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Why is Daniel Craig the best James Bond in history?

BingMag.com Why is Daniel Craig the best James Bond in history?

Going back to 2005, we find that Daniel Craig was not a popular choice to play James Bond at all. Some fans thought that the performance of a person with a height of one meter and seventy-eight centimeters and golden hair, is in direct contradiction with the expectations of fans of 007 actors, who were often taller and darker hair, and the image of Craig in his latest film which is a typical gangster work. It was called a layered cake, it did not show such a thing. Having been given the freedom to be different has been a good choice for the new era of the band.

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James Bond character before Craig, It was largely in a series of predictable lines. In Timothy Dalton's films or In the Golden Eye, the sparks of a deeper and different character were seen, but James Bond was largely a powerful male fantasy created in the 1960s, and everyone felt that Connery should continue with the same interpretation. The gang was always on the run and had an impenetrable personality. The gang occasionally punched or had to perform incredible stunts, but he was rarely shot or seriously injured, compared to a man who was frequently armed. The gang was supposed to be in a dangerous situation, but in reality, he was not in danger.

Craig was the first actor in the gang to be identified as a vulnerable character. On the other hand, to be honest, this event was the product of the evolution of action movies and the need for the franchise band to compete with other bestsellers, who not only played a handsome star, but also saw serious actors like the famous Christian Bale lead big franchises. Like Batman, they took over. So in order to sell more (and given that the film's identity had become more important than the lead actor), there was a need for a serious actor who could plot the story well and at the same time have high physical ability.

BingMag.com Why is Daniel Craig the best James Bond in history?

It's not like the previous cast of the band was bad. Craig had to work on a new character according to the script and the tone of the film, not just famous dialogues like "Bond, James Bond." The gang we see in Craig's time had to strike a balance between a cold-blooded killer and a sociologist. The producers realized that in order for a gang to be recognized as a hero in the 21st century, it must not just engage in different relationships. The issue of gang masculinity was not discussed. Treating women like objects has never looked good and is certainly a step backwards in the 21st century. Instead of being a character who achieves whatever he wants, the gang should be challenged and invested in their relationships, not ignored.

Craig has a different physique and behavior than The other actors in the band were able to breathe new life into James Bond. The band was not, in fact, a character until then, and Craig had a difficult task, and he had to do something to make the audience enjoy the fascination of James Bond missions while at the same time caring about his personal life. It may seem strange that the character who has been on the screens since 1962 was very shallow, but that was all that the audience (though not all of them) really wanted and just liked elements like sarcasm, girls, guns. See a gadget, a car and a stupid villain with a complicated plot. It was in recent years that they realized that this franchise could be better than it looks.

BingMag.com Why is Daniel Craig the best James Bond in history?

Craig brought personal pain and suffering to the role. Gang was a character who was known to be invulnerable, but Craig worked to see behind the piercing blue eyes and the band's trained muscles, a deeply injured character with a set of special skills. When you see Craig playing a gangster, you get the feeling that he is doing well as a killer, but not because he enjoys the activity, but because the times have forced him to He has done so. So Craig performs his missions in the best possible way. Whenever someone penetrates his outward armor, you see that there is a deeper person behind the scenes whose desires go beyond murder and materialism.

Obviously, all of Daniel Craig's films in Band roles are not great. Calm and Spectrum particle films both have their own problems, but this has never been Craig's fault. He is also an attractive on-screen actor who is clearly different from previous repetitive James Bond characters. When it comes to movies like Casino Royale or Skyfall, you see what special factors he adds to the role and how much better and more interesting his collaboration with Wasper Lind (Eva Green) or M (Judy Dench) is. The next actor to take on the role will not only have a few decades of the character's legacy, but must find a way to get rid of the great shadow created by Craig's extraordinary acting.

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