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Why should Disney live reactions look like Jungle Book and not The Lion King?

Recent imagery, especially from Disney, has become extremely popular. Along with the Marvel movie world and Star Wars, Disney's live-action adaptations of its four classic animations have been one of the studio's most lucrative box office shows, selling over $ 1 billion worldwide.

Idea for Disney It's a good commercial, and any remake of past successful titles whose main characters and characters have established a consistent audience can evoke a nostalgic sense of Disney animation in different generations. These animations are very economical at the box office, but sometimes the way the main story is told leads to the failure of the film instead of success.

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Disney remakes are generally in two categories: recreation and reproduction

BingMag.com Why should Disney live reactions look like Jungle Book and not The Lion King?

Reproduction of classic animations will not only be inspired, but also more emphasis will be placed on its plot and story, and the essence of the story and dialogues will be given in the film. In this method, the same scenes and sequences of the original film are repeated with a little manipulation. Dave and Delbar 2017 is very similar to the narrative structure and scenes of its original version in 1991, but it is strangely incapable of expressing the purpose and sense of the film.

Not done well. Dave (Dan Stevens) saves Bell (Emma Watson) from being attacked by wolves and takes him to his personal library without showing his motivation in the original film. What such films do with newer songs and sub-characters or creating other stories and sexual orientations to present themselves as a new film does not distinguish them sufficiently as a classic title. Remakes like this one, Aladdin and Mulan depend heavily on the originality of the title to evoke a nostalgic sense of the audience in the form of new visions and structures of the classic film. The reason for the profit of more than one billion dollars is three of the four remakes of their loyalty to the main story of the animation. Is. With this film, Disney realized what the process of reconstruction should be like, if something is successful, there is no need to change. The Lion King 1994 is definitely one of the most prestigious and popular classic animations, and its reconstruction has taken into account the process of the main story as much as possible, which has brought a glorious effect. Countless dialogues from the original script have been used, and the storyline and scenes of the film have been precisely reconstructed. Even James Earl Jones was invited back to the project to voice Mofasa. Apart from the computer effects, the film is incapable of introducing itself as a new work, and in fact becomes an anniversary celebration for the popularity of its original title. The remake of this film, rather than a modern title from the original animation, is more like a scene-by-scene remake of Gan Van Sant's infamous 1998 short film from a psychological film.

BingMag.com Why should Disney live reactions look like Jungle Book and not The Lion King?

Shirshah 2019 presents a bad image of Disney remakes and instead of turning opportunities into creativity and innovation, recreates an endless story for the new generation, the film is placed in a position that relies more on The show is special effects and only serves as a means to recall the golden age of the original animation. By using the emotions of the audience who love the original title, the film tries to fill this gap in its soulless digital title, and in fact it is just an advertisement for its brand. This is the whole purpose of Disney's remake of past titles. The better these transfers are, the more likely it is that a new title will be created. Prior to The Lion King 2019, John Foro directed a title that became one of the best remakes in Disney history. He is raised by wolves and must be returned to the human village by his friend Bill Murray, a black bear and leopard (Ben Kingsley). This reconstruction with a simpler narrative has recreated the main story of the film from a more emotional point of view. Characters such as King Louis (Christopher Walken), Ka (Scarlett Johansson) and Sher Khan (Idris Elba) pose more serious dangers to the character in the main story and severely affect Muggle's security. The film also deals with Mowgli's relationship with his wolf family and the impact of his presence on the forest and other animals. The original film became a classic due to the slow process of introducing its characters during the events of the story. But the reconstruction of the film places more emphasis on the process of the story and how the main character deals with it, and along with this, it depicts a new and emotional narrative of the main story.

Disney has a lot to turn its classics into big investments. Shirshah benefits from the audience's favorite title and does not see the need to create new faces in himself. The book of war also uses the context of its classic work, and even uses the works of the British author Rudyard Killing more than any other adaptation as a good basis for creating a new title. Despite the many titles that Disney has for future remakes, it must learn from the Jungle book, respect the audience and the core texture of the film, so that the films can grow and flourish over time. To the extent that future reconstructions are as creative as the original film's ability to retell literary stories.

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