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Why is "Dunkirk" the pinnacle of Nolan's cinema?

BingMag.com Why is 'Dunkirk' the <b>pinnacle</b> of <b>Nolan's</b> cinema?

In a world of filmmaking full of intellectual artists, Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors whose credentials are still being filled by many. Every ordinary filmmaker is very familiar with the Nolan phenomenon and its emergence in the world of cinema. If you have not seen his early films such as "Memorial" or "Dignity" at the time of their release, you have definitely visited them after the trilogy "Dark Knight" and Nolan's revolution in the world of superhero films. After that, the popular Nolan trilogy created two successful science-fiction epics. Nolan's career, regardless of how we view his films, is the essence of cinema, a single voice that can not be ignored. Viewers have certain expectations when they watch Christopher Nolan's film, from stories about time play to spectacular action scenes. And of all his films, no one shows his ultimate power in filmmaking skills as much as Dunkirk, his 2017 epic about World War II. Combining the idea of a rupture with time, full-fledged field special effects, and an unrivaled inner action, Dunkirk seamlessly marks the pinnacle of Nolan's ability to create a striking masterpiece. By the way, the narrator is a key turning point during the war. The British forces are stuck on the coast of Dunkirk in France and have no escape route, on the other hand the German forces are getting closer to this coast at any moment. It is 1940 and the United States has not yet entered the war. If the Germans go ashore and crush the British forces, the war will probably end right then and there. But Adolf Hitler makes a serious miscalculation. Instead of sending troops to the shores of Dunkirk, Hitler ordered them to stop, as if he were worried about what his army needed and preferred to keep it for later battles. Following Hitler's order to stop, all British civilian ships and boats left for Dunkirk, rescuing 300,000 troops from there.

BingMag.com Why is 'Dunkirk' the <b>pinnacle</b> of <b>Nolan's</b> cinema? Nolan's earlier films focused on sci-fi ideas for playing with time, in "Dunkirk" he wraps his story around three intertwined storylines. Each of these three storylines has its own different rhythm and comes together in an explosive ending. In this film, he introduces three character sets. One group is a group of soldiers who want to flee the port and return to their homeland, the second group is a civilian family who, at the request of the Navy, launch their ship to cross the canal and rescue their compatriot soldiers. Finally, the last group consists of three Royal Air Force pilots protecting their troops from German aircraft off the coast of Dunkirk. As Nolan intertwines these three storylines, time intertwines. In parts of the film's timeline, the characters regularly enter each other's storylines. The result is a kind of bewilderment for the audience, which, of course, is done consciously. But Nolan portrays this intertwined carpet of war with the utmost subtlety and turmoil. Transformed to put an end to his constant interest in using real-world special effects. He had previously recorded the scene of a real plane crash in the sky at the opening of "The Dark Knight Rises", in "Indoctrination" and in the battle of the hotel corridor, he had designed a real revolving corridor. Nolan and his special effects team in this war film used three real Spitfire planes with smaller models (a quarter of the actual dimensions) to design realistic effective battles. For the scene of the sinking of the ships (one of these ships is also a destroyer), his team used models with one-half dimensions (the internal parts are complete and accurate). All the shipwrecks were real. This amount of effort by Nolan and his team to create an impactful experience for the audience is incredible. Nolan's lifelong love of special effects culminated in Dunkirk, making the film a truly terrifying experience. Nolan's previous inner work is about how humans interact with their instincts. In many of Nolan's previous films, the protagonists are desperate for control of something beyond their reach. In The Souvenir, Leonard (Guy Pierce) uses forgetfulness as a means to an end. In Prestige, Fig (Hugh Jackman) simulates his own false death in a move that includes his most dazzling magic. And finally in Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) Entering his dreams has both completely fascinated him and turned him into a prisoner.

BingMag.com Why is 'Dunkirk' the <b>pinnacle</b> of <b>Nolan's</b> cinema?

And Nolan's details in Dunkirk highlight a sense of the raw necessity for survival in which the characters are trapped. However, for many men stranded on the beach, survival is an unattainable goal. As they sit on the dock, waiting for a ship to arrive to rescue them, they know that if German planes attack them overhead, they will not be able to do anything. This is the element that the main characters of the film are trying to overcome. They try to live and influence a situation in which the probability of survival is zero.

Nolan combines these three key elements to create a film that has an esoteric sense of breath. There are other characteristics that make Dunkirk a completely Nolan film, such as the short presence of Michael Kane or the motivating music of Hans Zimmer. But they are more like decorations on a delicious cake. At its heart, "Dunkirk" is a raw, nude film that, at the same time, showcases Nolan's finest forms of filmmaking.

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