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Why is "Tokyo Godfathers" still a great Christmas anime?

BingMag.com Why is 'Tokyo Godfathers' <b>still</b> a <b>great</b> <b>Christmas</b> anime?

In the west of December, which begins, everyone is looking for Christmas movies and series. Hopefully, the warm-up stories of these works during the cold three months of the year can give them a little warmth and joy. At this time of year, film companies are doing their best to provide whatever content is appropriate for the time. Although this approach makes all the different works available to cinema lovers, but it increases the competition in this cinematic sub-genre and makes the effort to be seen become a main axis. Even with anime that's nothing short of a Christmas story, it's not easy to make a warm-hearted, lovable anime that can be watched every year during the Christmas holidays.

, The 2003 film itself achieved such success. In this comedy-drama, in which Satoshi Ken takes a different path from his usual filmmaking style, we are confronted with an original and exciting Christmas story that, after all these years, still retains its valuable place and deserves the title of " Is a "classic Christmas effect." "Tokyo Godfathers" is the story of three homeless and poor characters who find a baby on a cold Christmas night. The three characters include a middle-aged alcoholic named Jane, a runaway teenage girl named Miuki, and a transgender woman named Hannah. These three people from the lower class of society only care about surviving, but with the arrival of the baby in their lives, they find a new goal. They conclude that they must find the child's family, at all costs. Their only clue is the key next to the baby, there is also a note asking them to take care of the baby. Hannah names the baby Kyoko, and the three go on a long journey to find The child's family begins. They go through various adventures along the way, events that deepen their bond of vision and bring these three godfathers to a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Along the way, we also learn about their past and how they got to where our current homelessness came from. " We know. Compared to them, "Tokyo Godfathers" has a more direct, dramatic and comedic story, and most importantly, it offers a soothing inner warmth. There is not even a word about Kenny's favorite fantasy elements, and the film takes place realistically in today's Tokyo. The only unusual or supernatural thing about the film is what Hannah considers the Christmas miracle, and it only adds to the magic of the Christmas film. As much as we think, it is not straightforward. In addition to the above emotional aspects, the film is full of intense story twists and nails the audience in place, the film's suspension is very high and we are waiting for the next event every moment. The obstacles in front of them are so unusual and fascinating that they make the adventure of these three people exciting and at the same time, nail-biting. Surprising the audience with unpredictable and believable events. At the same time, Satoshi Ken can do that.

Despite such a crazy story and such unusual characters, the film does not hesitate to depict problems. These characters act as a homeless person, both in terms of the behavior they receive from others and in terms of how they cope with the situation themselves. They are often ignored and viewed as an element outside of society and the city. For this reason, those who are excluded from their community find the comfort and stability they seek together.

It is a scene from a film in which a group of teenagers beat Jane, simply because Keep their heads warm, and of course the more important reason is that they think no one cares about a poor homeless person. Elsewhere, Hannah is hospitalized for malnutrition and poor lifestyle because her immune system is weakened. These two cases show how dangerous and deadly the life of a homeless person can be, and even a simple illness can kill him. Miyuki also has no mercy despite his young age, lack of sufficient experience in real life makes him always dependent on Jane and Hannah. The story gives the story scenes a great opportunity to show off these complex and profound characters. Jane is stubborn and occasionally lies, but she is very caring and kind to this family of three. Hannah is too emotional, and her motherly instinct and self-sacrificing nature warm the connection between them, she breaks her heart as easily as it warms her. Miuki has an admirable courage in the face of adversity and deeply believes that as a homeless person she has more freedom, and that is very valuable, even if this lifestyle carries a lot of risks. Although the film itself tells a crazy adventure story, it's the characters who breathe new life into it and make the "Tokyo Godfathers" more than just a Christmas anime. (He died in 2010 at the age of 46), but he was famous all over the world. He was admired for the complex and mysterious themes and spectacular designs of his films. The Tokyo Godfathers, inspired by John Ford's "Three Godfathers", is just one of his many successful works. Thanks to its encouraging theme and stories about family, love and generosity, the film continues to be influential and should definitely have a special place in all the lists of Christmas movies that are released every year.

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