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Why is CIA one of Dwayne Johnson's best games?

BingMag.com Why is CIA one of Dwayne Johnson's best games?

At a time when repetitive franchises and reputable brands have replaced movie stars, Dwayne Johnson may be the most consistent box office player of his generation. There are few actors who can make a fuss and sell a movie based on their name alone, and Johnson, as one of the few, is generally able to attract an audience. Few people consider Johnson an Oscar-winning actor in the near future, but it is difficult to ignore him when it comes to pure charm.

Johnson is unique in this respect and a comedy and action hero. But his work is more limited to mainstream films. Johnson seldom participates in pilot projects by concluding contracts that minimize his damage to the cinema, as they narrow his scope. This is unfortunate, as his performances in Richard Kelly's dystopian satire, Michael Bey's Southern Lands, and Dark Comedy, Treasure and Suffering are some of his most interesting roles.

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However, they are clearly a separate part of Johnson's work. In his latest film, Red Situation, he plays almost the lead role. John Hartley is a stylish law enforcement officer who is fully aware of the situation and also expresses the same one-line dialogues required by the studio.

BingMag.com Why is CIA one of Dwayne Johnson's best games?

However, Johnson, in a previous collaboration with the film's director, Rawson Marshall Thorber, managed to play a more vulnerable and bizarre character in a popular mainstream film. At first, Bob Stone, his central intelligence character, is not much different from the various undercover agents and superheroes he has played over the years, but over time we find that he is a CIA agent as well as an obsessive person with characteristics. It is childish and completely delusional. Johnson exceeded the audience's expectations of his cinematic character, and as a result, Central Intelligence is one of his best plays to date. , Is unveiled. Robbie Wirdicht, who is morbidly obese and anti-social, is constantly harassed and humiliated during a school ceremony. The only person he loves is Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), a school star athlete known as the Golden Jet. Calvin does nothing else unusual and only helps Robbie a little, but the memory stays with Werdicht forever. Is. He prefers to forget high school altogether, because the title of Golden Jet has disappeared in the darkness of his dull career as an accountant. She is puzzled by the invitation of a mysterious man named Bob Stone, and is even more surprised that this man calls Calvin by the same old nickname. Bob wants to repeat the memories of the past with the now-defunct Golden Jet, because in his mind they have always been each other's best friends.

We see that Johnson has changed dramatically and Strange events cause the two to meet again, and we find out that Bob has a sad fundamental misunderstanding. Calvin does not remember him, but because of his brief moment of kindness, Bob is convinced that there is a deep connection between the two. This makes Hart's standard, routine performance even more interesting, giving both characters a compelling storyline. In fact, both are suppressing the experiences that shaped them.

BingMag.com Why is CIA one of Dwayne Johnson's best games?

He does not present his standard, because Bob's character does not try to impress anyone other than Calvin. His performance in other Turber works, such as Skyscraper and Red, was calm and steady due to the charm of his character, but here he is much more effective in portraying a relatively stupid and bizarre character. So it is no coincidence that apart from the fast and furious world, Johnson's most successful franchise is the remanufactured Jumanji series, which similarly portrays him as a child in an adult.

Johnson It denies not only the audience, but also Calvin. This helps the central information film maintain its riddle and suspense. Bob tells Calvin that he is pursuing a dangerous criminal named the Black Graveman, but CIA agents inform Calvin that Bob is a real killer and has killed his former partner, Phil Stanton (Aaron Paul). Bob uses accounting firm information to investigate illegal weapons operations overseas, and this intensifies Calvin's suspicions.

The film's final twist is predictable from the start, and it is clear that Stanton , Is alive and the same as the black burrower. However, the evidence is short and conclusive enough to convince Calvin that Bob may have a dark side as a result of his traumatic adolescence. Calvin's paranoia is in itself like a slow plot in which the audience waits to see what they know from the beginning, but Johnson is so convincing that Calvin's confusion seems justified.

BingMag.com Why is CIA one of Dwayne Johnson's best games?

Stanton's reappearance marks another tragic event for Bob. Stanton, despite the obvious signs of his criminal activities that were obvious to any major field officer, managed to escape suspicion by convincing Bob and recalling the old friendship between them. This scene is another thing that Johnson rescues from the film's clear and slow plot, as his shock at Stanton's betrayal is heartbreaking. This brings to life the bullying of others during adolescence and his bad memories, but the more frustrating thing for him is to see someone who he thought could rely on him abuse Johnson to achieve his sinister goals. This makes Calvin recall Bob's memories.

Johnson's vulnerability in thinking about the subject makes the final part of the action film more interesting. Thorber is certainly not a creative person in terms of design or style, but he makes the most of his wealth and provides action-packed and entertaining sequences. Bob returns to his camp site, harasses an old bully, and regains the title of once-Calvin king.

Hopefully one day Dwayne Johnson will decide to work with an author again But if Clare Dennis does not direct Hobbes and Shaw 2, this will not happen any time soon. This does not mean that he will no longer be an interesting actor. Central information is a remarkable achievement, because the film clearly could not have succeeded without a fascinating and bizarre game and performance at its core. Johnson's self-awareness is seldom questioned, and given the fans of his remarkable inherent charm, there is ample room for him to appear in a variety of mainstream works.

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