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Why is the success of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" bad for Marvel?

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" paved the Way for new Spider-Man films, both inside and outside Marvel, but Its success could pose unexpected challenges for the world of cinema.

Corona epidemic shut down cinemas for several months in 2020, but now cinemas are slowly returning to normal. In 2021, several films such as "A Quiet Place 2" and "Fast and Furious 9" were released in cinemas again and were successful, but none of them can be compared to the historical success of "Spider-Man: There is no Way home".

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"There is no Way Home" opens Marvel's multi-world doors to many other villains and criminals, and they After reading a wrong spell by Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), they flock to the world. The spell also summoned two other Spider-Man men, played by Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who, along with Spider-Man Tom Holland, destroy the evil powers and bring them all home. Tom Holland, Spider-Man, faces a new challenge at the end of "No Way Home," in a world where Peter Parker's memories are lost. This paves the Way for Marvel's "Spider-Man 4", but it's not the only Spider-Man project under construction.

He himself raises the possibility of reviving Maguire and Garfield's Spider-Man series. For now, everything shows that there is no Way home, it is just the beginning, but this view just looks like the tip of the iceberg. Sony has several other Spider-Man projects underway, and the multiplicity of these projects and the general popularity of Spider-Man could make them a real competitor to Marvel's cinematic world.

Several Spider-Man films (to Except for Marvel Cinematic World) under construction

BingMag.com Why is the <b>success</b> of 'Spider-Man: No <b>Way</b> Home' <b>bad</b> for Marvel?

When Tom Holland Spider-Man He made his Marvel debut with "Captain America: Civil War," in which he seemed to be only a member of the Avengers in the future. In 2018, with the success of "Venom" starring Tom Hardy, we almost realized that the Spider-Man franchise was not necessarily connected to Marvel's cinematic world. Just two months later, "Spider-Man: Into Spider-Man" reaffirmed this with the introduction of Miles Morales (Chemist Moore) in the cinema and the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. With the temporary clash between Sony and Marvel in 2019, it became clear that Spider-Man is not the exclusive character of Marvel Cinematic Universe, because Spider-Man's exclusive films are still made under the Sony flag and his presence in Marvel Cinematic Universe is at Sony's discretion. "There is no Way Home" became a sensational and successful film of 2021, and immediately began talking about Spider-Man Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and some believed that they were working on their own Spider-Man franchise. They continue. The beginning of Maguire and Garfield's passionate days seems inevitable. Meanwhile, "Into the Spider-Man" has two sequels on its way. In fact, the animation "Spider-Man: Beyond Spider-Man" will be released in two parts. Meanwhile, it looks like Venom will star in a joint film starring Tom Hardy with one of the three Peter Parkers, possibly Garfield. In addition, Sony has also announced the production of "Madame Webb" starring Dakota Johnson, who may be the point of unity between different Spider-Man men. The arrival of Spider-Man in Marvel's cinematic world is a testament to the rapid change in the film industry. However, the spider world that Sony has been looking for for a long time is finally coming together right at the height of Spider-Man's presence in the Marvel movie world.

Spider-Man is still a key player in the world. Spider-Man is becoming a source of funding (more than Always) for Sony, but it's not that he no longer has a role in Marvel's cinematic world. Tom Holland, for his part, has given some interesting answers at times about whether he will return after "there is no Way home." He has spoken out about his preferences for Peter Parker and would like to see the character as Miles Morales, as well as co-starring with Charlie Cox as Daredevil. Of course, both of these possibilities seem a bit strange, because in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" we saw the presence of Miles's uncle, Aaron Davis (Donald Glover), and in addition, Matt Murdoch. He starred in "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home." This is clearly a sign of at least one other adventure in the Marvel movie world with Spider-Man. Holland has also recently starred in other films besides Spider-Man, starring in the new film based on the same video game "Uncharted." Holland had recently stated that he did not want to play Spider-Man until he was 30, and this sentence showed that he was using his own pressure levers to create a role in his favorite version as Spider-Man in later works. In any case, Spider-Man has inherited the Tony Stark franchise after "There's No Way Home," and certainly due to the film's success. So Marvel's movie world probably has more stories to tell than Spider-Man.

Could Sony's Spider's World be as big as Marvel's movie world?

BingMag.com Why is the <b>success</b> of 'Spider-Man: No <b>Way</b> Home' <b>bad</b> for Marvel?

is the new multi-world concept of superhero movies, and now studios have more freedom than ever to tell parallel stories with multiple versions of the same character. Marvel's cinematic world will continue in the same vein with "Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness," but Spider-Man is in a different situation. The Marvel movie world has a Peter Parker, and his presence is still subject to a temporary joint venture agreement with Sony. This studio benefits from two recently retired Peter Parker, which in itself seems very large and valuable to them.

We will be waiting for "Venom" with the presence of Spider-Man, several evil projects related to Spider-Man such as Morbius and Creon Hunter, "Madame Webb" and Spider-Man animated films. Spider-Man is a popular character, and Sony has the potential to build its own Spider-Man world based solely on the power of Spider-Man as a true warrior. Spider-Man will not leave the Marvel movie world for Sony any time soon. The separation of Sony and Marvel is not possible at the moment, and Sony does not need Spider-Man right now after "No Way Home", but given the welcome "No Way Home" and the eagerness for the return of Maguire and Garfield, it is quite possible that Sony's Spider-Man's world's actually reach the level of popularity of Marvel's cinematic's world. Holland is very popular as the Spider-Man in Marvel's cinematic world, and there is no Way home. Well, the preparations for Peter Parker's next story provide the impetus for Zendaya and the other characters in the next franchise. However, it cannot be ignored that Sony's plans for Spider-Man and other related characters could make their Spider-Man franchise a competitor to Marvel's cinematic world. "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home" has opened the door to all possibilities, and now nothing is out of the ordinary in Marvel's cinematic world and Sony's Spider-Man.

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