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Why is "Dear Egypt" the best DreamWorks animation?

BingMag.com Why is 'Dear Egypt' the <b>best</b> <b>DreamWorks</b> animation?

DreamWorks animation studio has made a name for itself over time, but every time you hear the name of this studio, you immediately get the characters' uniform faces, endings Fun and, of course, repetitive or famous animated voice actors come to mind.

Of course, each of the studio's projects, such as "Kung Fu Panda" or "How to Train Your Dragon", are not like this, and their appearance and interior are different. But many of the titles in the studio catalog are like that. These perceptions have become so common that the second DreamWorks film, which was completely opposed to all these stereotypes, has been forgotten. "Dear Egypt" was contrary to all popular perceptions about DreamWorks's works, and this was its strong point.

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"Dear Egypt" released in December 1998 and created as DreamWorks' first custom project (commissioned by Antz) is one of countless cinematic retellings of the story of Moses ( Here it is with the voice of Wal Kilmer that he ultimately uses the power of God to save his people from the clutches of his adopted brother, Pharaoh Ramses (Ralph Fiennes). This story is very familiar and people of different religions cherish it in their hearts and minds. The directors of this animation, Simon Wells, Brenda Chapman and Steve Hickner, worked with a story line that had been well narrated many times before, but they managed to create a new and new feeling in the story of "Dear Egypt".

BingMag.com Why is 'Dear Egypt' the <b>best</b> <b>DreamWorks</b> animation?

This interpretation of the story of Moses is not just a simple animation, but in the form of one of the most stunning animations ever shown on a movie screen. Is displayed, is depicted. DreamWorks demonstrated the vast scope of this narrative, and indeed the greatness of the Lord, in order to show its power over its rival, Disney. The film does not adhere to the usual limitations of the usual live-action works, and its sequences and scenes have images from bold angles with stunning lighting that not everyone can make. This daring approach makes the seemingly predictable events of the story, such as the split of the Red Sea, seem very inspiring. Does not follow. For example, none of the background images of "The Lion King" or "Aladdin" are similar to Aziz Misr, and the design of the characters in this animation is different from such works. Similarly, the use of music throughout the film and the sacred story of the animation are deliberately used to subvert expectations. It seemed that all the studios in the 90's were trying to follow the formula of Disney fairy tales to make a work like "Little Mermaid", but "Dear Egypt" is bypassing this process in a wonderful way and offers a very special work. p>

This uniqueness is especially evident in the tone of the film, which is probably the biggest difference between "Dear Egypt" and the next titles of DreamWorks. After "Shrek," DreamWorks turned exclusively to comedies with cultural references and a large number of vocal sub-characters. These titles sold well, but following this light-hearted trend led, above all, to make films that often looked just plain funny and had no other iconic character. This approach also damaged other studio titles, such as "Guardians Rise" or "Dragon" sequels, which often seemed to have diminished their more creative and dramatic aspects due to adherence to the studio's comedy requirements and standards.

BingMag.com Why is 'Dear Egypt' the <b>best</b> <b>DreamWorks</b> animation?

These shortcomings have no place in "Dear Egypt" and this animation covers the dark side of the story, which ends in its favor. . This film is not devoid of joy, but it does not hesitate to portray examples of pain and sorrow. This is especially evident in the sad and destructive scene in which all the first children are killed under the command of the Lord of Egypt. This is a painful moment, and the animators of the film leave a stone unturned in depicting the body language of Ramses and Moses as they grapple with this horrific massacre. Even when the Hebrew people are finally liberated, the grief and pain of the mass murder of teenagers dominate the images.

There is no comedy, and references to the popular musicians of the time or the Oscar winners of the best films of the 90s have no place in the animated images. Subsequent DreamWorks films focused on showing as many references and secrets as possible in the heart of their story, but Aziz Misr puts bitter elements at the top of the narrative. Sadness is quite evident in some of the scenes It is not weakened by superficial jokes. This solid tone makes "Dear Egypt" more special than other DreamWorks projects.

The tone of "Dear Egypt" is even more impressive with its famous voice actors and rare image quality. The animation took advantage of the talents of the likes of Wall Kilmer, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sandra Bullock as a pioneering project, with Will Smith and Mike Myers at the studio. Fortunately, their voice acting is better than that of Ryan Reynolds instead of the high-speed snail of "turbo" animation. Egypt's dramatic tone is especially suited to the talents of people like Ralph Fiennes, who appear extraordinary in understanding Ramses' complex inner feelings.

BingMag.com Why is 'Dear Egypt' the <b>best</b> <b>DreamWorks</b> animation? "Dear Egypt" animation. Although other interesting titles such as "House" and "Monsters vs. Aliens" were later released, "Dear Egypt" is still remembered as a prominent project of this studio. The only downside (of course, if we take it negatively) is that it reminds the audience of the studio's potential quality and capabilities, and it causes a lot of regret. Imagine that "Dear Egypt" was a symbol of DreamWorks instead of "polytheism." Imagine a series of works in which the studio uses unconventional stories and Utilizes handmade animations, it hurts the heart of the audience. Of course, dealing with such scenarios is tempting, but you can not immerse yourself in them for a long time. In fact, the present and the present matter. Although the studio was not as impressive as it should have been, "Dear Egypt" is still known as the best work in DreamWorks history.

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