every viewer will enjoy watching.

With all due respect to Ham and Wise, the "Toy Story" spin-offs will definitely focus on the stories of characters such as Baz Lighter and Woody Roundup. So in general it can be said that Pixar has many options based on which it can continue "Toy Story 4" indirectly and without making "Toy Story 5".

Gaby also voiced by Christina Hendrix He was able to become one of the most attractive new characters that was added to this franchise in "Toy Story 4" and therefore he will have the potential to be saved after his evil actions against Woody and Pip and receive his own movie or series.

Of course, the fate of future spin-offs largely depends on the movie "Lighter". Although the film's affiliation with the Toy Story franchise largely guarantees that the film will attract audiences, it is by no means guaranteed that subsequent films and spin-offs will be well received. Cinema-goers may not accept the removal of the "toy" part of Lighter Pixar's open story, and they may not like such a change, and it may even lead to the failure of Lighter, although such a prediction does not make much sense. But overall, if the movie continues to shine, there will definitely be more spin-offs focusing on the main story. Spin-offs that certainly will not include "Toy Story 5". Is it coming or a reboot?

BingMag.com Why was <b>Lighter</b> <b>animation</b> <b>better</b> for <b>Pixar</b> <b>than</b> <b>Toy</b> <b>Story</b> 5?

because Pixar's Story "Toy 5" aside, the question for many is whether "Lighter" is a sequel to the "Toy" franchise or should we consider it as a re-launch of the franchise? Well, that's hard to answer, but Light Yar is more of a prequel than anything else.

Not only "Toy Story", it is both a part of the "Toy Story" world and can be considered an independent film. But if we want to call it a prequel, we have to say that this film is technically a Story that takes the open character of Lighter out of the Toy world and is now explaining what happened to this character, but the events of the film are straightforward. It does not affect the emotional journey of the toys.

Therefore, it can be said that the overall choice of Lighter from all these characters by Pixar is a smart choice and shows the rich genius of this company. Since there is really no way to bring the characters of the Toy Story together, "Light Air" was the best way to keep the franchise alive in people's memory.

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