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Why is Crying Macho different from the rest of Clint Eastwood's films?

Cry Im Macho is a film starring and directed by Clint Eastwood, but there are some fundamental differences with the titles that make him a star. Unchanged, it transformed the Western world.

Eastwood, 91, is one of Hollywood 's leading stars and the weeping macho is a calmer film with fewer action scenes to suit his age. In this film, we will see the continuation of the Western film genre in Eastwood's history.

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An excerpt from a 1975 story of the same name by N. Richard, which has been made in Hollywood over the years. Eastwood plays a cowboy named Mike Milo, a former equestrian star. He travels to Mexico on a mission to find the son of his former boss, Rafu, and bring him back to the United States. The mission is delayed along the way, creating a friendship between Mike and Rafu.

Clint Eastwood has appeared in several film genres, but most of them are in the Western genre. He became famous for his TV series Rohid and Sergio Leone's spaghetti western movies, especially the title Good and Bad. He then appeared in several other titles, including Josie Wells, a pale, unforgiving rider. Cry Machu is far from the usual Western titles, but it is inspired by them.

Cry Machu is in the present

BingMag.com Why is Crying Macho different from the rest of Clint Eastwood's films?

This is a Western title in modern and contemporary style that has been considered by people like Coen brothers and Cormac McCarthy and this style has been used in the justified series. In the United States, Western culture flourished in the nineteenth century, and modern Western culture is more prevalent in the southwestern parts of the country. Factors such as the horse and the cowboy hat, along with the masculine atmosphere, the animals, and the wildlife, form the essence of Western films. Although there are classic cars in the movie world, Mike rides a horse on an adventure. In this world, he is a person with the gifts of the Western world, such as horseback riding and stubbornness, but in the form of a modern and contemporary appearance. The film's 1970s theme helps Clint relive his golden age in Hollywood. Extremely action with negative characters. These traits are the usual structure of the genre, and in mid-twentieth-century titles such as Good and Bad, stars such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper create compelling scenes such as three-person shootings, or in the unforgivable film Killing Little Bill, many action scenes are presented to viewers. they give. But in this film, the audience should not expect such scenes.

Cry Machu is probably his first Western film after unforgiven, and he will have a calmer character than his strong and restless initial character. There will be clashes in the scenes where Mike and Rafu are being pursued by the federal police and Rafu's mother agents, but their action burden will definitely be reduced. In a scene from the movie, Mike and Rafu settle in a border village and have a good relationship with the owner of a local restaurant named Martha. Given San Eastwood, this calm, less action-packed look makes sense, and will show a wiser character in the film. It is clear from the title of the film that we will be on the side of a title that will challenge issues such as the masculine atmosphere in Western films. Western Classics portrayed people who used violent methods to protect their society. In fact, Mike Milo is very ashamed of his previous way of life and tries to convey that feeling to Rafu, who has modeled on male violence.

Also challenges Howard Hawks and other legendary filmmakers. The film focuses on the relationship between Mike, Rafu and Martha and its superficial action, and seeks to insinuate to the audience that human relationships are far better than the brutal actions of humans. The main narrative of the film is entirely in Mexico, and unlike the classic Western, it depicts more humane and good portraits of the people there. Of course, this is not the first time Eastwood has challenged the traditions of the genre. jpg ">

All the blockbusters in which Eastwood has played a role have always been a challenge to the traditions and values of Western films. Sergio Leone's The Unknown Man trilogy was actually a postmodern title in the Western genre, made in Italy instead of Hollywood. Eastwood's nameless character in the film was a callous, homeless character who cared only about money. John Wayne refused to work with Eastwood because the Western hero had a darker character in the films.

Eastwood began directing his films in the 1970s and continued to show Darkness from the West. In Eastwood's Highland Strays, he critiques the public's view of the innocent people of the city and portrays them as savages taking part in the atrocities of the Seven Arrows. This severely challenges the audience's view of the showcase films. The unforgivable film also shows an old man in a bloody and nihilistic atmosphere that is of almost no benefit to anyone. The Westerns of the 1960s and beyond were highly critical of Ford's transcendentalist views, with Eastwood leading the way. Showing Eastwood's disgust with the image portrayed by franchises and films such as Dirty Harry and other non-Western titles. In fact, he questions the generality and power of the Western genre, which forms a large part of his career as an actor and director. These methods are somewhat effective in changing the evil nature of Eastwood's legendary Westerns, and the title Cry Weeping Macho will be a continuation of the Hollywood star's previous ideas in his old Western films.

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