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Why is the shooting of Matt Reeves' Batman movie different from any other superhero movie?

A few weeks have passed since the release of the Batman movie. Produced by Matt Reeves, Greg Fraser, and a group of talented people including actors, writers, production team and others. This movie will probably become one of the best superhero movies in history. When it comes to filming, this movie is definitely one of the best, if not the best. "Batman" is the first superhero film after "Spider-Man" by Sam Remy, which has a completely unique angle of view and the shooting of Batman is unparalleled. But what is the reason?
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As you probably know, superhero movies are expensive movies, and that's why they are made by studios with a specific agenda.

Marvel, which in recent years has been able to satisfy the majority of moviegoers with its films, has created its own style (both visually and emotionally) that has accustomed its audience to it and the same in making all its films. Acts. Even when writers like Taika Whititi and Chloe Zhao collaborate with the studio, this style is imposed on their work. Rarely do we find another style in these fields that can resist. Even someone like James Gunn managed to show his humor in Marvel, but still could not make a truly "James Gunn" movie.

Exactly because Daisy and Warner Bros. could not And to find their steady voice, they made a sudden turn, and in a clever move, perhaps the smartest move they have ever made, decided to maintain the style of the directors in their films. This decision led to the success of these companies. But none has been as good and unique as Batman Reeves.

BingMag.com Why is the <b>shooting</b> of <b>Matt</b> <b>Reeves'</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>different</b> <b>from</b> <b>any</b> <b>other</b> <b>superhero</b> movie? Reeves and Freezer immersed in They created darkness and mystery that makes most modern best-selling films look lousy. Lighting, color grading, and a new approach to digital cinema using 35mm film are all influential in creating this story. They also filmed "Batman" using anamorphic lenses and worked on it in the post-filming stages to achieve flawless images, Fraser told Endeavor. "Bruce Wayne lives in the shadows. He's not a man who walks into the mall during the day. This film is also a noir film and most of it takes place at night. My concern was that it was hard to see things in the dark, so I searched the internet for images that were dark but easily visible, and collected them in a folder for Matt - and for myself - that was "dark but bright." . Seeing these images had certain results, for example, one of the decisions made in this regard was that there should almost always be a pool of light or bright areas in the image. "

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about the movement of the cameras, the two concluded that the camera does not move much. If it moves, it has a specific reason and it usually moves sideways. Often has no diagonal motion or pen and tilt. Fraser believed that the camera's rigid motion expressed the main character's inner tensions. "The interesting thing about the Batman character to me is that he has no superhuman powers," the cameraman said. For example, he has no X-ray vision and cannot fly. All he has is unbelievable determination and intelligence. Therefore, every movement of the camera that conveys this feeling must be very careful and deliberate. "

In addition, they do other things to capture images that properly reflect the feeling, such as wetting. The streets in every scene, as it always seemed, had just rained down on the city. "When everything is wet, you will subconsciously feel that it is constantly raining and the city is never dry," says Fraser. This underscores the sense that the city is a very difficult place to live in. "

BingMag.com Why is the <b>shooting</b> of <b>Matt</b> <b>Reeves'</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>different</b> <b>from</b> <b>any</b> <b>other</b> <b>superhero</b> movie?

to expand the sense And now the environment of this city, the production team had to find a color that was accompanied by the aesthetics of noir. "There's color throughout this movie, but it's not as saturated as other movies," says Fraser. "I wanted the colors to be earthy and a little dirty." We see the city as Bruce sees it. Few other films give us this experience, but this focus on color and darkness is what we needed. We can understand Batman's sense of duty in cleaning up a city where he sees only endless dirt. We understand that he can not focus on anything else, because we can not. This is the feeling that can make a perfect story. The more obsessed we are with solving a case, the more we become immersed in the story. And all of this is made possible by the impeccable shooting of Batman.

The collaboration between Reeves and Fraser is what sets the film apart. The team cares deeply about how the audience experiences the world of the hero and his motivation. It will be a failure for the viewer to experience something and then forget about it.

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