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Why should "Batman: Knight of Gotham" be a model for superhero movies?

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> 'Batman: <b>Knight</b> of Gotham' be a <b>model</b> for <b>superhero</b> movies?

2008 was a good year for Batman fans. In July of that year, "The Dark Knight" was released; One of the best superhero movies ever made. In fact, it can be said that the sharp and realistic tone of this film was able to provide the necessary ground for the creation of superhero works of the next decade of Hollywood.

After 14 years have passed since then, this film still has its own impact. And audiences are enjoying it, but just ten days before the film's US release, another Dark Knight movie was very quietly released on DVD. This movie, which was called "Batman: Knight of Gotham", told a series of six different stories that were made by six prominent directors of the Japanese animation world.

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Surely, such a story seemed very interesting because it could show the audience in a fresh and original way a simpler take on a popular character who was becoming one of the legends of comic stories. Of course, it's no surprise that the older brother of this film, "The Dark Knight" managed to draw all the attention and make "The Gotham Knight" become a trivial animated film that only fans of the animated adventures of Batman who They are looking for more adventures to watch it.

But with all of this, the anthology format of this animation gave its creators a unique opportunity to make the most of the fictional genre, and its short stories also made it possible to The film saw some of the most creative Batman stories to come out in recent years. Therefore, more superhero movies should follow this format and "Batman Knight Gotham" can be a great example for them.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> 'Batman: <b>Knight</b> of Gotham' be a <b>model</b> for <b>superhero</b> movies?

In fact, this concept can be found in series such as "The X-Files" and "Star Trek Next Generation" and we can see how in an era where long stories draw all attention and are in the center of attention, narratives Shorter and more independent, they can be just as rich, and with the valuable points they contain, they can not only gain fans for themselves, but also teach the audience something useful.

This is the point where It causes the superiority of the "Knight of Gotham" animation. Because each of the stories of this animation are derived from a strong and unique idea that can not only convey a fruitful concept to the audience and teach him something, but also have the power to entertain him for 10 to 15 minutes. For example, the opening part of this animation titled I Have a Story for You depicts four teenagers who all encounter Batman on a particular day and each of them has a different impression of him. One of these teenagers sees him as a living shadow that can disappear and reappear whenever he wants, while the other attributes his invincibility to the fact that he is nothing more than a robot.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> 'Batman: <b>Knight</b> of Gotham' be a <b>model</b> for <b>superhero</b> movies? What is it like with this masked Knight protecting their city and how do they each justify his existence. This sequence is something like twelve minutes long, but in that short amount of time it conveys its intended concept well, explores the depths of Batman's existential nature, and then delivers a satisfying conclusion while also creating a unique story. In relation to the Dark Knight, it provides a film that will definitely be pleasing to the audience. Although it cannot be said that dealing with such stories is a kind of evolution in the field of story writing They count, but there is definitely no need for them to be like this, but the fact that such stories can entertain the audience for an hour is enough.

This applies to all the short stories in this animated film. For example, Crossfire shows the darker side of the franchise by focusing on two members of James Gordon's criminal gang, as they are unwittingly drawn into the conflict between two rival gangs. Work and Pain delves into Batman's past and tells stories of when he volunteered to help others, and in the process he encountered a mysterious woman who taught him a valuable lesson about how to deal with the pain in his life. . Meanwhile, Deadshot tells a more traditional Batman story, pitting the world's greatest detective against the world's deadliest killer in an action sequence. It is considered a fitting ending for the film "Knight of Gotham". In fact, the unique visual styles of each of these short films made by four of Japan's largest animation studios have made these animations significantly different from each other.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> 'Batman: <b>Knight</b> of Gotham' be a <b>model</b> for <b>superhero</b> movies?

Such a structure gives each of the short stories a unique identity that perfectly matches the mood of the themes they contain, but is not too different from the other stories in the film. which confuses the audience. None of these stories have gone into details and have not included trivial and confusing stories, and therefore they have not wasted the audience's time by dealing with side stories, but they used their limited time to deal with the main story and were able to create a story. share the full with their audience. In fact, the animation "Knight of Gotham" looks at Gotham City from a different perspective and shows the audience a side of it that they may not have seen until then.

But now the question that arises is, if the format The anthology is suitable for superhero movies. Why have few movies used this format? The answer comes back to the quality of the work. Usually, anthology films are not given much attention, and since each creative team takes on one of the film's stories, it is impossible to maintain the quality of the stories throughout the film, and this makes the film not to the taste of the audience. For example, consider the series "Black Mirror". The series may have had episodes like San Junipero, which became the most important episode of the series in 2010, but many episodes were boring and forgotten by the audience as soon as they were over.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> 'Batman: <b>Knight</b> of Gotham' be a <b>model</b> for <b>superhero</b> movies?

But "Gotham Knight" has easily overcome such a problem. In fact, in this animation, instead of each story being completely different from other stories, each story is made and discussed in such a way that it happens in a short period of time and continues the way of the story before it, thus creating a coherent structure. provides Of course, what connects these stories are details, for example, the man in black who caused a lot of destruction in a story I have for you is the same man in black who the police in Crossfire takes him to Arkham Asylum, but these details give the film a special coherence. they forgive and make this film different from other films that have been made in this way.

These are the small and large features that make the film "Knight of Gotham" one of the unique films that have come out of He has used a new style to narrate his stories and therefore can become a model for other superhero movies.

Although this style is not usually used in filmmaking, sometimes some movies have used the features of this style and have encountered different results. The animation "Green Lantern: Emerald Knight" tried to do the same thing, and recently the movie "What if" took the same path.

But in the end, none of them could do as well as the animation "Knight". Good luck Gotham. In the movie "Emerald Knight", we see that a group of directors were used for six stories, each of which had its own artistic style, and therefore this caused The film should move away from the anthology style and each of the stories should deal with a different topic and not have enough coherence. However, in "What If" we see that these stories are finally connected at the end of the film. With all these details, these films could never be as successful as the animated "Knight of Gotham" and this shows that using this style is not an easy task.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> 'Batman: <b>Knight</b> of Gotham' be a <b>model</b> for <b>superhero</b> movies?

Of course, some argue that "Gotham Knight" also suffers from these problems, but this claim is not true at all.

Of course, in a way, this movie claims which is part of Christopher Nolan's trilogy that takes place between "Batman Begins" and its sequel, but there is not much connection between the two films. The clearest connection between them lies in the fourth story, Dweller in Darkness. The story sees Batman investigating a riot at a cathedral that has all the hallmarks of Sam the Scarecrow (a character still involved in the events of "Batman Begins").

This story by David S. Goyer is credited as a writer on all three Nolan films, but as you'd expect from a DVD movie, none of what happens in this sequence is reflected in the next film. Nolan himself and none of his actors were involved in this project, and therefore none of the audience ever even thought that the movie "Gotham Knight" could be related to Nolan's movie.

It is unlikely that Gotham Knight It joins our list of the best Dark Knight movies, but it's obviously not what the filmmakers were going for. Maybe they just wanted to present a movie with an exciting story. Instead, it can be said that "Batman: Knight of Gotham" is a film that celebrates the main character of the Batman story series and continues to explore the dark world of Gotham and tells different stories about this city and its villains. /p>

This movie reminds us that not all stories related to our favorite comic book heroes need to be epic, and writers can use their art to create a non-epic but entertaining story that will appeal to the audience. be attractive Therefore, these features have made "Batman: Knight of Gotham" one of the most exciting superhero movies that have used the anthology formula and succeeded among the seemingly endless number of animated films that tell the story of Batman.

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